The Thank You Note

I’m wrapping up my amazing week with kate spade new york with a few thoughts on the every important thank you note.  I actually wrote an Etiquette 101 post about the do’s and don’ts of a handwritten note, but it seemed like a good idea if we all had a little refresher. 

If you’re the bride to be the biggest thing to think about when writing your thank you’s is sincerity and the time it will actually take you.  You want your thank you’s to be timely (sent out within 2 weeks) and the best way to make that happen is by splitting it up.  Set a goal of writing out 5 or so thank you’s a day and you’ll be able to stick to your timeline with no problem.  Secondly be sincere.  While you’re not expected to write a novel it is important to make each note personalized and sincere.  These are the individuals you’ll be celebrating one of the biggest moments of your life with, make sure they know that!  Lastly, the paper.  Invest in some gorgeous and well crafted note cards such as the kate spade “Tickled Pink” ones I used above, or any of the notecards I’ve rounded up for you below.  
Well my Loves, that’s it.  My week with kate spade is officially over (insert tear).  Big huge hugs and air kisses to every single Creative who helped make this day happen.  You are all truly talented and I’m so thankful to work beside you all.  And if you’re just now joining the party make sure you check out the entire week of toasting the bride to be starting HERE.  Happy Saturday!  truly, MKR
P.S. please ignore my less that examplerary handwritting in the pic above.  This is one more reason why I need to finally take those calligraphy lessons I purchase oh a year ago!!  
Concept & Styling, Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting On Martha  ||  Photography, Rustic White 

This post was sponsored by kate spade new york a brand I genuinely adore and one that helps make Waiting On Martha happen.  To learn more about how we could work together click HERE.

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