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If you read THIS then you know I’m really focusing on reigning in my current binge like habits for a walk on the healthier side of things.  And one of those habits that I’m focused on is snacking smartly.  For me when it comes to snacking I fall into two very classic scenarios.  When working from my home studio  I become a food grazer (food grazer being one who eats a little bit here and there all day).  It’s said being a grazer is actually the healthiest was to live, that is when you’re grazing on anything other than ice cream, cupcakes, or whatever sugary or salty recipe I’m creating that day.  On the flip side when I’m out on set styling a shoot, traveling, or anything that takes me away from my studio I tend not to eat all day so when 6:00 o’clock rolls around I’m so hangry (hungry + angry) I show no restraint at dinner which usually means pizza and wine.  Both scenarios I’m sure relatable to most all of you out there, and both scenarios I’ve found can be answered with a simple plan to snack smartly.  Enter Nourish Snacks.  My new go-to for healthy snacks. 

Joy Bauer, Nutrition Expert on the Today Show dreamed up Nourish Snacks to “create a convenient way to enjoy delicious, good-for-you snacks every day.”  And by good for you she means simple, healthy ingredients with no GMOs, no artificial colors or sweeteners, no harmful preservatives, and most importantly no more than 200 calories per pack.  You can subscribe and receive a box each week, or simply shop a la carte.  They’re the perfect size to stash in my purse for long days away from the studio and there are SO many snack combos to choose from you’ll never get bored.  While I like each and every one I’ve tried (no joke, I like them all), I’d have to say my favorites are Chili’n In The Corn’r, Cashew Colada, and PB Jammin’.  Eat Happy!  truly, MKR

*All images original to Waiting On Martha.  This post was sponsored by Nourish Snacks, a brand I absolutely adore.  Opinions are 100% my own.

6 thoughts on “Nourish || Snacking Smartly

  1. A week after I had my son, 5 months ago, I got a blood clot in my leg so between being a new mom and dealing with health issues nutrition took a total nose-dive! I saw a pic of me on a recent camping trip and it woke me up as to how my body has changed. Time to get back on track! Have been reading your posts for a while now but I am just dropping a line to say I look forward to them!

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