Wallpapered Inspiration Board

When decorating my office I knew I wanted and needed an inspiration board, but couldn’t bear the thought of putting an eye sore of a bulletin board up on my gorgeous Thibaut wallpaper.  Solution, make a wallpapered inspiration board with my left over Thibaut Tanzania paper of course.  So easy I promise anyone can do it.  Happy DIY-ing.  truly, MKR

What you’ll need…

  1. Wallpaper or fabric (size dependent on the size of your bulletin board)
  2. Bulletin board with a metal boarder
  3. Adhesive spray

What to do…

  1. Remove metal boarder and be very careful when removing not to bend it.  It really needs to retain it’s original shape.
  2. Scrape excess glue and cork off the boarder…we used a flat head screwdriver for this task.  This is extremely important so that when you put the boarder back on it doesn’t rip the paper and so the boarder sits flush against the board.
  3. Spray board and paper with adhesive spray and quickly lay paper on to your board.  Smooth out any bubbles you may have.
  4. Wrap excess paper around edges of your board and carefully reattach metal border.
  5. Let sit 24 hours before hanging.

Images via Rustic White Photography

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