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9 Easy Steps to Create An At Home Vanity

Vanity Styling Ideas that Help You Create the Perfect Personal Space
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One of the biggest issues with my home is functionality and space.  It just wasn’t built with enough great kitchen, closet or bathroom functionality for my liking.  Oh how I dreamed of a big marble vanity table full of all my candles, crystals, and beauty products. A place where I could sit and welcome the day rather than stand and feel rushed to get out the door. So after years of complaining I finally decided to to create that space I craved with an easy vanity.  

The great news is you don’t need a lot of actual space to create a vanity, and it doesn’t even need to be in your bathroom.  After playing around with the setup my newly created vanity is actually in an unused bedroom.  

I found an great sized marble vanity table I already owned, perfect for me to apply makeup, give myself an at-home mani, meditate and journal.  Proof that you don’t need the perfect piece of furniture or a huge amount of counter space to create your own vanity. 

The key, though is to have a few pieces, like trays and baskets, that can corral items and keep things in order.  And if you’re creating a space that’s semi-temporary or will be changed frequently, details like a standing mirror rather than one on a wall, framed art propped against the wall, picture frames of loved ones, and fresh flowers can give it that personal touch without getting too permanent. 

Below I’m breaking down nine easy vanity styling ideas and essentials.  I think you’ll find that so many of the items that make a beautiful vanity are super versatile, affordable and can always grow and evolve with your routine!  What’s your must-have item on your vanity?  How do you enjoy a little moment to yourself in the morning?  Truly, MKR

P.S. Find some of our favorite vessels and vases that would look wonderful on your vanity! xo 



Gemini 6" Oval Mirror

Bed Bath & Beyond, $24

Shop Now >

Having a mirror is a no-brainer; you need a good one here!  If you’re creating a space that may evolve and change, or just prefer a closer look, I’d suggest a stand mirror like this one.  Sometimes I end up moving my setup to another corner in my room or bathroom, so it’s nice to have a mirror that can easily follow suit. 

Gone Wild

Etsy, $20

Shop Now >

Setting up art and picture frames with photos of loved ones can instantly make the space feel like it’s your own. This personal touch helps create a more special and sacred feeling when you’re having your alone time. 

9" Peonies in Tapered Vase, Faux

One Kings Lane, $89

Shop Now >

When have flowers ever been a bad idea?!  But seriously, I love the idea of having fresh blooms, or even faux, around to keep things feeling light, fresh and inspiring.  Flowers make me happy, and they are very fitting in the space that I have created just for me, myself and I! 

Rattan Square Tray Basket

Wayfair, $60.99

Shop Now >

Another must-have for your vanity is a tray, or two.  Trays easily and effortlessly corral everything and keep things looking tidy.  This is especially important with beauty products and random trinkets, candles, crystals, etc.  They have a way of making everything look in place. 

Mint Julep "The Best" Cup

Waiting on Martha Home, $35

Shop Now >

Having vessels like mint julep cups, vases and candle glasses after they’re done burning to serve as holders for makeup brushes and other necessities is important.  The added height helps create a balanced vignette, too. 

Woodlot "Recharge" Coconut Wax Candle

Waiting on Martha Home, $26

Shop Now >

I don’t know about you, but having candles lit always soothes and recharges me.  I love keeping candles, always non-toxic, at my vanity for the wonderful fragrance too.  

The Five Minute Journal

Amazon, $22.95

Shop Now >

As I mentioned above, I love to carve out time in my mornings for quiet time, and that doesn’t just mean for my makeup and skincare routine.  I use this time to journal, meditate and read my devotional.  And being able to do all of this in a space I love, that’s just for me, makes it even more enjoyable. 

Young Living Essential Oils

The Well Code, $160

Shop Now >

If you’ve been reading the Blog for some time then you’d know that I am in deep with essential oils.  In fact it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that along with myself every WOM team member is in deep with EO’s and they’ve done nothing short of change all of our lives. No joke, change lives!  Anyway, with essential oils being such a large part of my daily routine you’ll find a diffuser on my vanity along with my morning and evening oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Stress Away, Abundance, Joy, Peace & Calming and Breathe Again.

Marble Top Vanity/Bar

West Elm Marble Counter Table, $699

Shop Now >

If you remember my old WOM offices then this bar/vanity will look familiar to you…it was our coffee bar.  But I’ve found its the absolute perfect vanity if you don’t have an actual built in vanity for your home.  And just as I did, when it’s done being used as a vanity it can easily go back to being a bar, island, or desk.

Photography, Kathryn McCrary for Waiting on Martha

5 Ways To Prepare For Holiday House Guests

Welcome Friends & Family with Thoughtful Details This Holiday
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Holiday entertaining tips via @waitingonmartha Holiday entertaining ideas by @waitingonmartha How to prepare for holiday house guests via @waitingonmartha Preparing a tray for house guests, @waitingonmartha Welcoming out-of-towners for the holidays by @waitingonmartha Holiday entertaining ideas for the nightstand, @waitingonmartha

I’ve always looked forward to hosting overnight guests.  Yes, I’m admittedly a homebody, but I relish the opportunity to have loved ones here with us at home, especially this time of year.  

As you may remember, I shared my five steps to get the house “guest ready” a few years ago.  It’s one of our most popular posts with its easy entertaining inspiration and hotel-like details to replicate at home.  It’s still a favorite of mine as well, but I’d like to say I’ve honed my house guests prep game even more since then.  Today’s post is the proof.  

The secret to hosting friends and family throughout the holidays (and really any time of year) is in the details and little luxuries that so many people overlook; include things that make them feel like they’re staying at a 5-star hotel.  Think of the necessities you need and the extras you would want, but wouldn’t want to ask for!  I’ve broken the details down to five separate areas below with none being outlandish or fussy, but instead achieving that warm welcome and feelings that will make guests never want to leave.  Truly, MKR

P.S. As you prepare the guest room, find these 8 easy steps to properly dress the bed. xo



Fresh Linens

Because beautiful bedding makes all the difference

Shop Now >

Nothing beats clean sheets and gorgeous bedding…it’s the obvious statement of the room that can always easily be changed.  I recently bought a new comforter; I realized I was sort of over duvets in general and how they lay. So being ready for a fresh change, I ordered this punchy comforter and sham set.  I’d say it was just the refresh the room needed!

The personalized sheets are a detail I just love too; they’re subtle, crisp and simply timeless. 

The Basics

Everything they don't want to ask for

Shop Now >

I always like to prepare a tray or two with the necessities that people never want to ask for.  That includes things like Advil, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, and even your wifi password written out on a piece of paper. 

These rattan trays are great because they’re easy and functional as they organize and corral all of these necessities. They don’t have huge handles, so they add just the right amount of texture without being overpowering to the overall design.

Cozy Details

Create a welcoming escape

Shop Now >

You want to make your guests feel welcome—almost as good as home—and one of the easiest ways of doing that is by providing cozy details.  A huggable throw blanket and sets of pajamas are two of my go-to’s when creating am oasis for guests.  But remember: when buying pajamas, you’ll always want to have them bigger than smaller, so size up if you want to offer a standard pair. 

More cozy details to include: offer a waffle pique bath robe, a pair of cashmere slippers or a silk sleep mask for the best beauty sleep they’ve had in awhile. 


Water, snacks & treats

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One of the reasons being away from home gets wearisome sometimes is the feeling of dependency over the little things.  By offering plenty of refreshments in the bedroom, you give your guests the chance to feel more at home…on their own.  

I like to stock up on distilled or sparkling water, healthy snacks (my favorite are from Nourish Snacks), and of course, little seasonal treats like these gourmet candied pecans

The Final Touches

Seasonal details & design

Shop Now >

To celebrate the season, I knew I wanted to hang a giant boxwood wreath above the bed.  Hanging a wreath is nothing new, I know.  But unlike other wreaths, boxwood won’t allow trimmings to fall on your guests’ heads in bed.  Boxwood and eucalyptus are my preferred greens whenever hanging a wreath like this one. I hung this one with a gorgeous green velvet ribbon; one that was substantial enough to hold the large wreath and had wire to make a nice bow.  And to keep things fresh, spritz frequently with a homemade Balsam Fir spray (check out @thewellcode) for more on that. 

I also displayed paperwhites I sprouted from the bulbs, along with a basket of white poinsettias.  Both are so festive, but a lot less expensive than other flowers this time of year.  But you’ll want to be careful with your poinsettias on the ground if you have furry friends around. 

Lastly, I like to have a few magazines, newspaper and any other reading material on-hand for guests.  I also place a guestbook on the dresser; it’s such a nice tradition to have people share memories, especially at Christmastime! 


Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha

As pictured: pajamas | wool throw | throw pillow (different color) | comforter | personalized sheets | rattan tray with handles | rectangular rattan tray | candle | toothpaste | hand cream | soap | paperwhite bulbs | ribbonmatches | pecans | glass tumblers | glass carafe | taffy | candy | wreath | lamp (similar)

Getting Cozy With Nate Berkus at Target

Updating my favorite space with the new Nate Berkus at Target Fall 2016 Line
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It’s official; everything Nate Berkus touches turns to gold.  Case in point: his amazing new fall/holiday collection at Target.  

I’ve been a fan of Nate’s for what seems like forever, and anytime he releases a new Nate Berkus at Target Collection I’ve been known to rush to my nearest Target at all hours of the day or night to get my hands on pieces from the line.  So when I got the opportunity to collaborate on the Nate Berkus at Target fall/holiday line I of course jumped at the chance to add a few of his latest and greatest to my home.  

If you remember, this isn’t our first collaboration with Nate.  Last year I collaborated on a spring living room refresh and you’ll still find all of the pieces scattered throughout my home and office.  That collection was all about laid-back California vibes, making it perfect for the freshness and warmth that spring always seems to bring.  But this collection is completely different, and completely perfect for switching things up as temps begin to drop and the holidays begin to sneak up on us. 

And I must say, this most recent collection may have any collections from the past beat, because this time he’s introduced furniture to the line!  That’s right…furniture.  And in all of its black and white and gold goodness, it’s really a no-brainer that it’s going to be a hit.  The whole collection is so strong, but I think it’s the furniture that is truly the strongest.  I was extremely impressed with the construction of the pieces, especially at the wallet-friendly price point. 

With the look of the fall line (textured neutrals, elegant metallics and subtle glam details), I knew immediately I wanted to incorporate these pieces into my bedroom sitting room.  This time of year, it’s where you’ll find me with a glass of wine, my favorite magazines by the fire.  And as you’ll remember, the space doesn’t shy from the drama; the walls are painted a deep, rich grey and includes a cozy spot with a coffee table and two grand statement armchairs.  Pretty much perfect for a little black, white and gold, no?

I was quick to grab this gorgeous gold side table.  In any part of my home, I like to have little tables like this for drinks, candles, magazines…you name it. They’re easy to move around, and perfect for when you’re cuddled in a corner and have no plans on moving.  

I also picked up this great little black and rattan ottoman.  As you can see in the photos, it’s intricate construction makes this piece really stand out, and works wonderfully next to the chairs.  

Naturally I have a bar cart in the room, so I picked up these cool gold obelisks as accent pieces as well as this white vase to house my collected quail feathers.

On our coffee table, I added this wood studded box (for stashing the not-so-pretty necessities such as remotes!) and this beautiful starburst gold bowl for my collection of matches. And of course no coffee table is complete without a tray, and this striking black and gold hexagon tray, is both a piece of art and also serves a most functional purpose.  

Lastly, throw pillows.  I’m one of those people that change out my throw pillows every season, so I was quick at the draw with this faux sheepskin one (it feels very wintery), as well as this fun geo pillow with tassels and denim studded pillow.  Those along with his striped tassel throw will help make it hard to leave once settled in. 

Obsessed much?  Yes, yes I am. But my excitement over the finds doubled (tripled really) at the chance to chat with Nate about the collection. I loved hearing that he really does travel to Target’s HQ in Minnesota, to do a little quality control on every product.  That means touching and testing every single sample.  And if something doesn’t feel right?  In his own words “it’s either fixed or pitched.”  Knowing that he signs off on everything that makes it to the shelves makes me love, and trust everything that much more.  

I also asked him if it was hard to design within Target’s friendly price point?  To my surprise he quickly responded that it wasn’t.  Explaining that Target is super open-minded when it comes to his ideas on materials and designs and trying to make what he’s envisioning come to life. 

Finally, we of course talked about inspiration.  Nate said he’s the most inspired by his globe trotting ways; and is constantly bringing back samples, pieces, and textures from all over the world that he tries to work into his designs. And as if he could get any cuter, he mentioned how much he loves seeing how everyone styles the pieces in their own homes. So get to Instagramming, because NB is watching what you share!  

Tell me friends, have you scored pieces from the Nate Berkus 2016 Fall/Holiday collection yet?! Truly, MKR

P.S.  I’ll be sharing a few more great finds from the collection as part of the big ORC reveal (wait till you see the bathroom rugs), so stay tuned!  xo


Photography, Rustic White for Waiting on Martha | This post is in collaboration with Target and Nate Berkus, both brands we love and adore.  All opinions are 100% our own. 

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