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5 Things to Consider When Starting an Art Collection for Your Home

Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love Shares 5 Quick Tips to Starting a Collection You'll Cherish
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Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love shares her 5 tips to consider when starting an art collection
lll_artChassity Evans with Look Linger Love shares 5 things to consider when starting an art collection for your home
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Bedroom vignette with affordable art from Etsy | waitingonmartha.comI’ve started to develop a love affair with art.  With a Gray Malin piece and my first piece of original abstract art to my name, my interest in an art collection has only grown. But with my enthusiasm to purchase new art, I’ve also come to realize that an art collection can quickly become expensive (maybe an understatement) and the whole process can be a bit intimidating. 

So many stunning interiors make a case for great art, and my favorite part is that many show us how easily you can balance the high-and-low when it comes to original pieces and prints.  Thanks to my favorite bloggers and of course Pinterest, I’ve discovered new artists near and far, and many on affordable sites like Minted and Etsy.  A great source of art inspiration for me personally is Chassity Evans.  She’s the voice behind the popular lifestyle blog Look Linger Love (and one of my favorite daily reads). I knew Chassity would be a great person to tap for a little insight on what to consider when starting your own art collection in the home.  Catch her easy tips below, and tell me your favorite sources for great art!  Cheers, Kat 

1. Collect what you love. I’ve always been drawn to drawings of the female body and my collection shows it.

2. Get your kids interested in art! Last summer I was looking for a large piece for my son Fletcher’s bedroom. I narrowed down a few favorite pieces and then let him choose the one he liked best. He feels pride in this piece now and knows that his opinion matters.

3. Think outside the box (or canvas) for your collection. I own a scarf by my friend and artist Raven Roxanne. It’s a print of one of her nude ladies paintings. Great to wear now and frame later.

4. Find a framer you love and trust and aim for a diverse collection of frames for a “collected over time” look. My favorite source is Framebridge.

5. Check Etsy for art finds! I have found a lot of pieces there like this one at reasonable prices.




Photography, Gray Benko and Charlotte Elizabeth Photo for Look Linger Love 

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5 Things I Learned from Reading Love Style Life

A Light, Relatable and Downright Lovable Read by Garance Doré
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Love Style Life, Takeaways from Garance Dore's book - Waiting On Martha

At the end of January, we dished on a few books on the WOM reading list, and at the top of mine? Love Style Life by the fabulously chic and entertaining Garance Doré.  With the new year, I was in the mood for a little style inspiration, and lately I’ve been taking a few notes from the ever-chic Parisians to define my own look with timeless essentials (and a lot less makeup).  I did, after all, obsess over How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are, so I knew I’d be in for a treat with the first book by one of my favorite Parisians-turned-New-Yorkers. 

In Love Style Life, Garance’s points are kept light in her lovable and totally relatable way.  She talks about growing up, her failures and successes.  She jokes about a few extra lbs, unruly hair, and stresses the importance of knowing your body and understanding what works (high-waisted pants don’t work for Garance, and neither do they for me!). She shares style essentials for your wardrobe and beauty routine, while giving a few personal recommendations of picks she’s loved for years (I’m even closer to ordering a pair of investment pumps now, and I can’t wait to try out her favorite bronzer that’s not too shimmery).  

But my favorite part of Garance’s philosophy on love, style and life?  She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and her voice throughout the book is both endearing and refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book cover to cover (and I’m sure I’ll read it again soon), and I must say it looks gorgeous on my #shelfie.  Until you have a chance to flip through its pages (find Garance’s fabulous illustrations throughout), check out a few things that especially resonated with me in today’s slideshow (click on the image above to view). 

Already raced through your copy of Love Style Life?  I’d love to hear if you, too, were inspired by Garance’s take on style, and any recommendations for my next read.  (I also just finished All the Light We Cannot See, and OH it was sooo good!)  Cheers, Kat

P.S. Be sure to read what Garance shares with Harper’s Bazaar about her favorite topics in Love Style Life. xo




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