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How To Hang a Gallery Wall in 5 Easy Steps

Tips and Tricks for Laying Out and Nailing a Great Gallery Wall
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How To Hang A Gallery Wallin 5 Easy Steps, Waiting On Martha

Yesterday I shared a look at my updated gallery wall with Simply Framed, a wall that definitely doesn’t shy from the bold or colorful.  And while gallery walls tend feel very “one-and-done,” I touched upon the process of continually adding to your collection and making room as I’ve always been a believer that a spectacular gallery wall should feel truly collected, and evolve over time. 

I know the process of actually laying out and hanging a great gallery wall can be quite intimidating.  So if you’re feeling hesitant in the time it will take, and putting a bunch of holes in the wall, I’m here to tell you that there are several steps to consider even before that hammer is in your hand.

Below, I’ve broken down a few easy steps, tricks and tips to keep in mind as you’re beginning with your wall.  Yes, it involves some planning and the right tools (I’d recommend this easy, ready-to-use tool kit), and will take some time to get it just right.   But the beauty of an amazing gallery wall, is that it’s ever-changing alongside you.  So don’t be afraid to mix-and-match because there really aren’t any rules.  That’s the beauty of art; you like what you like, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, you’re the one that has to live with it.  So here’s to great gallery walls that reflect your personality, and to ones that never take themselves too seriously!  Good luck!  Truly, MKR



Start with a Hero Piece

Madalyn Print, Haley Mitchell

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Always start with a large hero, or anchor piece where your eye will go first.  While yes, you want your wall to house all different shaped and sized pieces of art if you have a ton of smaller pieces with no large “wow” piece your wall won’t make the impact you want a gallery wall to always make.

Visualize & Plan the Gallery Wall

Scotch Painter's Tape

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The best way to do this is by laying the pieces on the floor. This way, you’ll be able to visualize different setups, making easy adjustments and tweaks as you decide.  You can then reproduce the layout with blue painter’s tape on the wall; it will accurately reflect the sizes of your pieces and how they’ll look placed together.  Try not to hang everything too closely together, you want about 2-3 inches at least between pieces.  Mix up the levels at which you hang, you don’t want it too look like perfect rows, instead try to hang pieces just above or below the other pieces.  And one last tip, once you have everything on the floor the way you’d like take a picture of it with your phone in case you forget exactly what piece went where as you begin to dissect it.

Mix & Match

El Morocco 1955, Garry Winogrand

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You want the gallery wall to have a personality and feel that it’s been collected over time.  By mixing and matching frames, as well as incorporating illustrations, paintings, prints and 3-D objects (like a juju feather hat, skateboard or sconce), you create an eclectic, lived-in feel. 

Have the Right Tools Handy

Simply Framed

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Save yourself some sanity and gather all of the tools you’ll need to see the project from start to finish.  That includes: a hammer, nails, level, tape measurer, pencil & eraser, blue painter’s tape, a small notebook (which is helpful for writing down the measurements of the art) and a screwdriver.

Simply Framed is genius and sells a ready-to-use tool kit (only $39), which contains everything you’ll need to do the job right, all in a durable carryall that won’t take up too much room in, if you’re anything like me, is an already overstuffed garage or closet.  

Have Fun With It

Worry Beads, Fredericks and Mae

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Remember that there is no specific formula for laying out a beautiful gallery wall. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Know that your gallery wall can always move, evolve and grow! 

Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha | This post is in collaboration with Simply Framed, a brand we love and adore.  All opinions are 100% our own. 

The 12 Best Vessels & Vases for Your Home

Our Favorite Pretty Pieces to Hold All of The Pretty Blooms
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The best flower vases and vessels for your home via @waitingonmartha

One thing I’ve learned among other things from years on the WOM team is the beauty of amazing vases and vessels around the home.  I used to think a flower vase only ever meant a pretty glass bowl, but I’ve found that a whole world of options are out there.  Think antique pitchers, ginger jars, cache pots, deep planters and so much more. 

When building on your collection of the best flower vases and vessels, consider a variety of options to house flowers, foliage, greenery and herbs of all sizes.  I only recently have filled my need for more low-and-wide vases for the bunches of tulips I pick up at Whole Foods.  I only had tall, narrow options and that just wouldn’t do!. 

Check out a few of the best flower vases and vessels below.  We included a wide variety of styles and vibes that look just as pretty on your coffee table as they do on your bookshelf vignette.  And if getting fresh blooms isn’t in the cards this week and every week, these vases of faux peonies seen here, here and here are always, always a beautiful option too.  Cheers, Kat

14" Decorative Vase, Silver

One Kings Lane

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I’ve always loved the idea of pitchers as vases for flowers, especially when they have an antique feel to them.  (They’re also easy to find at an affordable price when found at vintage stores and estate sales!)  This decorative silver pitcher is a lovely option for a small bunch of wildflowers. 

10" Inverted Lambert Vase, White

One Kings Lane

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A slightly tapered vase like this is a must; it fits your taller flowers while centrally containing them.  You can never go wrong with a touch of gold, either.  This gorgeous white vase has a tasteful accent of shine. 

Black & Gold Bud Vase

Waiting On Martha Home

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A bud vase is an easy, and must have for any nightstand, bathroom and/or kitchen counter, and desk.  Of course I’m partial to our handmade black and gold or white and gold Honeycomb Studio vases which look beyond sweet with one simple stem also make the perfect gift!

Blue Willow Pitcher

One Kings Lane

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Here’s another beautiful pitcher that works as a simple vase in a second.  The blue and white chinoiserie details are timeless with a bunch of flowers like tulips, hyacinths and peonies. 

Kupio Handpainted Vase Set

Waiting On Martha Home

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These handpainted vases are anything but fussy; the imperfect lines and brush strokes lend a casual, minimalist vibe with a nod to the handmade.  The set works beautifully as accent pieces in vignettes on bookshelves, coffee tables and dressers. 

Vintage Hungarian Storage Jar, Large


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Stunning in its simplicity, this large glass jar is a conversation starter…for what’s inside!  The reclaimed glass gives off a rustic feel, and allows a multitude of possibilities to grow inside.  I’m a huge fan of filling jars like these with succulents and moss,  but I also love to see tall branches and feathers inside them. 

Novus Bowl, Copper/White

One Kings Lane

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A roundup of vases and vessels would be incomplete without a sweet copper and white bowl like this one.  I’d fill this vessel with a succulent, and if/when I fail to keep it alive (it’s happened before, somehow), I’d use it as a catchall in my bathroom or on my nightstand.  Win-win!

Copper Geo Terrarium

World Market

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World Market wows us with great on-trend copper geo terrariums at a killer price. These guys look great on a bookshelf, coffee table, and just about everywhere.  Here’s a quick kit to get you started with your terrarium inside. 

Turned Wood Vessel


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This gorgeous recycled wood planter is another gorgeous option to showcase succulents and greenery at home.  The natural, rustic finish lends a vintage feel to the piece, and the 8.5″ diameter easily houses a lot of your favorite greens. 

Luxe Moderne Octagonal Trophy Bowl

Waiting on Martha Home

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This sweet little trophy bowl is incredibly versatile; corralling jewelry and necessities but also giving little flowers the perfect home. Check out the rest of our trophy bowls HERE

Blue & White Canton Collection Bud Vases

Waiting on Martha Home

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I’m a huge, huge fan of anything and everything blue and white, so I’m of course obsessed with blue and white bud vases.  This trio has been a bestseller in our shoppe for years, and is still one of my favorite ways to display sweet little blooms. 

Handpainted Bamboo Cachepot

Waiting On Martha Home

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I love a low maintenance pop of greenery so I’ve recently become obsessed with round topiary balls placed in a cachepot such as this handpainted bamboo one.  Available in numerous colors this cachepot would also be great for a small house plant or a major arrangement.

Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha

Setting the Holiday Table: 13 Essentials For Thanksgiving Dinner

Our go-to Thanksgiving essentials
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Thanksgiving Table Essentials

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re busy preparing to set the perfect holiday spread.  That of course includes pulling out our favorite Thanksgiving table essentials like these figural pumpkin serving dishes and the pretty gold flatware!  

If you haven’t started scheming your holiday spread, don’t fret.  There’s still time to pick up heirloom-worthy dinnerware (this collection is quintessential Turkey Day!) and festive touches (LOVE these turkey place cards).   And it’s the perfect time to score some deals with Williams-Sonoma’s fall tabletop event (everything’s 30% off).  Along with these gems, we’ve included 13 Thanksgiving table essentials below to get you Turkey Day ready.  Tell me, what’s on the top of your list for Thanksgiving table essentials?  Cheers, Kat

P.S. Looking for the turkey recipe to end all turkey recipes?  Here you go.  xo

Plymouth Turkey Dinner Plates, Set of 4

Williams-Sonoma, $41.97

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Make a statement with quintessential Thanksgiving dinnerware.  The rich, timeless design dresses up any table and will give your guests all the feels, long after their plates are clean and their bellies are full. Added bonus?  They’re on sale! 

Beaded 13" Gold Chargers, Set of 12

One Kings Lane, $28

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One secret to a beautiful tablescape is all in the art of layering; add chargers to your place settings for a little depth. These gorgeous gold chargers are on the top of our list. 

Set of 6 Square Natural Straw Place Mats, 15"

One Kings Lane, $48

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Speaking of depth, place mats are a must! Not only are we always a fan of rattan and jute everything, but we especially love it on the table. These beautiful straw place mats will be used long after the holidays are done, too. 

Figural Pumpkins

Williams-Sonoma, $27.96+

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These white pumpkin serving dishes and vessels are the perfect marriage of festive and functional.  You’ll love bringing these out every year with tradition, and you’ll relish the chance to pass them down for generations to come. 

Soiree Flatware Placesetting

Williams-Sonoma, $71.96

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Gold flatware…enough said, right?!  This flatware placesetting has always made its way onto our tabletop (all year ’round!), and will definitely be spotted on this year’s Thanksgiving table. 

Soiree 2-Piece Serving Set

Williams-Sonoma, $55.96

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Can’t forget about the serving set!  This matching gold serving set is an essential for serving up a drool-worthy spread.  And like the flatware, this set will quickly become an entertaining staple on all of your tabletops. 

Letterpressed Thankful Coasters

Waiting on Martha Home, $32

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These festive letterpressed coasters are the perfect addition to the table; each of the four designs let guests fill in what they’re thankful for.

The box contains 100 total (25 of each design), and comes packaged with a beautiful bow, making it the perfect, ready-to-go hostess gift!

Set of 4 Daphne Gold Red-Wine Glasses

One Kings Lane, $38

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It’s time to bring out the fancy wine glasses!  These gold red-wine glasses dress up the holiday table, and should never, ever run dry!  Remember the importance of the day and toast your glasses to what you’re thankful for. 

Hand Lettered Watercolor Brush Menu

A Fabulous Fete, $100

Shop Now >

If you were on your A-game, you ordered a custom hand lettered menu weeks ago (I mean, how GORGEOUS?!).  Crunched for time this year (it’s okay, it’s next week, after all)?  Order this hand lettered “menu” stamp and print out the meal’s courses!  

Thanksgiving / Fall Napkin Ties

Waiting on Martha, $16.50

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How cute are these napkin ties?!  It’s an incredibly easy way to include a little festive flair to the table, and very kid-friendly for little fingers!  And under $20, it’s the perfect addition to even the simplest spreads. 

Set of 2 Tree-Branch Candlesticks

One Kings Lane, $59

Shop Now >

Don’t overlook the candles and candlesticks, since it’s a holiday after all.  We’re eyeing these tree-branch candlesticks for a rustic, cozy feel. 

Set of 4 Tapered Candles, White

One Kings Lane, $19

Shop Now >

Set the scene with these white tapered candles. We especially love this set because they’re made in the USA, and are smokeless and dripless (!).  This way, you can rest easy that you won’t have a big old mess on your Thanksgiving table.  There are more important things to worry about and it starts with a “t” and ends with an “urkey.”

Turkey Place Cards

Waiting on Martha Home, $16

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A simple finishing touch?  These turkey place cards.  Place cards take the question out of where to sit, and encourage meaningful conversation around the table. Why not include cute turkey designs on them while you’re at it?  

Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

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