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Gutting & Renovating A Bathroom in Two Days & For Around $1,000

Mint Shiplap, white marble, and matte black fixtures completely transform this space.
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When I opened my brick and mortar, Waiting on Martha Home, this past summer the list of improvements was long and my budget was tight.  I basically had to gut the entire space to feel more like the WOM we all know…”happy and bright.”  I’m talking floors ripped up, wallpaper installed, custom cabinetry created, walls knocked down, and more gallons of paint applied than you can imagine.  I of course, like most people when faced with a large reno, went over budget.  Not by much, but it was enough to make me push the bathroom renovation to a later date. 

When it finally came round to give the bathroom the attention it needed, I wanted to give it a full face lift, but on a budget.  And time was of the essence.  I couldn’t have my bathroom out of use for more than a few days.  Well, I’m thrilled to share with you the full bathroom reveal that was completed in two days and with a budget of $1,000.  So how did I complete this kind of reno with that kind of budget, let’s first discuss.  Starting with the before shall we.

As you can see by this picture the bathroom was brown and bland.  Brown tile, brown granite, brown wood paneling; yes it appears brown was the theme.  When thinking about what I could do on my budget I knew I couldn’t do everything.  So I chose to change what I felt would have the biggest impact and try to mask the rest.  For me that meant, changing the walls by adding texture, and ripping out the current sink and countertop situation. 

While in a dream world I would have loved to rip the tile out it would have been too timely and expensive of a project for this particular reno.  I also felt that once everything else was lightened up and a great rug was added the floors wouldn’t be near as noticeable. 

For the walls, ceiling and trim I chose to continue the shiplap and coloring scheme that was carried out in one of the rooms in the Shoppe. I personally prefer a wider shiplap with a square edge, so I went with Home Depot’s 8 x 8 shiplap in pine and painted it Farrow & Ball’s Pale Powder in a flat finish.  I love a flat finish on the shiplap itself, as it maintains more of it’s unfinished vibe with a flat paint rather than a semi or high gloss. And I did paint the shiplap after it was installed rather than before. 

For the trim I continued the Shoppe’s color scheme of Farrow & Ball’s Dimity with a lacquer finish and the ceiling was painted in Farrow & Ball’s All White. I just love how the mint colored shiplap plays off the high lacquer vanilla feel of Dimity and the white and bright ceiling.  I also changed out the ceiling light and fan to a simple, yet modern, one by Hunter.

One thing to note about the paint and the budget, I did have left over paint from the Shoppe to complete this bathroom project so when you look at the final total I didn’t have to count paint into my budget. 

Next up, the sink and countertop.  This was tricky.  While I would have loved to rip the whole thing out and put an all-in-one vanity situation that wasn’t an option as my Shoppe bathroomhad to be ADA compliant.  At first my father and I were just trying to find a piece of marble in this shape to simply switch it out.  But once looking at my options, and my numbers, I knew I couldn’t afford to do that.  The solution, cut the counter in half by not having it run all the way to the wall.  By making this simple change I was able to get the marble vanity top with the sink built right in from Home Depot making my job so much easier!

This may sound a bit tricky to execute, but it was a lot easier than it looks and that’s coming from a non DIY-er like myself.  All we had to do was unhook the faucets and rip the siliconed top off, which ended up being a breeze because it wasn’t attached well to begin with.  Then I let my father fire up the saw and he cut the front piece of wood off that extended to the wall, and placed a new wood panel on the bottom and side.  I then painted it Pale Powder to match the shiplap and installed the vanity top again with silicone.  Easy breezy.

With the heavy lifting done, all that was left was fixtures. I went with Pfister’s Venturi matte black faucet and Pfister Venturi hooks because I loved how they looked in my home bathroom makeover.  And rather than putting up the terribly boring mirror we took down I added a small oval latitude mirror with matching matte black fixtures. 

Striped Waste Basket | Juju Hat | Oyster Basket | Diffuser | Rug | Oils | Mirror | Faucet | Vanity | Shiplap


And voila, a full bathroom reno that came in on time…only two days…and on budget! I mean it feels like a completely different space does it not?! Of course the aesthetics helped too. The rug, as mentioned, masks the brown tile and I definitely added a few hints of fun with my striped waste paper basket and feather juju hat.  But really, the star of the show is the physical transformation of the space.  Tell me friends, did this make you feel ready to tackle your own home reno? Truly, MKR


Photography, Rustic White | This post was in collaboration with Home Depot and Pfister, brands I love and adore.  All opinions are 100% my own.

The One Room Challenge Week Four

More Than Half Way Through and things are finally beginning to come together
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If you read last week’s ORC update then you’d know that I’m probably not going to finish on time.  Or so I thought.  For the first time in the history of One Room Challenges’ we got an extension.  That’s right, instead of six weeks to complete our spaces we now have seven.  Praise Jesus, hallelujah!!

Why the extension? Basically because of life.  With all of the natural disasters and craziness currently happening shipments have been delayed, or canceled all together, so it just made sense.  Which means we’re stuck together for another week so let’s get down to business shall we.

For me, things are finally beginning to move along.  Tomorrow painting will begin.  While I originally planned to hang grasscloth wallpaper I decided to instead keep things nice, light and bright with Farrow and Ball’s All White paint.  It’s one of the paint colors I used in my Shoppe, so I know it’s the perfect shade of white.  And yes, there are shades of white.

My gorgeous rug from Karastan arrived and will be laid down later this week. My Bunny Williams lamps and shades from The Mine are en route. And the most show stopping bowl from Jill Rosenwald is being fired as I type.  

I mentioned last week I’m getting custom draperies made as well as recovering benches in the most yummy of Stroheim fabrics.  Here’s where a major mistake on my end comes in.  I of course was in a rush and didn’t read through what the fabric categories were, focusing instead only on the pattern.  So when they arrived and I saw that one design was sheer I knew I was in trouble. 

Don’t get me wrong, the sheer Kefalonia fabric was drop dead gorgeous, it just wasn’t right for the room.  I hemmed and hawed trying to figure out what I was going to do when I finally reached out to Stroheim and explained the mistake.  To my surprise and delight, Stroheim jumped in and fixed my problem switching out the sheer Kefalonia for Palapye Jute which will work better in the space.  Talk about customer service.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Stroheim, but how they helped me in this situation that was clearly my fault made me a loyal life long customer. 

So what’s left? I still don’t have my sectional or coffee table situation quite figured out. Yes I know those are MAJOR pieces.  And, I’ve still got to decide on the art.  I previously had a giant Gray Malin hanging, which I adore, but it won’t go with the room.  I’m swooning over Atlanta based artist Kristen Giorgi from NG Collective. And I also have dozens of other gorgeous pieces of art I’ve collected I may move around.  It all depends on timing, right?!  Truly, MKR





The One Room Challenge, Week Three

An honest look into why this might be the first one room challenge I can't complete on time
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white living room inspirationwhite living room inspirationwhite living room inspirationwhite living room inspiration

Well it’s officially the half way point of the ORC and today I’ve got nothing for you.  Not a photograph, not a product to share, not a piece of fabric, nada.  To say I’m behind the eight ball would be an understatement.

Now, this is the fifth One Room Challenge I’ve participated in, and I’m always a tad behind.  But this is the first time I’m actually fearful of not being able to pull the ORC off.  I’ve completely lost the past 7 days because of a sinus infection and emergency dental surgery, which by the way is not yet resolved with a second surgery scheduled for next week.  And in looking at the calendar I just realized I’m out of town for my besties wedding the week before the big reveal which is when I always have my ORC space’s photographed. So in reality instead of three more weeks to complete the space I actually only have two. Picture me hyperventilating as I type this. 

With this even tighter time crunch the two most concerning areas are fabric choices and the sectional.  I just picked out fabric today and I needed it to arrive like yesterday.  Prayers that the fabric gets here lightning fast and the upholster can work some speedy magic.   As far as the sectional of choice goes, last week I talked in depth about how hard sectionals are to come by and if this one doesn’t work then I’m not sure what I’ll do. 

Oh, and just for one more twist I decided to nix the grass cloth.  As much as I LOVE grass cloth we’re planning on putting the house up for sale next year so I thought it best not to wallpaper this room since so much of my home is already wallpapered.  Which means I need to paint the entire living room and ceiling in Farrow and Ball’s All White; so that will be fun.   

Yep, that’s what I got.  And since I don’t have any photographic evidence of me sitting in a panic I thought I’d share a few while living room inspiration pics.  As mentioned previously, the goal is to transform this room into a neutral, calming space.  Hopefully.  Which surprisingly, when you search for neutral, or white living room inspiration it’s actually tougher to find than you may think.  So many all white rooms are too modern, too romantic, too beachy, or too shabby chic.  I’m going for more of a California cool vibe…not boho, more California traditional.  Is that a thing? Ha!

Hope my other co-participants are a bit farther along then I am! Truly, MKR





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