My Top 10 Hardware Picks

  top 10 hardware picks

As of late I’ve become extremely obsessed with hardware.  You see hardware can easily upgrade any drawer or cabinet in your home. Hardware can add personality.  But, hardware can sometimes be a tad hard to find.  So to help (because I’m a helper), I’ve rounded up my top 10 hardware picks.  

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1.  I love everything about this pull.  The simplicity, the perfect gold color, the price, everything.  Suggested use: Bathroom cabinets and drawers.

2.  I adore agates.  I have agate coasters, picture frames, wine stoppers, and now I’m thinking I need these pulls.  Plus I mean the purple color?!  Suggested use: Bedroom dresser and/or nightstand drawers and cabinets, closet drawers.

3.  Sometimes simple is best.  Suggested use:  Kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathroom cabinets and drawers.

4.  I adore anything that walks the line of traditional and modern, this pull does just that.  Suggested use: Office drawers, Kitchen drawers.

5.  Along the same line of agates these swirled coki knobs provide a great touch of natural, modern and fun.  The black and turquoise, I can’t even handle.  Suggested use:  Office drawers and cabinets, bathroom cabinets and drawers, closet drawers.

6.  This gold ring pull is just begging, begging to be put on a lacquered set drawers.  I mean think lacquered emerald, navy, black, or white.  Suggested use:  Bedroom dresser and/or nightstand drawers, office drawers.

7.  The rose gold and copper-esque color of this knob just draws me in.  Suggested use:  Kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathroom cabinets and drawers.

8.  You may have noticed I’m having an emerald moment, but the tortoise shell pull is pretty major as well.  Suggested use:  

9.  These may prove to be the most difficult way to open a cabinet, but isn’t the amazing latch look worth it?  I think so. Suggested use:  Bathroom cabinets, nightstand cabinets.  

10.  I enjoy a cup pull.  They’re well priced, you can find them everywhere, and flip them up or down.  Suggested use:  Kitchen drawers, office drawers.

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