Holiday Gift Guide 2013…Kitchen Confidential

1.  Someday when I have my dream home with my dream closet, and my dream gift wrapping room, and my dream wine cellar, there will also be my dream stove.  The La Cornue stove.  The end all be all of stoves.  And it’s also moments like this when I realize how old I’m getting because I’m dreaming of stoves.

2.  A trip to Blackberry Farm.  This has been on my wish list for years.  YEARS I tell you!  One day it will happen.  One day I will go to that farm and marvel in it’s beauty, eat all their food, and yes drink all of their wine.

3.  Roots.  An amazing new cookbook for the veggie minded like myself.

4.  Stoneware brie baker.  I challenge you to find a more perfect gift for the host, hostess or anyone who loves to cook.  And it also comes in white.

5.  Rifle Paper Company polka dot tin recipe box.  Though I love my technology some things are best written.

6.  Ice Milk Apron.  Because one can never look too good…even when cooking.

7.  Silpat Mats.  Probably my number 1 cooking MUST.  I have 6 of these, and honestly I can always use more.  They are hands down, the absolute best no stick mat on the market.

8.  Williams Sonoma Tagine.  I have been wanting to try this North African cooking method for quite some time now, and these hand painted tagine’s make it even more enticing.

9.  French Press.  This cup of coffee is worth the wait.

10.  Cook’s One Line A Day Memory Book.  The perfect stocking stuffer for the food obsessed.

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