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An Easy, Fail-Proof Hostess Gift

You Can Never Go Wrong Gifting Simple Flower Arrangements
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Flowers make the best gift!
An Easy, Fail-Proof Hostess GiftPeonies
Simple flower arrangements for hostess gifts
An easy hostess gift, Waiting on Martha

If you’re finding yourself at a loss for a good, easy hostess gift, consider gifting a simple flower arrangement.  But I’m not talking about a store-bought bouquet from the grocery store down the road.  Instead, by taking the time to compile and curate a bouquet, you’re able to put a personal touch on a super quick solution (and who doesn’t love getting fresh flowers?!). 

MKR originally shared these great tips when gifting a simple flower arrangement, which I’ve leaned on for many hostess gift opportunities.  First, keep the bouquet simple and in-season. When in doubt on what to mix with what, compile a single-flower arrangement. Second, tend to the stems, trimming any excess leaves, twigs, etc. Third, use pretty wrapping paper, rustic kraft paper or ribbon to tie your bouquet together (roll into the paper at a diagonal for best results). Be sure to trim the ends of your stems with scissors or pruning shears to keep ends clean and tidy. Lastly, if your bouquet needs an extra pop (which I usually don’t think it does), consider adding fresh herbs or a stock varietal.

Tell me, are you bringing flowers to hosts this upcoming weekend?  Cheers, Kat




Photography, Haley Sheffield for Waiting on Martha

One of Our Favorite Housewarming Gift Ideas

See Why Handpicked Baskets Make an Easy, Thoughtful Gift
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Housewarming gift basket ideas | waitingonmartha.com
Housewarming gift ideas | waitingonmartha.com
Housewarming basket ideas | waitingonmartha.com
Housewarming gift basket inspiration via Waiting on Martha

So you want to share a warm welcome to a new neighbor or maybe you’re celebrating the fresh start for a loved one.  Don’t waste time racking your brain for the perfect housewarming gift ideas.  Instead, stick to something simple: a themed housewarming gift basket that is super simple to put together, but shows you took the time with a personal touch.

The possibilities for where you take your gift baskets are truly endless, but in the original post, MKR shares a basket with a kitchen theme as inspiration.  Being the room that’s considered to be the heart of the home (I couldn’t agree more!), a kitchen’s items are both bright, cheery, and most importantly items your new neighbor will actually use!  Another plus?  None of the items will break the bank. 

As you’re thinking of items to include in your gift basket, don’t forget about the basket/tote bag/package itself. MKR placed a gorgeous copper colander inside a simple wire basket that serves as the perfect vessel for the kitchen theme.  And inside, she placed an array of treats including crisp tea towels, a marble citrus reamer, salt cellar full of gingered candies and delicious-smelling dish soaps and hand lotions (because who doesn’t love more of those!). 

Gift baskets make for great housewarming gift ideas all year around, but can also be the perfect thought for Mother’s Day, a congratulations for an engagement, a basket for your bestie’s breakup, etc.  Happy gift basket building!  Cheers, Kat




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How to Build the Ultimate Cheese Platter

The Perfect Cheese Platter Proves There Really Are No Rules, But Here's Great Inspiration For Creating Your Own
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Building the perfect cheese platter via Waiting on MarthaCheese plate inspiration via Waiting on MarthaCheese plate 101 via Waiting on Martha The perfect cheese platter via Waiting on Martha  

This has to be one of my favorite shoots from the archives…an abundant cheese platter with all of the cheeses, fruits, vegetables, meats, spreads, breads and nuts one could EVER want, am I right? As a major grazer, I could opt for a cheese platter over some of the most appetizing entrees almost every chance I get, so this cheese platter inspiration has a special place in my heart.

As shared in the original post, MKR spells out what makes up the ultimate cheese platter, but she explains that there really are no rules. Creating a cheese platter is a great opportunity to try new flavors, mix old favorites and expand your knowledge in the tapas department. While there are no rules, it can also be a bit intimidating standing in front of the deli window, so MKR shares her tips for selecting a good variety of cheese and charcuterie (like include a variety of cheese textures: soft, firm, hard and blue…but always one “safe option”!), as well as a few favorite picks of her own (roasted tomatoes and grilled asparagus are always a hit).  

Will you be serving a cheese platter at your Super Bowl party? What are your go-to’s on your board?  Cheers, Kat




Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha | The original post was in collaboration with Le Creuset, a brand we love and adore.  Opinions and recipes are 100% our own.


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