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Our Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts

Gifts That Will Make Everyone's Day Regardless of their Relationship Status
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Our Top Ten Valentine's Day Gifts for Everyone on your list including personalized M&M's and Sugarfina Gummies, Waiting On Martha

Whether you’re a big fan of Valentine’s Day or not, you’ll find a gift idea or two on the list…promise!  I’ve rounded up gifts that will make anyone in your life smile, from your guy to your mother to your zen friend and teacher.  My favorite part about the holiday is spreading the love all around me, even if it’s just with a simple card (these are so cute) and not an extravagant gift.  Thanks to all the festive goodies in our shoppe (obsessed with these nontoxic candles and of course these Sugarfina gummies!) right now, I’m officially in lovey-cutesy Valentine’s Day spirit. 

What are you gifting this Valentine’s Day?  I’d love to know if any of my ideas hit the spot with someone on your list.  Cheers, Kat

P.S. While I may be one with cupid right now I remember plenty a Valentine’s Days where I wasn’t; so for your friend that is feeling a bit scorned this time of year how about these gems!!

For Your Bestie

Boy Smells Petal Candle

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These new, nontoxic candles by Boy Smells are flying off our shelves in the shoppe. Made of coconut and beeswax, they come in a glossy black glass tumbler and gorgeous embossed matte pink carton…perfect for gifting! 

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but it might be Petal for me. This lovely scent for is perfect your bestie; tree flowers, rose sage and patchouli. 


For Your Guy

Sugarfina "XOXO" Bento Box

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Get your guy something sweet and make him smile while you’re at it.  This collection of festive candies by Sugarfina is the perfect little something for him on Valentine’s Day.

Each one is wrapped in a watercolor heart sleeve with gold foil XOXO lettering. Included in the bento box: “Kiss Me” sweet and sour sugar lips, “Love You a Bunch” rosette-shaped gummies made with Whispering Angel, “You Make Me Melt” smooch gummies and “True Love” apple caramels coated in white chocolate.


For Your Zen Friend

Moon Juice Dream Dust

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Your zen friend already knows about Moon Dusts, believe me, and she’ll be so stoked with this Valentine’s Day gift.  These ingestibles have a cult-following in the wellness world and we’re drinking the Kool-aid here at WOM, too.  “Dream Dust” is a soothing edible nightcap that can help lull you to sleep, offering soothing support and emotional calm. It’s wonderful when you add it to your almond milk, coffee tea or smoothie. Check out the rest of the collection HERE

For Your Mother

WOM's One Love Organics Essentials Kit

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It’s lovely swapping skincare secrets with my mom these days, and I love when I can introduce her to a must-try brand that she doesn’t know about already!  Enter One Love Organics, officially my go-to clean skincare brand that I use every. single. day.  This essentials kit is the perfect way to get Mom hooked, too. 

Included in the kit: 2.25 OZ. mini gentle foaming cleanser, full size Morning Glory caffeinated serum, full size Skin Dew coconut water cream and full size Vitamin E eye balm with LOVE makeup bag.  

For Your Favorite Workout Instructor

Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You: A Mindfulness Journal

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My workout instructors I’ve met at my favorite studios via ClassPass were talking mindfulness before it was even a thing!  I love the idea of gifting them with this journal for Valentine’s Day as a little “thank you” for kicking my butt and keeping me moving…because loving others starts with loving myself! 

The journal includes prompts, quotes and advice that helps us reflect upon the little moments of the day that usually pass us without much thought. The interactive guide helps us find inner peace, solace and meaning by looking at the places and people around us.   If it’s anything as good as The Five Minute Journal, it’s a must-have!!! 

For Your Coworker

Lip Nourish

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Here’s the perfect little “happy” for a coworker that always hears the good (and the bad) in your everyday life. This incredibly versatile handcrafted lip treatment is completely all natural and super hydrating (thank the food active antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory blend for that!). Such a subtle, lovely hue. 

For Your Roomies

Personalized Valentine's Day M&M's

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Okay let’s be honest, nobody can resist a handful from a bowl fill with classic M&M’s.  And especially when they’re in festive Valentine’s Day colors with personalized messages!  Our message?  “Pizza My Heart” of course.  Treat your roommates to a fun message and irresistible coffee table treat this year with a stash of these. 

For Their Teacher

Sugar Paper Black Pinstripe Tailored Journal

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Celebrate a teacher you appreciate with one of these pocket pinstripe journals.  It’s the perfect small something that can be used in a wide variety of ways. A true keepsake, it includes a hardcover design with black pinstripe bookcloth and a pale pink interior.  Inside, you’ll find 100 lined pages with a pale pink and white grosgain ribbon to keep your place. 

For Your Girlfriend

Coton Colors Grey Striped Vase with a Dozen White Roses

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These gorgeous vases are brand new to our shoppe, and perfect for making your GF smile.  They’re our new favorite (and very versatile) way of celebrating any occasion.  Each keepsake vase arrives on the doorstep with a dozen roses, along with an inter-changable attachment and gift enclosure card.  It’s the perfect way to continue the celebration long after Valentine’s Day! 

Be sure to place your order by Feb. 9 for Valentine’s Day delivery. xo

For Ourselves

Lovestoned Crystal Heart Box

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Both MKR and I are slipping fast into the gorgeous, intriguing world of healing crystals.  This box (full of crystals, not chocolates!) completely stole our hearts, and topped our wish list this month.  Inside, you’ll find quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, geode, agate, garnet, pyrite, tigers eye, hematite, smoky quartz, labradorite, citrine, amazonite…the perfect gems to add to your starter collection. 

Featured image, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

Refresh: The Evolution of the Sneaker

Up Your Sneaker Game with These Must-Have Styles
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For the record, if you would have told me ten years ago that I’d be wearing squeaky all-white sneakers around town, or even wearing a pair of laceless slip-on sneakers with a pair of jeans to a happy hour, I would not have believed you.  Back then, a sneaker was just a shoe to throw on at the gym.  It’s pretty impressive realizing the evolution of the trends of sneakers, when by definition it used to just mean a shoe you’d wear to work out.  Now we have sneakers I specifically buy for errands (I know), as well as high-end designer sneaks that are costing an arm and a leg to buy (but they’re kinda irresistible). 

MKR and I recently took a step back to realize the evolution of the sneaker, and all of the trendy variations that are taking consumers by storm.  I’ve broken down a few of the variations below, as well as shared a few of our favorite picks in the scrolling widget.  I just ordered this pair of running shoes, which I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival, and I love my everyday white kicks to no end.  I’ve started to appreciate a little structure too; these ones are in my closet but honestly, they’re not the most flattering (if that’s even a thing re: ankles…ha!). I’d love to know what styles you’re eyeing these days!  Cheers, Kat



The Running Shoe

APL 'Techloom Pro' Running Shoe

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For many of you, this is all “sneaker” could ever mean; a fool-proof running shoe that is begging to hit the pavement.  This pair is extremely lightweight, and features a single layer upper construction, solid support and overall breathability. I just ordered these in Silver/Black and cannot WAIT to give them a go at my next HIIT workout class.  

The Athleisure Pick

Adidas 'Tubular Defiant' Sneaker

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An offshoot of the running shoe, the athleisure pick is a wardrobe staple and errand-going go-to pick.  You can, of course, work out in them, but you can also nail the “I just worked out” look at the grocery store too. This pair by Adidas is so fresh, matching all your favorite yoga pants to a T.

The Laceless Sneaks

Vince Blair 5 Slip-On Sneaker

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I consider these slip-on sneakers to be the epitome of the sneaker evolution.  No, you won’t be running in these; they don’t even have laces!  But they sure do look good with a pair of jeans or joggers alike. 

The Designer Duds

Golden Goose Super Star distressed leather sneakers

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Not for the faint of heart, these stylish sneakers come with a heft price tag.  But everyone I know who has them is utterly obsessed; apparently they’re the most comfortable sneakers EVER.  And they come in a dozen colors and styles, all brushed and waxed by hand to achieve their signature distressed look. Make a statement with a pair (or two) with everything in your closet from jeans to dresses

The Throw-Back Classics

Adidas Superstar Sneakers

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I’m thrilled to see classics like these Adidas Superstars make it back on the scene in a big way, and at such an affordable price point. In crisp monochromatic colors, these guys were meant to keep squeaky clean. 

The Collector's Sneaker

NIKELAB Air Max 90 Flyknit

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I don’t claim to know much about sneakers, but I do know that there’s a whole world of collectors out there, anxiously waiting for each new release and building impressive collections at home.  While I don’t understand much for owning a pair of shoes and never wearing it, I do respect the thrill of the hunt and the devotion to bad*ss shoes. 

Featured image, Haley Sheffield for Waiting on Martha

Refresh: The 10 Best Investment Bags Worth Buying

The Best Bang For Your Hard-Earned Bucks
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The 10 Best Investment Bags Worth Buying, @waitingonmartha

Ah, designer hand bags. I recently remembered my love-hate relationship with them, with all their gorgeousness that I just HAVE to have and allllll those high price tags.  I had forgotten just how expensive they really were…I mean wow. 

Fortunately, what I’ve found over the years is that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to the best investment bags.  The go-to brands (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Celine, Mansur Gavriel, etc.) know what they’re doing; expert craftsmanship, high quality leather and strong hardware that will withstand more than a few wears and transcend season after season in effortless style.  

Since you’re probably buying your handbags with your hard-earned cash money, you’ll want to stick to the tried-and-true brands and styles that will give you the most bang for your buck.  I like to think I’ve figured out (and learned a few lessons the hard way) about which bags are completely worth it. 

I’m sharing a few of my favorites in the scrolling widget below, but going into full detail about why they’re worth the big bucks in the breakdown as well.  Tell me, which bags would you add to the list?  Which ones are you lusting after?!  Truly, MKR



The Practically Indestructible Throw-It-All-In Tote

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote (Pre-Owned)

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There’s something to be said for a practically indestructible tote bag that you can have for years and years (and years).  I’ve literally had my LV Neverfull for going on 12 years, and I throw just about everything I own into it on a daily basis: tennis shoes, makeup, laptop…you name it. It’s one of those bags I don’t have to worry about, and for that, it tops my list for best investment bags always and forever. 

Another noteworthy bag under this category: my Goyard coated canvas tote bag.  I carry that thing every. where. 

The "Boss Bag"

Celine Phantom Leather Hand Bag (Pre-Owned)

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Nothing beats having a true “Boss Bag.” You just…feel like a boss when you’re carrying it!  To me, Celine Phantom bags are the end-all-be-all of “Boss Bags.” Again, you can throw a TON of stuff inside (the bag is big) and it’s really durable.  An important thing to look for when investing in a bag like this is the pebbled leather; it will last longer than suede or nubuck. The pebbled leather takes wear (and stains and spills) better than anything softer. 

The Bucket Bag

Mansur Gavriel Saffiano Large Bucket Bag

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Bucket bags are perhaps some of my favorites (as I’m sure you’ve seen in countless outfit posts on here). I believe that Mansur Gavriel bucket bags are simply the best, too.  With smooth, shiny Italian leather, they’re timeless and sturdy.  They include an adjustable flat leather strap, along with leather a drawstring closure to keep everything safe inside. 

They make a GREAT option for traveling, and are super easy to throw over your shoulder (or crossbody) for safe keeping. And can we talk about how cute the mini version is, HERE?! 

The Shoulder Bag That Goes With Everything

Gucci Soho Leather Shoulder Bag

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When a tote bag or shoulder bag is just too much, I turn to my Gucci shoulder bag (as pictured above; I have the tan version). This bag literally goes with every outfit, from fancy to formal to even your favorite yoga pants.  I’d highly recommend this shoulder bag in particular to anyone looking to invest in a medium size bag that won’t EVER go out of style. 

The Easy Crossbody

Chloe Marcie Mini Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

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Everyday runarounds, summer concerts and trips…you’ll want an easy crossbody bag that will stand the test of time (and work around the seasons).  Enter the Chloe Marci Mini, another must-have in dependable pebbled leather and exquisite attention to detail.  It’s the perfect bag that can channel boho vibes while still being a truly beautiful, upscale accessory. Comes in a ton of colors too! 

The Statement Clutch

Lizzie Fortunato Safari Clutch in Cuban Hibiscus

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I’m a firm believer in not playing it safe. I know that’s easier said than done when it comes to investing in expensive handbags.  But I stick to this rule of thumb when it comes to clutches; they’re the perfect small (yet big) statement to any outfit.  They just always spice things up, and they don’t have to match! 

I love anything and everything by the Lizzie Fortunato sisters, and this gorgeous embroidered safari clutch is right up my alley. 

The Ultimate Everyday Satchel

Givenchy Nightingale Medium Satchel

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In my humble opinion, Givenchy makes some of the best everyday satchels.  They’re understated, timeless and simply above the rest.  That’s why I’m a huge fan of the Nightingale Medium Satchel. It’s not loud, in-your-face or obvious, and because of that, it’s impressive. 

Again, this one is pure quality; waxy calf leather with palladium hardware will take a beating better than a lot of others in its price range. Not to mention, it’s just such a pretty bag! 

And FYI, this tan style is on MAJOR sale right now.

The Simple Tote

Clare V.

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Nothing beats a classic, simple leather tote bag.  This one is roomy enough to get you through the day’s tasks, and it has metal feet that give it more stability than most others. It also includes a lined, 1-pocket interior and an optional shoulder strap. 

Sturdy cowhide make The Simple Tote a dependable choice, and the painted stripe adds just the right amount of tasteful flair that we’ve come to know and love from Clare V. 

The Work Bag

MCM Markus Leather Brief

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While I like to use my tote bags typically for work functions, I do appreciate a good work bag (read: laptop bag) when needed. This one is spacious enough to easily fit a laptop plus a few things, and won’t run the risk of everything getting all jumbled up and lost like it may in a larger bag. The structured pebbled leather is simply gorgeous, and I’m a huge fan of the navy leather covered canvas. Again, this is one is very understated high-quality statement to make in a board room, on your commute and beyond. 

The Great Mid-Price Bag

ZAC Zac Posen 'Eartha Jumbo' Double Handle Satchel

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It’s hard to find a good hand bag that’s mid-range in price.  Believe me, I’ve searched.  That’s why I’m loyal to ZAC Zac Posen bags.  The vintage-inspired yet modern feel and good craftsmanship make the bags (especially the ‘Eartha Jumbo’ Satchel) some of my go-to’s all year ’round.  They’re truly beautiful bags that look well above their price point. 

Featured image, Haley Sheffield for Waiting on Martha

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