This Week I…

Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

…got chills from THIS tragic story and her word on the “opposite of loneliness.”

…swooned over Rifle Paper Co.’s new wallpaper launch and found the timing perfect for my own little wallpaper round up.

…made room in the craziness that is WOM, but found I’m still short say about 10 shelves.  Therefore, this weekend only, take an additional 40% off everything already on sale.  Come on Loves, help me out…I’m drowning in boxes!

…mixed up margaritas with Jose…shocking right?!

…added the entire Shopbop Born Free collection to my shopping cart, but reality set in at checkout so I settled simply on my favorite piece.

…continued my crush on The House Lars Built thanks to her Flamingo Pop shower with BHLDN.

…chatted about all white everything over at ESL.

…discovered Teil Duncan thanks to THI.

…wished I was moving in to Project Greenbay.

…took ten minutes to do THIS.

…packed up and headed out to my home for the weekend, The Ritz Atlanta, to kick off whatI’ve been waiting months for.  The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.  It’ll be 3 full days of seminars, technique labs, and tastings highlighting some of the most talented culinary savants in the South.  You can follow along with me on Instagram (#AFWF14), and if you’re around there’s still time to get tickets.  TGIF Loves!  truly, MKR

All images original to Waiting On Martha

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