IKEA Vittsjo Hack

While flipping through the blog world this past weekend I came across this simple, yet brillant DIY idea from Ana Antunes Home Styling.

Here’s the gist…Step 1 buy the IKEA Vittsjo shelving system for a whopping $70.00.  Step 2, spray paint gold.  Step 3, add mirrors to the bottom and top shelves (though this isn’t even a necessity).  Step 4, style your new glistening gold gorgeous shelves.  Done and done.

I know there are a million IKEA DIY’s so I’d love to see (in the comments below), if you’ve stumbled across any good ones lately.  Happy Monday Loves!  xoxo


9 thoughts on “IKEA Vittsjo Hack

  1. I haven’t used their product, and have no connection to the company, but I was very impressed with the transformation the appliques made to plain, painted furniture. Just wanted to clarify.

  2. What a great idea!
    I will be moving into my new apartment soon and I’ve been looking up some ideas. I have so many! Where can you get the glass for cheap? Most places are expensive!


  3. These look so great! I’m just about to try this project. Just wondering where you got the mirror pieces for top and bottom…did you get them cut to size somewhere? thanks for advice

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