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Styling “How-To’s” & Tips

How To Keep Making Room For A Growing Art Collection

Easy Framing & Finding Space For New Art with help from Simply Framed
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3d Gallery wall ideas complete with our favorite Juju Hat, How to arrange a gallery wall, including our favorite juju hat via @Waitingonmartha Colorful paintings & gallery wall ideas via @waitingonmartha Gallery wall art ideas via @waitingonmartha How to arrange a gallery wall complete with our favorite natural feathered juju hat,

You may remember my colorful and quirky loft space from a 2015 One Room Challenge; it had a MAJOR mix of playful colors, patterns and textures galore with its centerpiece being my gallery wall of collected art.  With a whopping 24 pieces on the wall itself, I feel like I defined a whole new level of “gallery wall.” 

When I initially created the gallery, I purposely left some room on the wall for the collection to evolve and grow.  It wasn’t until recently, right before Christmas, when I walked into my guest room (rather storage room) and saw over a dozen pieces just leaning against the wall, unframed and collecting dust, did I realize that I better get them on the wall before it becomes too daunting to do so.  And if I’m being honest, a dozen plus pieces was already becoming to feel daunting.

I had used a few framers in the past, but with each frame ringing anywhere from $200 to upwards of a $1,000 for my largest piece, the idea of framing everything was even more daunting than getting them hung on the wall.  Fortunately, I had recently met the founder of Simply Framed at a conference here in the A.  I was beyond inspired by her story and bootstrap mentality of starting her business.   I knew next time I needed a framer,  Simply Framed would be where I turned.

And man, am I happy I did.  I cannot tell you how simple and seamless the entire process was.  Simply Framed‘s approach to all of this framing business is beyond refreshing.  I went online, picked out my mattes and frames then Simply Framed sent me the shipping tubes and pre-paid labels to send in all of my art safely.  Once everything arrived, I worked closely with their customer service team to make sure all of the art was perfectly matched up to it’s corresponding frame because I was nervous with so many pieces and different frames things would get mixed up.  In less than two weeks, I received my pieces back at home, along with an easy framing kit that, again, made it ridiculously simple to finish the project. 

When it came to actually laying out a gallery wall of this size and caliber, I can honestly say I was a tad on the uneasy side.  When buying each piece, I wasn’t thinking “…oh this piece of artwork will look great next to this piece, and that piece”.  I simply bought what I loved and had faith it would work itself out.  I mean, I have plenty of walls, so if it didn’t incorporate well in the gallery, I knew there would be another wall or shelf where it would work. In the end, I was thrilled to find that even though the majority of the pieces were bold and bright, the overall tone worked well; with a warm, peachy neutral emphasis and clean, modern frames. It’s funny how even though you often don’t intentionally think about a color scheme or pattern, one always seems to naturally work its way out. 

This time around that natural theme included a bold, colorful nude by Kate Waddell via Well + Wonder. Collective.  Have you heard of Well + Wonder?  It’s a beautiful website with a collection of southern-curated artists, and it’s quickly become my go-to when I’ve got the itch for a new addition at a price that doesn’t make me feel buyers remorse.  This industry has me fortunate in meeting so many talented creatives and collectives like Well + Wonder, I always enjoy finding new additions; each one carrying a special feeling, memory, or moment.     

Some other new finds include my floral girl by Clare Elsaesser, the 1955 Gerry Winogrand print, a perspective-invoking “Look Down” print by Gail Schechter, the upside-down palm trees, my Sally King Benedict tennis court, Gray Malin’s lamas, and of course my gorgeous ladies by Haley Mitchell that you may remember from the WOM offices at ADAC.  And my wall wouldn’t be complete without 3D accents such as a NEW natural/toffee colored Juju hat that’s a bit smaller than our original size and the oversized worry beads hanging from the hand hook.

Of course there’s more that goes into a gallery than tone and gorgeous art, so stay tuned tomorrow for more tips on nailing a strong gallery wall (pun included).  Truly, MKR


Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha | This post is in collaboration with Simply Framed, a brand we love and adore.  All opinions are 100% our own. 

Refresh: 12 Home Organization Essentials You Need

A Few Must-Haves While You Marie-Kondo Your Home
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Linen closet organization tricks via Waiting on Martha

With the new year comes the inevitable itch to tidy up around the home.  And ever since we read Marie Kondo’s life-changing book, we’re craving a bit of an overhaul with organization solutions that actually work.  Bonus points if they look gorgeous, too. 

Fortunately, so many of the best home organization essentials are just as pretty as they are functional; I’m a huge fan of woven baskets, trays (I am obsessed with a good coffee table tray) and acrylic organizers for nailing in both categories.  I rounded up a dozen of our top home organization essentials below, and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to see a lot of them are Pottery Barn, The Container Store and One Kings Lane; three of our go-to sources for all things home organization.  

What would you add to the list?!  I’d love to try it!  Cheers, Kat

Jacquelyn Recycling Bin Basket

Pottery Barn

Shop Now >

This deep woven basket on wheels is a great solution for large stowaway items, specifically extra linens, towels and items like toilet paper and paper towels in the closet. Most closets allow for a basket of this size to fit under the last shelf, making this basket from Pottery Barn one of our first and forever favorite organization essentials.  It’s timeless, is easy on the eye, and holds up for years. 

Acrylic File Box

One Kings Lane

Shop Now >

I’m guilty of hoarding papers, receipts and anything and everything for work.  This gorgeous acrylic file box is nice enough to land a visible home beside my desk, and it allows for me to stash all the important stuff for later. 

Rattan Square Tray Basket


Shop Now >

MKR introduced us to these lovelies in her holiday house guest prep post.  These shallow rattan trays work wonderfully to corral bedside necessities, as well as beauty and skincare favorites on the bathroom counter. They’re handwoven with a super tight weave to hold even the most delicate and small details. 

Stackable Bamboo Drawer Organizer

The Container Store

Shop Now >

There’s nothing worse than a jumbled up drawer (it’s called a junk drawer), and there’s no excuse to let that happen with highly used items like silverware and serving pieces.  These stackable bamboo drawer organizers are the perfect solution to all of the above.  We LOVE the look (they’re elevated from the usual plastic) and we love that they’re environmentally friendly and made from easily renewable sources of natural bamboo. 

Nate Berkus Gold Pencil Holder


Shop Now >

A chic must-have on any desk (or bathroom counter) really, this gold pencil holder by none other than Nate Berkus for Target of course made the list.  We envision pens, pencils, makeup brushes and more to make their way into this stylish catchall.  

Linen Drawer Organizer

The Container Store

Shop Now >

Once we master the art of the fold, we’re snagging a few of these linen drawer organizers for all of the dressers and closets (available in four different sizes).  They’re perfect for lingerie, undergarments, hosiery and accessories because they keep it all organized AND visible (I’m huge on that aspect of it). 

Faux Bamboo Tray

Society Social

Shop Now >

When it comes to organizing and styling, you really can never have too many trays.  We love this faux bamboo tray from our friends at Society Social for a chic tabletop and countertop solution (how great would it look on a coffee table?!).  It effortlessly corrals your candles, coffee table books and accents. 

Beachcomber Large Tote

Pottery Barn

Shop Now >

These beautiful Beachcomber baskets are almost too pretty to hideaway in the closet.  I love the idea of keeping these baskets visible in the living room to house throw blankets, pillows and anything cozy within an arm’s reach.  

2-Tier Acrylic Tower

The Container Store

Shop Now >

The area under my bathroom sink is straight scary, and actually loses a lot to dead-space where I could be stashing my ever-growing collection of organic beauty and wellness products.  This acrylic tower is a nice solution; it allows for me to corral products on two levels to maximize the space. Doesn’t hurt that it’s pretty to look at, either! 

Polder Chrome 18-Bottle Spice Rack

The Container Store

Shop Now >

This chrome spice rack solves the problem of an untidy pantry or kitchen cabinet, that’s for sure. Take away the ugly, brand labels and mismatched collection of spices and say hello to the feeling of having your life together via the kitchen.  Its sleek design settles in nicely atop the kitchen counter too, making it anything but an eyesore in the space. Talk about form and function. 

Savannah Underbed Baskets

Pottery Barn

Shop Now >

Forget the plastic bins under the bed; opt for these stylish woven baskets instead.  They’re the perfect size to nestle easily under the bed frame, offering plenty of storage space for anything and everything needing stowing. 

Chrome Cookware Organizer

The Container Store

Shop Now >

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t own one of these (yet).  But that’s about to change because this cookware organizer sounds like a God-send. You’re able to conveniently store baking pans and serving ware horizontally or vertically (!) to maximize the space in your cabinets.  And the dividers are adjustable (and removable) so you can be sure to fit everything needed. 

Featured image, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

5 Ways To Prepare For Holiday House Guests

Welcome Friends & Family with Thoughtful Details This Holiday
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Holiday entertaining tips via @waitingonmartha Holiday entertaining ideas by @waitingonmartha How to prepare for holiday house guests via @waitingonmartha Preparing a tray for house guests, @waitingonmartha Welcoming out-of-towners for the holidays by @waitingonmartha Holiday entertaining ideas for the nightstand, @waitingonmartha

I’ve always looked forward to hosting overnight guests.  Yes, I’m admittedly a homebody, but I relish the opportunity to have loved ones here with us at home, especially this time of year.  

As you may remember, I shared my five steps to get the house “guest ready” a few years ago.  It’s one of our most popular posts with its easy entertaining inspiration and hotel-like details to replicate at home.  It’s still a favorite of mine as well, but I’d like to say I’ve honed my house guests prep game even more since then.  Today’s post is the proof.  

The secret to hosting friends and family throughout the holidays (and really any time of year) is in the details and little luxuries that so many people overlook; include things that make them feel like they’re staying at a 5-star hotel.  Think of the necessities you need and the extras you would want, but wouldn’t want to ask for!  I’ve broken the details down to five separate areas below with none being outlandish or fussy, but instead achieving that warm welcome and feelings that will make guests never want to leave.  Truly, MKR

P.S. As you prepare the guest room, find these 8 easy steps to properly dress the bed. xo



Fresh Linens

Because beautiful bedding makes all the difference

Shop Now >

Nothing beats clean sheets and gorgeous bedding…it’s the obvious statement of the room that can always easily be changed.  I recently bought a new comforter; I realized I was sort of over duvets in general and how they lay. So being ready for a fresh change, I ordered this punchy comforter and sham set.  I’d say it was just the refresh the room needed!

The personalized sheets are a detail I just love too; they’re subtle, crisp and simply timeless. 

The Basics

Everything they don't want to ask for

Shop Now >

I always like to prepare a tray or two with the necessities that people never want to ask for.  That includes things like Advil, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, and even your wifi password written out on a piece of paper. 

These rattan trays are great because they’re easy and functional as they organize and corral all of these necessities. They don’t have huge handles, so they add just the right amount of texture without being overpowering to the overall design.

Cozy Details

Create a welcoming escape

Shop Now >

You want to make your guests feel welcome—almost as good as home—and one of the easiest ways of doing that is by providing cozy details.  A huggable throw blanket and sets of pajamas are two of my go-to’s when creating am oasis for guests.  But remember: when buying pajamas, you’ll always want to have them bigger than smaller, so size up if you want to offer a standard pair. 

More cozy details to include: offer a waffle pique bath robe, a pair of cashmere slippers or a silk sleep mask for the best beauty sleep they’ve had in awhile. 


Water, snacks & treats

Shop Now >

One of the reasons being away from home gets wearisome sometimes is the feeling of dependency over the little things.  By offering plenty of refreshments in the bedroom, you give your guests the chance to feel more at home…on their own.  

I like to stock up on distilled or sparkling water, healthy snacks (my favorite are from Nourish Snacks), and of course, little seasonal treats like these gourmet candied pecans

The Final Touches

Seasonal details & design

Shop Now >

To celebrate the season, I knew I wanted to hang a giant boxwood wreath above the bed.  Hanging a wreath is nothing new, I know.  But unlike other wreaths, boxwood won’t allow trimmings to fall on your guests’ heads in bed.  Boxwood and eucalyptus are my preferred greens whenever hanging a wreath like this one. I hung this one with a gorgeous green velvet ribbon; one that was substantial enough to hold the large wreath and had wire to make a nice bow.  And to keep things fresh, spritz frequently with a homemade Balsam Fir spray (check out @thewellcode) for more on that. 

I also displayed paperwhites I sprouted from the bulbs, along with a basket of white poinsettias.  Both are so festive, but a lot less expensive than other flowers this time of year.  But you’ll want to be careful with your poinsettias on the ground if you have furry friends around. 

Lastly, I like to have a few magazines, newspaper and any other reading material on-hand for guests.  I also place a guestbook on the dresser; it’s such a nice tradition to have people share memories, especially at Christmastime! 


Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

As pictured: pajamas | wool throw | throw pillow (different color) | comforter | personalized sheets | rattan tray with handles | rectangular rattan tray | candle | toothpaste | hand cream | soap | paperwhite bulbs | ribbonmatches | pecans | glass tumblers | glass carafe | taffy | candy | wreath | lamp (similar)

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