I Am Baker Neapolitan Rose Cake & Tutorial

Recently I stumbled across the amazing Amanda and her blog I Am Baker.  Actually I first stumbled across Amanda’s beyond gorgeous Neapolitan Rose Cake which then led me to her beyond amazing blog, I Am Baker.  This cake is everything.  Perfectly girly, I’m picturing it at birthday parties, bridal showers, and by changing the colors a wedding or even Fourth of July.  And this isn’t the only creation I’m dying over, the watercolor hydrangea cake and red velvet graham crackers..ugh, love everything!

Lucky for us Amanda provides numerous tutorials right on her blog, the rose cake being HERE (which on a side note has made me decide I need a spinning cake stand holder).  I’m not saying creating this masterpiece is super easy, but with her help it’s definitely do-able.

Shameless plug…how amazing would these cakes look on our Rosanna Cake Plate?  Just saying.

So will you be making your own Rose cake in the near future?  xoxo


The cake

All images courtesy of Amanda, at I Am Baker

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