Currently Coveting

From left to right, top to bottom…Kelly Wearstler graphic stone skull.  I am SO in love with this piece and it also comes in Lapis, Green and White!!  ||  Chanel Paris print  ||  Gold urchin (also available in silver and white)  ||  Harry Allen gold hand hook (also available in white  ||  Cheetah print…obsessed!  ||  Julie Vos  Belize stud…I love every color available, but THESE will be my summer go to.  ||  Coach paper airplane paper weight  ||  Brooks Brothers Toasts & Tributes  ||  Mucky Ears print  ||  Miu Miu floral heels…my favorite heel for spring!  So ladylike.  ||  Julie Vos Mondrian ring (also available in Lapis and gold)  ||  Wishbone hook  ||  Target polka dot gloves  ||  Jonathan Adler turquoise zebra trinket dish (also available in numerous colors)  ||  Prada laceless sneaker.  If the Miu Miu is my spring heel of choice, these are my everyday shoe of choice.  These in black, THESE in neutral, and THESE in python.  Love, love, love.  ||  Black lacquer boxes.

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