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dorm room ideas with pottery barn teen


When Pottery Barn Teen reached out and asked me to create a dream dorm room for them I jumped at the chance.  You see I loved college.  It was maybe not the best time of my life as I have a lot of life left, but it was hands down the most fun time in my life.  And any chance I get to revisit that time, those memories, the moments…well you don’t have to ask me twice.  Ironically enough when I was in college a lot of my dorm room actually consisted of Pottery Barn items, though I’m pretty sure PB teen wasn’t around yet and I’m now officially aging myself.  

Anyway, when gathering inspiration for my dorm room and perusing the PB Teen site I of course fell in love with the image above because there’s an Addy in it.  But just to be clear this wanna-be Addy is no where as cute as the real thing.  So back to the image…I was initially drawn to the soft tones and touches of gold.  I’m having a major gold moment.  However, it wouldn’t be me without a punch or two of color.  So to warm it up a notch I brought in coral paint and white paisley wall decals (perfect for dorm rooms or apartment rentals) and the flamingo print which I’m completely obsessed with and would hang in my home now.  Then to cool down the warm tones just a tad, an aqua mini fridge (the cutest thing you’ve ever seen) and this desk lamp did the trick.  Finish with metallic golds and textured whites and ivory to add depth and you have a room that feels completely like me.  And that’s the trick when living in a temporary space.  Take the time and infuse your personal style and what matters to you.  It may not be home sweet home, but it will be home sweet dorm.  

Get the full look HERE, along with so many others at PB Teen who I owe a huge thanks to for letting me take a walk back in time, go Braves!  Love In Chi-O And Mine, MKR (I had to!)

P.S.  I would be amiss by not talking about the giant pouf of a marshmallow desk chair.  I mean can you even handle it!?!

This post was sponsored by PB Teen but the opinions and love for PB Teen is 100% my own.

12 thoughts on “Home Sweet Dorm With Pottery Barn Teen

  1. I love these colors, and you’re right that big round desk chair is pretty fantastic. I wish PB Teen was around when I was in college! xx

  2. We are decorating my daughters first dorm room this summer and you have given me so many great ideas! Thank you! – Danielle

  3. This is such a great collection of items! I will be a senior in college this Fall and I’m totally loving it! My dorm room wasn’t that special so it’s great to be able to see how things have changed!

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