Blue & White All Over, Tory Burch Table


For me there’s nothing more classic, and coveted, than blue and white.  So when Tory Burch debuted her new hand painted table line last week, well let’s just say I know what I’ll be asking for come Christmas time.  Inspired by the 19th century English ceramics that both Tory and her mother Reva collect, the blue and white pieces can be easily mix and matched, dressed up or down, and are a must for any blue and white addicts like myself. Shop the entire line collection below, and happy entertaining Loves!  truly, MKR 

7 thoughts on “Blue & White All Over, Tory Burch Table

  1. I came across Tory’s collection this past weekend and instantly drooled over how gorgeous the blue and white was! I’m hoping to start collecting some pieces, they’re so classic.

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