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Waiting on Martha Home, The Brick & Mortar

Making My Five Year Dream A Reality
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Farrow & Ball neutral paint color inspiration for Waiting on Martha Farrow & Ball's Chappell Green inspiration for Waiting on Martha Home, the Brick & Mortar Chappell Green design inspiration for Waiting on Martha Home

If you’ve been following my journey from the beginning then you’d know that I’ve been dreaming about taking Waiting On Martha the e-commerce shoppe to Waiting On Martha the brick and mortar for five years now.  

I’ve been patient; doing my due diligence through four different pop up shops that ranged from one weekend to 8 months. Those experience have been priceless.  They have helped me understand exactly what it takes to run a retail store alongside a busy e-commerce business. How much staff I would need, how much money it would actually take, what sells in store verses online, and most importantly if I really wanted to get in the retail game.  And after many years and a very long pro/con list my answer is yes.

So without further ado, I am thrilled, nervous, but mostly just plain ready to tell you that Waiting on Martha Home will finally be opening in the Vinings Jubilee this June!!!

Truthfully, while this took four long years to come to fruition now it feels like everything is moving at lighting speed.  There hasn’t even been time to pop a bottle of Veuve.  The minute the lease was signed I had my inspiration boards pulled up and got right to work planning the design elements and making this dream a reality.  

Where the Shoppe stands now is a completely destroyed demo mess.  I’ve knocked down walls and tore up floors in preparation for all the pretty that’s to come.  The team I’m working with has been a dream and for anyone in the Atlanta area I highly suggest Rob from Vision Construction, seriously he’s made this experience actually fun!  I’ll of course be taking you all through each and every step until we open our doors, including an IG Story tour this weekend, but for now I thought it best to start with what I’m doing design wise.  

The great news is my Shoppe is truly in the form of a home, so I feel like I’m designing a place where I would live.  I’m bringing in soft, light and airy vibes in the form of grasscloth wallpaper, shiplap, custom cabinetry and four different paint colors from my friends at Farrow & Ball.

I’ve worked with F&B numerous times in the past and even visited England where all the magic happens this past fall.  So when it came to this project I knew there was no other choice than Farrow & Ball. Which brings me to our signature color: Chappell Green.  In the past our signature color has been navy, and while you’ll still find plenty of blue and white moments in the Shoppe, in my heart of hearts I knew this new chapter needed a new color and I knew that color was Chappell Green

I mean Chappell Green is really where it all started for me; I’ve had a love affair with this green for years now.  The cool, rich sage color is entirely elegant, while lending a certain femininity as well. And I just love its chameleon-like ability to go with just about everything.  It plays nice with bold colors, while acting as the perfect neutral too. 

In the Brick & Mortar, you’ll find Chappell Green in key accent places like our checkout station—made lovingly by my ever talented father—and our coffee bar and front door.  Along with items such as bags, tags, tissue paper and a few other fun pieces we have our friend Jenn Gietzen working up some watercolor goodness for.  

Along with Chappell Green, you can expect to see very soft paint tones.  Think mint green, natural sand and white paint colors.  Farrow & Ball’s Dimity is a very beautiful light natural color that’s almost like a smooth vanilla that we’ll be using on all of the custom woodwork and cabinetry.  I needed a color that would make the beautiful custom cabinetry stand out, but allow the products we’re selling to really shine.  Dimity also plays perfectly with F&B’s All White which will be used on all of the trim and ceiling.  

Rounding out my paint choices will be Farrow & Ball’s Pale Powder.  This pale minty-blue shade will painted over the shiplap my father, husband and I will be hanging in the back room.  I love shiplap’s ability to add texture and dimension to a space, while giving it an older, almost historic feel. 

And if pale powder shiplap didn’t make this room feel special enough, I’ll be accenting the shiplap with Mirth Studio’s hand-crafted wood flooring tiles in Sweet Cecilia.  Available in various patterns and prints these show-stopping tiles are like nothing I’ve ever seen before and I’m thrilled to say we will also be the exclusive retail partner for Atlanta.

Finalizing the core design elements would be of course grasscloth wallpaper.  You know I couldn’t do a space and not wallpaper.  I mean I LOVE wallpaper.  And since texture is one of my favorite elements, I had to, of course, go with grasscloth.  I settled on the most gorgeous “Puka” jute  from Bradley, a design showroom at ADAC here in Atlanta. 

Lastly, I’ll be indulging my love of art with an Artist in Residency program.  Every 6-8 weeks, I’ll be bringing in a new artist with original pieces to be displayed and sold in store.  Since this all began in our first pop up with Atlanta’s very own Britt Bass, there really was no other choice as to who would be our first artist in residence for the Brick and Mortar.  Britt really awakened my love for art, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her kick this all off.

There you have it; the dream has become a reality.  Thank you to everyone who has followed since the beginning, or is just following now.  To every person who ever bought anything from my e-commerce shoppe, the pop up shops, or the warehouse sales.  To all the full time staff, part time staffers and interns over the years, thank you. To my parents, husband and friends that have moved me more times than I can count and who will move me again this one last time, thank you.  Just thank you. You are all the reason I’m able to do this and still love doing it. Thank you. Truly, MKR

P.S. Now to the biz talk!  WOM has immediate openings for two-three part-time and possibly one full-time retail associate for the Waiting on Martha Home brick and mortar location. The ideal candidate will have retail experience, know how to hustle, have a knack for creativity and merchandising, and be a self starter to work with our crazy, but amazing, small business!  Comment with any questions below, and please email all resumes to  xo 

Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

10 Beautiful Rugs at Every Price Point

From Area Rugs to Runners and More, These Options Are Worth Investing In
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Rugs are tricky. It always hurts to fork out the money for them, but it’s always, always worth the investment. Skimping on a rug will leave your space looking subpar, especially when you end up sacrificing the size, material and texture that you need.  When you’re looking for a great rug, you want one that will hold up and age well, because you don’t want to be replacing that thing every few years, believe me.  I have one of those Moroccan rugs that sheds every minute of every single day…it’s beautiful, but annoying.  So today, I’m sharing more than a dozen great rugs with some staying power that are worth checking out, no matter how big, or small, your budget. 

Included in the bunch are names you’re probably familiar with: Dash & Albert, Loloi, One Kings Lane, Safaveih and Lulu & Georgia.  There’s a reason why these names circulate when buyers are on the hunt for the perfect rug; they make high-quality pieces at reasonable price points.  

But sometimes shelling out $900 for an area rug isn’t in the cards.  So that’s why I was also thrilled when I stumbled on Urban Outfitters’ rug collection recently and found that the store offers even more affordable options if you’re looking for a quick statement.  Trends change, tastes change…and with a rug like this one you won’t feel bad swapping it in a few years! 

Read on about the rugs that made the cut, and find more great options in the scrolling widget below.  Cheers, Kat



Caramel Faux Cowhide Rug 6x8

Lulu & Georgia, $379

Shop Now >

MKR has two of these; they’re that good.  Lulu & Georgia give us some of the best faux cowhide rugs around, at a really reasonable price point.  They look like they cost you at least double, and lend great texture to your space. 

Safaveih Jute Rug 8x10

Overstock, $262

Shop Now >

Safaveih’s jute rug is thought by many to be the best jute rug around.  It comes at a great price, and is a universally stylish option for a room.  They also pair perfectly with a small rug for a layered effect that still spreads throughout the room; try it with the Lulu & Georgia Cowhide Rug! 

Katalin Printed Rug 2x8 Runner

Urban Outfitters, $69

Shop Now >

Urban Outfitters wows us with a beautiful Persian-inspired rug that comes in three sizes and three different colorways.  I think the runner, in particular, would be killer in a hallway or master bathroom!  I like to consider a buy like this as a stepping stone to a bigger investment down the road.  Test this one to see if you want to pay the big bucks for a vintage rug. 

Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor Falls Village Stripe Rug 5x8

Nordstrom, $483

Shop Now >

Dash & Albert is known for its dependable and affordable rugs, and that applies to their perfect indoor/outdoor collection too.  The bold navy and white stripes scream patio season, don’t you think?!

Boro Printed Rug 3x5

Urban Outfitters, $69

Shop Now >

Here’s another beauty from Urban Outfitters with a price tag I can get behind.  This rug works like a charm in front of a kitchen sink, in the bathroom or by the door.  So good!!

Normandy Rug 8x10

One Kings Lane, $2,779

Shop Now >

Swoon. One Kings Lane always has me coveting the richest area rugs, and they did it again with this one.  I love the muted coral tones mixed with beige; it’s a true neutral! 

Dash & Albert Annabelle Rug 8x10

Nordstrom, $930

Shop Now >

Here’s another high quality piece by Dash & Albert that would fit in just about anywhere.  The subtle detailing and cool grey color make it an ideal area rug that can withstand some traffic…and dirt. 

Wilshire Rug 2x3

One Kings Lane, $115

Shop Now >

I’m forever in love with small rugs around the house, whether that’s at the front door, under the kitchen sink, etc.  This one from One Kings Lane makes for a great option when you’re hoping to give your space a little more warmth. 

Katie Vintage Malayer Medallion Blue & Beige Rug 4x6

Shoppe Amber Interiors, $3,450

Shop Now >

I’d be amiss if I shared a post about rugs on any budget without a completely high-end option like this show-stopping gorgeous one from Shoppe Amber Interiors.  If you can pull the trigger on a gem like this one, my hat is off to you.  It has the ability to make an entire room in one single sweep.

Lindy Rug 5x7

Joss & Main, $98.49

Shop Now >

Lastly, a pretty area rug with a Moroccan-inspired motif at an even prettier price point.  This rug on Joss & Main is calling my name, and it’s gotten great reviews from buyers that have test run it. 

Featured image, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha

The 10 Best & Safest Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

Our Favorite Candles, Diffusers, & Incense With The Least Amount of Harmful Chemicals
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The best non toxic candles, diffusers & incense for your home.

Nothing beats walking into a good-smelling home.  Since memories and sentiments are so closely tied to the power of scent, it’s no wonder that we all enjoy noticing wonderful fragrances in a space. But fragrance has recently become one of the dirtiest words in beauty because of a loophole that allows brands to not have to list the ingredients actually included in a fragrance.  In fact, according to The Environmental Working Group, the average fragrance product contained 14 secret chemicals not listed on the label.  But thankfully, many are starting to take notice and there’s more natural, and safer fragrance options than ever.  Which means you can still light your beloved candles, diffusers or incense, to make your home smell good as long as you choose wisely.

A few things to keep in mind: candles are least “toxic” when poured with soy, coconut or beeswax, and when they have wicks that are made from cotton rather than toxic lead.  Double bonus if the candles are using organic, all natural essential oils (like the ones we swear by and diffuse all day long, learn more about those HERE) rather than perfumes.    

In searching out some more natural candle options, I found plenty, but I would be amiss if I didn’t point out that I was thrilled to find out my favorite Volcano candles were soy based with cotton wicks, and fragranced with essential oils.  I may have had a breakdown if that wasn’t the case.  I mean, any post about the best smelling home candles would be incomplete without mention of the Capri Blue Volcano.  There’s a reason why it’s a cult-classic!  

And just like Volcano candles, any post about what it takes to make a good-smelling home without all the toxins would be wrought without me including our favorite essential oils for diffusing, easy incense sticks and palo santo wood (spoiler alert: palo santo is not just for the hippies).  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the beautiful aromas created through these more all natural, eco-friendly options than your go-to candles (though we’re not going to lie, we’re never going to stop burning candles). 

While we know that you’ll be hard pressed to find any candles that are completely toxin free, we think we rounded up a great bunch of safer options which you can browse via our scrolling widget below.  Then be sure to read about our top ten picks, including why we love each one.  I’d love to know what your go-to method of home fragrance is!  Cheers, Kat 




Signature Blue Volcano Candle

Capri Blue, $34

Shop Now >

Ask anyone; this signature soy wax blend and crowd pleasing scent is one of the most popular candles around. It’s poured into recycled glass vessels, which can be reused long after burning.  Volcano is one of our go-to scents; think tropical fruits and sugared citrus. 

Why we love it:
This candle is a cult-favorite for a reason, and its fragrance is second-to-none.  We just learned that it’s actually all natural too, so we’re beyond excited about the fact that we don’t have to be worried about lighting our favorite candle. It also has a whopping 85-hour burn time, ensuring we can enjoy it for a lovely, long time! 

Bamboo & Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

PurSonic, $102.99

Shop Now >

Here’s a high quality diffuser for an affordable, all natural approach to home fragrance with essential oils. By diffusing essential oils, you’re able to create an environment you love; many blends offer mood-boosting effects, as well as increased productivity, purified air and more. 

Why we love it:
This diffuser is a beautiful way to diffuse our favorite oils (ylang ylang, lavender, orange, lemon, etc.); it’s made with sustainably sourced, hand cut bamboo and elegantly crafted ceramic. Bonus: it has BPA-free plastic inside the design. 

Learn all about joining us on our “oily” journey HERE!

Woodlot "Recharge" Coconut Wax Candle

Woodlot, $26-$36

Shop Now >

This scent is perfect for GSD’ing with aromas of rosemary, mint and peppermint essential oil.  It’s also petroleum free, GMO free, phthalate free in a recyclable class with a 60 hour burn time.

Why we love it:
Not only does this candle meet the ultra-chic criteria for our countertops, it smells absolutely divine. Double bonus for a solid burn time!



Wellspring Handmade Wood Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Welledia, $106.99

Shop Now >

Not only can they make a room smell great, diffusers and essential oils can silently purify and humidify the air, creating relaxing, calming, uplifting and energizing effects in the room.  silently purifies and humidifies the air and has an optional night light, making it perfect for night time use and for traveling.

Why we love it:
This one is high quality and aesthetically pleasing; the dark wood blends in well with home decor.  It’s also light and convenient for travel. 

Learn all about joining us on our “oily” journey HERE!

Palo Santo Incense Stick Bundles

Woodlot, $12

Shop Now >

Palo santo is known as “Holy Wood”, and is an eco-friendly incense stick that is harvested from naturally fallen branches off the Palo Santo tree in Equador. To burn, you simply light the end of the stick, spreading the smoke to cleanse and energize the space. 

Why we love it:
Palo santo sticks are an affordable, all natural way to clear your room of negative energy and bad smells. It’s also a great, nontoxic way to ward off mosquitoes! 

Bed & Bath Aroma Diffusers


Shop Now >

These solvent-free air fresheners use pure essential oils, paper and natural materials to give off a subtle, yet wonderful scent. The Wild Lavender includes “citrus notes carried on a warm breeze waft through lavender tufts, with hints of forest wood and amber.”

Why we love it:
These diffusers are an even easier, more affordable way to enjoy the smells of essential oils without batteries or electricity and sans oil or flame. They’re made with recyclable, compostable paper that’s infused with the oils. With one stick, the smell can be enjoyed for 30+ days in the room. 

Soy Wax Wine Bottle Candle in Rose

Rewined, $29

Shop Now >

These super popular soy wax candles are made from repurposed wine bottles and handcrafted in Charleston.  The rosé candle, in particular, includes notes of rose petal, white peach, pink peppercorn and crisp minerality.

Why we love it: 
It’s a clean, fresh scent that nobody can resist. And the light, feminine feel to the candle makes it a great and easy gift for a friend. 

Lavender Dreams Aroma Diffuser

EcoCandleCo, $32.99

Shop Now >

These easy reed diffusers can’t be beat. They look just as lovely as they smell; this one fittingly titled “Lavender Dreams.”

Why we love it:
The diffuser sticks give off a subtle, natural scent that is exactly what we love for a bathroom, laundry room and bedroom. The beautiful vessel is great to reuse, to. 

'Skylight' Fragrance Candle

Kai, $48

Shop Now >

kai brings us a light, fresh and airy scent that brings none of the toxins (#score). It has notes of gardenia, jasmine, tuberose and lily. This one is the largest of the collection, offering a slow burning, 60-hour wick. 

Why we love it:
This one’s crafted with an all-natural proprietary blend of soy, palm and coconut wax, so we feel good about burning it.  Its intoxicating yet light scent is just the subtle loveliness a room needs.

Jasmine Incense Jar

Waiting on Martha Home, $36

Shop Now >

This jar of 100 incense sticks is a great alternative to candles and diffusers. Each stick has a 30 minute burn time, allowing you to fill the room with intoxicating scent at the drop of a hat. 

Why we love it:
These are SUPER affordable and easy.  The engraved wood lid actually doubles as a burner/holder for the incense sticks too. 

Featured image, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha in Nightstand Essentials

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