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Recharge: 5 Ways to Reinvest In Yourself This Year

Put Those New Year's Resolutions to Work!
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As someone who believes that we should always be learning, always be striving to be the best version of ourselves and to live a life well lived, I was excited to share today’s post.  As we settle into the new year, maybe our resolutions are going strong, and maybe some have died off.  Give yourself some grace, take a few breaths and consider a few ways you can continue to invest in yourself.  

Whether it’s for your resume, for an aspiring side-hustle or simply for a little “me time”, these five things can be great ways to add a little more substance to your everyday.  I’d love to know, what do you have on the list for 2017?  Cheers, Kat

Take a Calligraphy Class

Maybelle Calligraphy CLass

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Fine-tuning a hobby-turned-skill (or starting from scratch!) is a great way to invest in yourself this year.  At the top of my list?  Taking a calligraphy class with a local calligraphy artist (spotted via Instagram, of course) or with friends at a local art supply store.  

Read a "Self-Help Book"

Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business & Life

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I embrace “self-help books” with open arms, and I don’t care who knows it.  I’m in constant search of improving myself, my outlook and my habits, so these inspiring books are right up my alley.  Of course, some are a little cheesier than others, but for the most part, they’re universally helpful. I like to think of myself as a better friend, better family member, better girlfriend and better colleague thanks to takeaways from some of my favorites. 

Enroll in an Online Course


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Lynda is a relatively new(ish) site from the smarties over at LinkedIn, if you haven’t heard of it already.  It currently offers 5,506 courses in business, technology and creative skills, all taught by industry experts. Think web development, design, photography, online marketing and SO many more.  

You’re able to search for courses (some only a few minutes) for skill sets, specific tools like Outlook and Google Analytics, as well as “Learning Paths” that you can undertake on your own time, which makes it incredibly flexible and doable if you’re interested in learning a craft to add to your growing skill set.  There’s even a “Learning Path” for managing change in a business, becoming a music business entrepreneur and how to sell on Etsy!  

Attend a Wellness or Fitness Retreat

Ananda in the Himalayas

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Wellness and Detox Retreats are the new big thing, friends, and I’m ALL about them.  I have always been intrigued with the thought of a yoga retreat, and now that I’ve heard about wellness retreats…well I’m obsessed with the idea. 

A wellness or fitness retreat could be one of the best things you do for your mind, body and soul this year!  Where will you go?  Here are some luxe goop-approved retreats to check out.  

Practice Photography

Nikon D3000

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You don’t need to take a photography class to practice your picture-taking.  Just start shooting!  And yes, that could even mean on your phone for Instagram or your Go-Pro on the next family vacation.

I’ve found that photography can be an incredibly fulfilling way to commemorate vacations, milestones and events, and I’m always trying to improve this skill myself.  It can be a coveted line on a resume, it can even earn you extra cash on the side, as well as a lead on considerate, homemade gifts and more.  I like to think of it as the skill that keeps on giving. 

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Refresh: How to Create An Emergency Car Kit

The Tools You Should Have Nearby in a Bind
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Emergency Car Kit via @waitingonmartha

With last week’s snowy forecast, I immediately had flashbacks of Atlanta’s “Snowmageddon” and the utter insanity caused on the roads.  Sure, the Mr. and I had a few laughs about how bad it was (after the fact)…I mean Atlanta practically shut down.  But in all seriousness, it also reminded me how important it is to have a proper emergency car kit handy.

When you typically think of an emergency car kit, you of course think of a first aid kit.  Check!  We have that.  And you’ll want to have a water-resistant flashlight (that also has a strobe feature) and some water on hand.  Check, check.  But what about cable ties, a hand-powered AM/FM radio and a water filter straw?? Consider including the following items to your emergency car kit to really have all bases covered.  Truly, MKR

First Aid Kit

Always Prepared First Aid Kit (100 Pieces)

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You don’t want to be caught in an emergency without a proper first aid kit. This 100-piece kit is one of my favorites due to its convenient size and variety of components. 

Extra Batteries

Duracell AAA Batteries (20 Pack)

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It’s never a bad idea to have extra batteries on-hand. This 20-pack of AAA’s is perfect because it doesn’t come in the retail packaging; instead you’re able to store them easily for next time. 

A Means to Drink Water

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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This bestselling water filter removes 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and surpasses EPA standards for water filters. Meaning, it’s exactly what you’ll want if you find yourself stranded in need of additional water. It also filters your water of chemicals and parasites. 

A Flashlight

Solaray Pro ZX-1 LED Flashlight

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This dependable flashlight is a must-have in case of an emergency.  It’s made of durable aluminum, is water-resistant, and can light up an entire room if need be.  It also features a strobe-effect for self-defense. 

Extra H2O

Boxed Water, 500 mL

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All the water, please. These convenient boxed waters are great to stash in the trunk. Another plus: more than 3/4 of the packaging is made of renewable sources (trees) and are 100% recyclable. 

Hand Sanitizer

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier

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Hand sanitizer is one of those things you’re always so happy to have in a time of need.  And you’ve learned about my love for all things Thieves recently; this waterless hand purifier is a gentle, nontoxic solution to getting rid of germs fast. 

If you’re interested in receiving a discount on the entire Thieves cleaning collection (and more), sign up as a “wholesale member” on our team HERE

A Multi-Tool

Stanley 12-in-1 Multi-Tool

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I hope I’m never caught in a situation when I’m in dire need of a multi-tool, but I also feel better knowing I’m prepared if so. This classic 12-in-1 tool will have you covered in a time of need. 

Cable Ties

Self-Locking Nylon Cable Ties

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Cable ties are more great additions to your emergency car kit. They take up little space, and work really well to tie together and secure necessary items. In a time of need, you’ll want to have a few of these! 

Self-Powered AM/FM Radio

iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo Emergency Solar Self Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio

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This self-powered AM/FM weather radio can be brought to life with hand cranking; no batteries needed. It also has an LED flashlight attached, as well as a smart phone charger power bank with cables. Talk about a life-saver! 

Back-up Charging

Anker 21W 2-Port USB Universal PowerPort Solar Charger

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There’s nothing worse than getting stranded with devices with dead batteries.  And when it’s a true emergency, it’ll help to charge them via solar power. This solar charger is a must-have you never knew you needed. 

An Emergency Blanket

Emergency Sleeping Bag with Drawstring Carrying Bag

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Of course, a cozy throw blanket is lovely, but an emergency sleeping bag or a compact emergency thermal blanket is crucial for when the temps start to drop. 

A Nourishing Snack

KIND Fruit & Nut, Almond & Coconut Gluten Free Bars

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Lastly, it never hurts to stash a nourishing snack for when the going gets tough. One of my favorite nutrition bars is the Almond & Coconut by KIND.  It’s wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, with 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. 


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5 Things You Should Be Doing in the Morning to Kickstart Your Day

Simple Tricks to Becoming a Morning Person Once & For All
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Morning rituals and how to become a morning person, @waitingonmartha

I’ve become a bit obsessed with morning (and nighttime) rituals lately; I’m slowly finding that they’re the secret to success for a more productive, more balanced (and just straight better) life. 

My boyfriend is an avid Tim Ferriss devotee, which has made me, in turn, become a fan too. He’s the author of three NYT bestsellers (ever heard of The 4 Hour Work Week?) and drops a lot of knowledge on his super popular podcast. Tim talks a lot about the rituals of highly successful (and all around incredible) celebrities and individuals, pointing out the patterns in their habits in hopes of getting to the bottom of what makes them thrive.  

The common theme among all of them?  A few simple habits in the morning have the power to make your day great (and they really do matter).  I’ve adopted a few of these so far myself, though I still have a ways to go in the meditation department…  But alas, I’m taking it in baby steps so that I don’t bite off more than I can chew.  With the help of Tim Ferriss and a few other inspiring reads, I rounded up five sure-fire ways to finally enjoy your mornings once and for all.  I’d love to know what you do in the mornings to help you take on the day with a pep in your step.  Cheers, Kat

P.S. This book by Tim Ferriss is next on my list! 


Use an Alarm Clock

Sony Alarm Clock Radio, White

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Use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning, and keep your phone in another room. It will not only help you sleep better (less screen time as you unwind before bed), but it will also ensure that the start to your morning is devoted to your morning rituals.  Uninterrupted YOU time and not answering to anyone else (emails, texts, Instagram, etc.). 

Exercise or Meditate

Sivan Health & Fitness® NBR Yoga, Pilates Mat

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Any exercises that strengthen your core will help your spinal alignment for the rest of your day, not to mention get your blood flowing.  I’ve also read that an inversion has a dozen positive effects on your body…so get into that headstand!  Because of their movements, yoga and pilates are great practice to incorporate into your morning rituals.  And if that still sounds too aggressive for you, check out this no-excuses morning workout.

And of course, everyone’s heard that meditation is a key ingredient to success by now, especially for entrepreneurs.  The app Headspace is a simple way to get started (and one that I’ll be trying soon!). 

Journal for 5 Minutes

The Five Minute Journal

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Journaling every morning for as little as five minutes can be just the thing your morning ritual is missing.  By writing down what you’re grateful for, you’re starting your day feeling content, satisfied and blessed in different areas of your life.  It’s a simple, proven way to improve well being and happiness…and everyone from athletes to movie stars to your neighbors and the UPS man are doing it (and so should you). 

The Five Minute Journal is a great way to get started; its simple, structured format keeps the guesswork out of it.  

Make Your Bed

Yorkville by kate spade new york Maraschino Dobbins Dot Pillow

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According to Tim Ferriss, the simple act of making your bed gives you a feeling of accomplishment first thing in the morning. This is especially important for your productivity for the rest of the day because it encourages you to do even more tasks, ultimately enabling you to get more done. 

Also, when working from home (*raises hand*), having a clean, organized environment greatly affects your productivity…less distractions = more GSDing. 

Write Down Your Most Important Tasks of the Day (and Do Them First)

Rifle Paper Desktop Notepad

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After you’ve made your bed and given your soul a little hug (through exercise or meditation), go ahead and write down the most important things you need to get done that day.  By writing it all down and tackling the dire tasks first, you streamline your to-do list and boost your productivity levels.  You’ll be feeling like a million bucks as you cross off the must-do’s, and that feeling of accomplishment will fuel you through the rest of the day. 

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