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What I’m Reading: Cookbooks Worth Collecting

Add them to the list! More cookbooks you're going to love to read (and use)
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Cookbooks worth collecting via Waiting on Martha, including Rose All Day, The Produce Bible and more.

It should come to no surprise to you that I have an obsession with cookbooks and bar books.  I mean can you really ever have too many?  Personally, I truly can’t resist picking up a new one whenever given the opportunity as I’m forever inspired by food, and all things food.  And pair those recipes with gorgeous pages and pages of photography and I’m in heaven. 

From a favorite restaurant in NYC, to a book dedicated solely to rosé, below I’m sharing a few new food-focused books I’ve picked up recently.  And just like my obsession with coffee table books and wellness books, I’m always looking to add to my collection, so please share what’s currently on your kitchen counter or bar cart!  Truly, MKR

P.S. If you’re hunting for more giftable books, check out our entire curated collection in the shoppe.  xo



Rosé All Day: The Essential Guide to Your New Favorite Wine

Shopbop, $25

Shop Now >

This pretty pink book features entertaining history of today’s trendiest wine, explaining how rosé is created, with recommendations on the best of the best. 

This informative, and visually appealing guide offers savvy advice on wines to buy, creative food pairing suggestions and illustrations. It makes for an interesting addition to the bar cart, and a fun gift when paired with your favorite bottle! 

Jack's Wife Freda Cookbook

Amazon, $30

Shop Now >

This cookbook gets its name from a pair of restaurants in Greenwich Village in NYC.  The place is known as the ultimate comfort food with its communal, casual vibe; it really feels like home when you’re in there.

The book features gorgeous illustrations alongside beloved, crowd-favorite recipes for accessible, delicious, and inventive Jewish comfort-food cooking at home.

Oysters: Recipes That Bring Home a Taste of the Sea

Amazon, $13.56

Shop Now >

I’ve always loved the tradition and culture around oysters.  The harvesting, shucking, and of course enjoying.  This beautiful book is truly for oyster lovers, with luscious recipes, shucking instructions, and the local farming success story of the many delicious oysters from the Pacific Coast.

Inside, you’ll find 30 recipes, along with ideas for what to drink with oysters, and tips for buying, storing, and shucking. 

Fast Food, Good Food

Amazon, $14.38

Shop Now >

In this book, there are more than 150 easy-to-prepare recipes that taste just as good as they are for you nutritionally.  The recipes all have a collection of fresh, high-quality ingredients without ever sacrificing flavor.  Not to mention, there are beautiful photographs all throughout! 

I really appreciate its focus on anti-inflammatory foods, especially now that I’m eating more intentionally and am more health conscious. 

The Produce Bible

Amazon, $20.96

Shop Now >

I’m a sucker at any farmer’s market.  I want all of the fresh, vibrant fruits and veggies I can carry.  This cookbook is a nice nod to the experience and feeling I get when I go; it celebrates  knows the abundant glories of seasonal produce.  It has recipes and essential ingredient information about more than 100 fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts.  Grab this one for your garden and food lover!

Bake from Scratch

Amazon, $25.80

Shop Now >

This collection of recipes from the first year of Bake from Scratch magazine features endless inspiration for home bakers, and it’s by one of my dear friends Brian Hart Hoffman.

Needless to say, the photography is stunning.  And for the content: this cookbook covers all types of pastries and breads like muffins, tarts, cakes, etc.  It offers tips and instructions to help you make artisan goods at home, consistently every single time.

Featured image, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

After Being A Vegetarian For 7 Years I Started Eating Meat Again & Here’s What Happened

My personal journey from carnivore, to vegetarian, to carnivore again
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I stopped being a vegetarian, Waiting on Martha

When I chose to stop being a vegetarian after seven years, the amount of questions and messages I received was intense.  Everyone wanted to know why? How did I feel? Was this just a blip or a permanent switch?  I knew I wanted to answer all of those questions, but not until I had time to actually live in my decision and understand the ramifications of it all.  So seven months later, here I am ready to chat.

First things first; why did I stop eating meat?  Let me say, it’s a very personal decision and nothing is worse (or more annoying) than anyone from either side of the table trying to make you feel guilty about eating meat or not eating meat.  For me it was an ethical decision and being completely grossed out by factory farms.  I did my research.  I watched the documentaries, I read the books, I talked to doctors.  That combined with the fact that I had also recently gotten a dog I love more than most humans made the decision to become a vegetarian an easy one.  

Surprisingly, giving up meat was the easiest thing I had ever done.  I never “cheated” nor cared to cheat, I never felt deprived, tired, or weak from not eating meat.  In fact I felt better than ever; at least for the first four-five years.  And then something shifted, and my digestive/gut issues and food sensitivities started.  When I became a vegetarian I promised myself I would listen to my body and adjust accordingly, and something at this time needed adjusting. 

I did every cleanse, intolerance test, celiac test, and even a colonoscopy and endoscopy procedure to try to pin point exactly what was causing these issues.  But every time I thought I had it figured out, something else would trigger my gut.  It was beyond frustrating, especially for someone who loves food so much.  To throw another twist into the scenario, it was also during this time that I began to desire meat again; specifically chicken.  But the cravings weren’t my tipping point, my trip to London was.

What happened in London you ask? I got sick.  Violently sick after dinner one night and was out of commission for two whole days.  Holed up in my hotel room, missing spending time in my favorite city in the world, because something I ate caused some sort of unknown reaction.  I was pissed!  So it was on the plane ride home that I decided I’m done.  And the minute we landed, I had the hubs pull into McDonalds and I ordered every single thing on the menu.  Yes, my first meal after being a vegetarian for 7 years was McDonalds.  

So did I get sick? That’s what you’re wondering right? I mean we’ve all heard the horror stories of what happens to your body when your begin eating meat again after not eating it for so long.  But the truth is I didn’t get sick.  I didn’t get sick from McDonalds, or Wendys, Taco Bell, Burger King, Chick-fil-a, Shake Shack, Five Guys, or any of those places…yes I went on a bit of a fast food bender.  I actually didn’t get sick from re-introducing meat back into my system at all until I had a ribeye steak a few weeks later.  Which if I’m being fair could have just as easily been from the massive amount of butter I put on it and not the steak itself.

Having meat back on the menu has actually done the opposite and its helped my gut/digestive issues.  My stomach feels more stable than ever.  But let’s not ring the dinner bell for being a carnivore just yet.  While my gut is better, there are other areas that I personally feel are worse.

One, I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and my eating habits are the worst they’ve ever been.  You see when you don’t eat meat there aren’t a lot of fast food options to choose from; being a vegetarian basically removes that garbage from your brain completely.  But now, I feel like I’ve reverted to eating like I did in college but without the 21 year old metabolism.  

Two, I’m on the sluggish side.  Meat makes me tired.  Maybe not the meat itself, but definitely the majority of meals I seem to eat now make me feel a bit blah.  When I was a vegetarian I ate so many fruits and vegetables, and everything was just naturally on the fresh and lighter side.  As a vegetarian, food was fuel for my body not comfort after a bad day.  

Three, my complexion has dulled and I feel a bit more anxious.  This is a no brainer; veggies and fruits make your skin shine so it’s no surprise mine feels a little dull.  As far as the anxiety goes there are numerous studies and books out there about how animals pass their hormones and feelings on to us and it’s something I completely believe and can honestly feel.  I’ll leave the science of all that to the scientist, but I do urge that if you have anxiety to look into the connection between what we eat and how we feel.

Lastly, I can feel the carnivore guilt starting to creep back in.  At first I didn’t feel it at all; I was literally on a meat bender.  Now, I’m imagining the pig I love so much and questioning if I really want that BLT.  

So where does that leave me?  Actually in a good place.  I’m coming out of my all-meat-everything-haze and remembering how much I loved and respected my connection with food and what it does for my body.  I’m not living on fast food, and I’m focusing on what is healthiest for me.  I actually recently took an eye-opening intolerance test, which I’ll share with you next week, that has really helped pin point a few sensitivity issues I wouldn’t have figured out on my own.  Will I go back to being a vegetarian?  It wouldn’t surprise me.  Right now I’m still trying to find the right balance for my body. Truly, MKR

Featured image, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha

Worth Noting: It’s Time for a Summer Party

Hosting a patio or pool party? Get these.
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I’ve decided that July is my favorite month of the entire year.  It’s always full of lake days, pool and patio parties, and hopefully a few trips on the books for the last weeks of summer. In the spirit of sunny entertaining, I’ve rounded up a ton of my favorite products.  Can we talk about that watermelon pinata?!  And the pineapple serving bowl, banana float and palm leaf party plates are calling my name.  Cheers, Kat

One. Large Gold Pineapple Tumbler, Waiting on Martha Home Two. Palma Earrings, Revolve Three. Brass Pineapple Bottle Opener, Waiting on Martha Home Four. Watermelon Pinata, Waiting on Martha Home Five. Embroidered Menswear Stripe Caro Dress, Shopbop Six. Shake Shake Shake Cocktail Shaker, Waiting on Martha Home Seven. Matte leather flop flops, Net-a-porter Eight. Embroidered Straw Hat, Net-a-porter Nine. Flamingo Cocktail Forks, Waiting on Martha Home Ten. Pineapple Serving Bowl, Waiting on Martha Home Eleven. Palm Leaf Party Plates, Waiting on Martha Home Twelve. Inflatable Banana Float, Waiting on Martha Home Thirteen. Espadrille Wedge Sandal, Nordstrom Fourteen. COOLA Sport Sunscreen, Nordstrom Fifteen. Helter Skelter Sunglasses, Shopbop Sixteen. Floral Print Bandeau Bikini, Net-a-porter



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