How To Style Your Console Table

console table console table console table console table console table console table

CB2 console table  ||  Mary McDonald lamp c/o Euro Style Lighting  ||  painting  ||  Hillary Thomas Designs malachite bowls  ||  Books, Art of the 20th Century, Miles Redd The Big Book of Chic, Tim Walker Story Teller  ||  J.Crew flats  ||  Hand stool, gold planter, (also available in silver), snake box all new arrivals to Waiting On Martha 

If you’ve been to my house, which you probably have not, you’d know I have a loft space that is in dire need of some decor (design board here).  Well the first step in that process was a small, but very important step.  The top of my stairs.  This tiny space was just begging for a console table, a grand piece of art and a little bit of styling.  And while these pictures make this area look very pristine it’s actually quite functional.  And functionality is something I believe every space should have.  For example, that quirky hand stool can actually be sat on, but normally houses my purse or anything I don’t want to forget when leaving in the morning.

Another act of functionality, the snake box and malachite bowls which double as beautiful accents plus places to stash my stuff.  I’m notorious for having jewelry and trinkets in every feasible place and in every single room so shouldn’t they at least be beautiful?  

Next for adding height to the console table, because you never want everything on one plane, I utilized coffee table books which I collect and use whenever I can.  Plus that pop of red was a necessity.  Last year I saw Kathryn Ireland speak at Americas Mart and she said that no room is complete without red as it always warms up the space.  Being someone who doesn’t use red liberally (or really ever) I was hesitant when I started integrating red into my rooms, but dang it if she wasn’t right.  Even a dash of red, as in this case with the Art book, automatically adds that small touch of warmth where this space could have felt a tad cold.

And while the show stopping Mary McDonald table lamp needs no explanation, it actually serves the purpose of light and isn’t just a beautiful accent.  You see my loft is very dark, there’s no windows so no natural light.  Which is quite different than what you naturally think of when you think loft.  But it is what it is.  So when decorating I knew I needed to have a lamp that actually gave off some light and I promise you she gives off some serious shine.  

Finally the orchid.  Fresh flowers are a personal must for me, but lets just hope I don’t kill it.  I’ve never had an orchid so if you have any tips I’m all ears.  Happy Monday Loves!  truly, MKR

Photography via Rustic White

This post was sponsored by Euro Style Lighting a company I adore and actually contribute for.  Opinions are 100% my own.

32 thoughts on “How To Style Your Console Table

  1. So lovely! I will be checking out that hand stool, the gold planter and I would also love details on that fabulous painting!

  2. also want the deets on the awesome painting! love your whole set up. I also dont use red normally (or even wear red) but I added some on my art wall, and it makes all the difference!

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