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Set the Table

Setting the Holiday Table: 13 Essentials For Thanksgiving Dinner

Our go-to Thanksgiving essentials
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Thanksgiving Table Essentials

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re busy preparing to set the perfect holiday spread.  That of course includes pulling out our favorite Thanksgiving table essentials like these figural pumpkin serving dishes and the pretty gold flatware!  

If you haven’t started scheming your holiday spread, don’t fret.  There’s still time to pick up heirloom-worthy dinnerware (this collection is quintessential Turkey Day!) and festive touches (LOVE these turkey place cards).   And it’s the perfect time to score some deals with Williams-Sonoma’s fall tabletop event (everything’s 30% off).  Along with these gems, we’ve included 13 Thanksgiving table essentials below to get you Turkey Day ready.  Tell me, what’s on the top of your list for Thanksgiving table essentials?  Cheers, Kat

P.S. Looking for the turkey recipe to end all turkey recipes?  Here you go.  xo

Plymouth Turkey Dinner Plates, Set of 4

Williams-Sonoma, $41.97

Shop Now >

Make a statement with quintessential Thanksgiving dinnerware.  The rich, timeless design dresses up any table and will give your guests all the feels, long after their plates are clean and their bellies are full. Added bonus?  They’re on sale! 

Beaded 13" Gold Chargers, Set of 12

One Kings Lane, $28

Shop Now >

One secret to a beautiful tablescape is all in the art of layering; add chargers to your place settings for a little depth. These gorgeous gold chargers are on the top of our list. 

Set of 6 Square Natural Straw Place Mats, 15"

One Kings Lane, $48

Shop Now >

Speaking of depth, place mats are a must! Not only are we always a fan of rattan and jute everything, but we especially love it on the table. These beautiful straw place mats will be used long after the holidays are done, too. 

Figural Pumpkins

Williams-Sonoma, $27.96+

Shop Now >

These white pumpkin serving dishes and vessels are the perfect marriage of festive and functional.  You’ll love bringing these out every year with tradition, and you’ll relish the chance to pass them down for generations to come. 

Soiree Flatware Placesetting

Williams-Sonoma, $71.96

Shop Now >

Gold flatware…enough said, right?!  This flatware placesetting has always made its way onto our tabletop (all year ’round!), and will definitely be spotted on this year’s Thanksgiving table. 

Soiree 2-Piece Serving Set

Williams-Sonoma, $55.96

Shop Now >

Can’t forget about the serving set!  This matching gold serving set is an essential for serving up a drool-worthy spread.  And like the flatware, this set will quickly become an entertaining staple on all of your tabletops. 

Letterpressed Thankful Coasters

Waiting on Martha Home, $32

Shop Now >

These festive letterpressed coasters are the perfect addition to the table; each of the four designs let guests fill in what they’re thankful for.

The box contains 100 total (25 of each design), and comes packaged with a beautiful bow, making it the perfect, ready-to-go hostess gift!

Set of 4 Daphne Gold Red-Wine Glasses

One Kings Lane, $38

Shop Now >

It’s time to bring out the fancy wine glasses!  These gold red-wine glasses dress up the holiday table, and should never, ever run dry!  Remember the importance of the day and toast your glasses to what you’re thankful for. 

Hand Lettered Watercolor Brush Menu

A Fabulous Fete, $100

Shop Now >

If you were on your A-game, you ordered a custom hand lettered menu weeks ago (I mean, how GORGEOUS?!).  Crunched for time this year (it’s okay, it’s next week, after all)?  Order this hand lettered “menu” stamp and print out the meal’s courses!  

Thanksgiving / Fall Napkin Ties

Waiting on Martha, $16.50

Shop Now >

How cute are these napkin ties?!  It’s an incredibly easy way to include a little festive flair to the table, and very kid-friendly for little fingers!  And under $20, it’s the perfect addition to even the simplest spreads. 

Set of 2 Tree-Branch Candlesticks

One Kings Lane, $59

Shop Now >

Don’t overlook the candles and candlesticks, since it’s a holiday after all.  We’re eyeing these tree-branch candlesticks for a rustic, cozy feel. 

Set of 4 Tapered Candles, White

One Kings Lane, $19

Shop Now >

Set the scene with these white tapered candles. We especially love this set because they’re made in the USA, and are smokeless and dripless (!).  This way, you can rest easy that you won’t have a big old mess on your Thanksgiving table.  There are more important things to worry about and it starts with a “t” and ends with an “urkey.”

Turkey Place Cards

Waiting on Martha Home, $16

Shop Now >

A simple finishing touch?  These turkey place cards.  Place cards take the question out of where to sit, and encourage meaningful conversation around the table. Why not include cute turkey designs on them while you’re at it?  

Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

A Spanish Themed Dinner with Williams-Sonoma & Le Creuset

Celebrating the traditional flavors of Spain with a vibrant, yet laid-back spread
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A Spanish themed dinner, @waitingonmartha Spanish themed spread with Le Creuset Carribean. @waitingonmartha A Spanish themed cheese plate with Le Creuset, @waitingonmartha #ad Spanish seafood paella, @waitingonmartha A Spanish themed spread with Le Creuset, @waitingonmartha #ad A Spanish themed dinnerwith Le Creuset, @waitingonmartha #adSpanish inspired dinner with @waitingonmartha Spanish themed dinner, @waitingonmartha

Today’s dinner (and MAJOR giveaway) is not only an ode to the traditional, yet vibrant flavors of Spain, it’s a celebration of the Spanish laid-back approach to dining.  Let’s just say they know how to sit back, pour a glass or two of wine, nibble on some tapas and savor really great food.  And since I’m a big fan of all of those things, I decided it was due time I payed homage to the beautiful Iberian peninsula with a casual dinner spread and Spanish inspired menu. 

I tried my hand at two Spanish staples: a seafood paella and hearty spinach with chickpeas.  Both dishes I’ve enjoyed at restaurants for years, but have been nervous about recreating at home.  So to say I was thrilled and just a tad surprised at how simple they actually were to prepare is an understatement.  I’ll be sharing the recipes for my Seafood Paella and Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach & Chickpeas) tomorrow, but I’d be amiss to leave you hanging about the cheese plate.

I knew I had to have a cheese plate when planning this Spanish themed dinner, but I wanted to avoid what seems to be the current cheese plate trend of the “bigger-the-better.”  Yes, we all love cheese and all that accompanies it, but unless you’re throwing a full blown party, when entertaining for 10 guests or less, keep it on the small and simple.  The cheese plate is just something to nosh on before the main event.  You don’t want it to be so complex and filling because it runs the risk of taking away from the meal itself. 

So with that being said, I kept it simple with two Spanish cheeses (Manchego & Mahon), roasted red peppers, a mix of Spanish olives, marcona almonds, two different marmalades and two Spanish meats (Jamon Serrano & Salami).  I arranged it all on this Le Creuset Tray, which is part of a 2-piece casserole dish and tray.  The tray serves as the top of the casserole dish, so you can use them separately or together…genius!  

Speaking of Le Creuset, how wonderful is this cool Caribbean blue?!  I love Le Creuset, that’s all there is to it.  Cast-iron kitchenware is just one of those things you’ll have forever, and Le Creuset is my absolute favorite brand when it comes down to it.  When I saw this collection, I knew I had to have it.  I mean, by now you know my love affair with all things blue and white! See, when it comes to blue, I don’t discriminate.  I’ve found that all blues truly go together, and I knew this bold, island-blue would be the perfect pop to my table for nights like this.  Paired with a mix of other tabletop favorites, the Caribbean dinnerware collection infuses a welcoming, bright feel to any table…something I’ll be looking to do all year ’round.  Truly, MKR

P.S. Because Mondays are always better with giveaways, I’m so thrilled to announce our week-long giveaway today with your chance to score a 16-piece Le Creuset set in the color of your choice!  All the details are listed below in the widget, and I’d love to hear: what color would you choose?!  



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Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha  |  This post was in collaboration with Le Creuset, a brand we love and adore.  All opinions are 100% our own. 

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival: Asian Inflection

A Magical Rooftop Dinner, with crafted details and simple settings
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While Atlanta Food & Wine Festival‘s pop-up urban vineyard was show-stopping, the next night was just as magical.  With the help of the Lee brothers and Blooms of Dunwoody, we set an absolutely stunning Asian inspired dinner for the festival’s Connoisseur Dinner Series on the Loews Hotel rooftop.  The theme for the evening celebrated and explored the Asian influence on Southern food, and offered a multi-course meal with award-winning wine and cocktail pairings with each dish.  And just to walk you through the vision of our Asian inspired dinner: we were literally surrounded by a concrete, mirrored, glass jungle, and we then created a zen-like oasis with paper lanterns and live orchid garland hanging from a chuppah canopy made of live birch trees. #Swoon.

The setup, however, didn’t go off without a hitch (like most outdoor events, am I right?!). The rooftop proved to be incredibly windy (I mean WINDY) and we watched with panic in our eyes as the chuppah swayed from side to side with each new gust.  We quickly brought in sand bags and stabilized the canopy, but the wind was so strong that we all had to make an executive decision to bring the long dining tables inside for guests.   

To my relief, the result was just as magical; guests enjoyed cocktail hour outside to then join along long dining tables in clean white linens stretched down the inside hall, adorned with simple votive candles and low, airy white florals snaking down the expanse of the table.  

When recreating this event (on a smaller scale, I expect!), consider simple linens and monochromatic florals for an understated, yet elevated effect. And while big centerpieces are always beautiful, the short, square glass vases were the perfect vessels for the florals because they didn’t risk obstructing the view around the table. This is a great thing to keep in mind if you’re hoping for conversation to be flowing (just as much as the wine) at your dinner party. And of course, placing votive candles (the long-lasting ones!!!) is one of my favorite, easy and affordable ways to bring the magic by soft candlelight to any tabletop.  Truly, MKR




Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha

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