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An Easy At-Home Holiday Breakfast Bar For Guests

How to set up an easy and festive self-serve holiday breakfast bar
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One of the favorite things I have in my home is a makeshift tea station upstairs in my bedroom.  Ove the years, I’ve become a major night-time tea drinker.  And because I spend the majority of my evenings cozied up in my bed working, reading, or watching TV I got tired of running downstairs 2-3 times just to put the kettle on to get more tea. So, to alleviate that last year I purchased an electric tea kettle and turned a bar cart into a tea station. 

It’s nothing fancy, just an electric tea kettle and a tray full of mugs, tea bags, mulling spices, and all-things cozy. So when thinking about hosting all of our holiday guests this season I thought, why not turn my upstairs bar into an at-home holiday breakfast bar.  

If you’ve been following my Blog for a while then you know I have an upstairs loft that I turned into a sort of game room/bar area. It’s an awkward space, that truly doesn’t get used a lot. But it’s beautiful and I knew it would perfect for this self-serve idea.  

So why not set this up in the kitchen? Two main reasons.  One, it’s festive and fun, and I love doing small things like this to really make guests feel welcome and like you went all out for them. 

And two, all of the bedrooms are upstairs while the kitchen is downstairs.  I, like many people, love a slow, quiet start to my morning.  I don’t necessarily want to get dressed, and ready and head downstairs and start my day right away.  By having everything guests need right outside their door they can pop out and grab a cup of coffee or tea, and a breakfast pastry and head back to their room to have that nice leisurely start that every vacation should have.  Plus at night it can be used as that sleepy time tea station has become part of my nightly routine.

Regardless of where you set it up, a self-serve, holiday breakfast bar is beyond easy to create.  First, I made sure that I had all the morning necessities present.  Coffee maker, electric tea kettle, and toaster. I love this new vintage set from Russell & Hobbs.  It’s well priced, works like a gem, looks adorable, and the toaster even has a croissant toasting shelf!

Second, stock your holiday breakfast bar with everything guests would need to make it self serve so everyone can run at their own speed in the morning.  Think mugs, water, tea bags, coffee, sugar, utensils, napkins, etc.  And I stashed all of the extras in the drawers making it super easy if guests run out of anything. 

Third, I made it festive with holiday-themed coffee blends, pastries,  jams, packets of cocoa and tea. And of course, added a wreath and a few of my favorite rosemary and lavender Christmas trees as decor.

Lastly, I always make sure guests know that this is there for them to access at any time.  There’s nothing worse than being a guest who feels they have to tip-toe around their hosts.

And that’s it.  An easy at home holiday breakfast bar that is as festive as it is functional! Tell me, how do you make guests feel welcome in your home? Truly, MKR


The Best Books for Holiday Entertaining

A collection of beautiful resources for planning all of the parties on your dance card this holiday season
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Entertaining Books, Waiting on Martha

It’s officially my favorite time of year!  October marks the start to a string of holidays that brings on the festive memories and excuses for merry-making left and right.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and everything in between call for seasonal recipes galore, and drinks that are just as beautiful as they are mouthwatering. 

Whether you’re planning a slew of holiday parties, hosting an intimate evening for friends and family, or simply enjoying the coziest time of year, you’ll love this roundup of holiday entertaining books.  These books include recipes that are begging to be made at home, and include so many tips and tricks to planning and enjoying an unforgettable occasion. 

While this is a time for many to indulge, some find it tricky to navigate the holiday menus.  That’s where Vegan Holiday Kitchen comes in.  And if you’re like me, you find the holidays to be the best reason to enjoy a champagne cocktail or cozy warm boozy cider.  The Coupe, Artisanal Cocktails and Cocktails for the Holidays are all great books to inspire some home bartending for the season. Truly, MKR

P.S. Check out all of our cocktails in our Recipe Index HERE. xo 



Confessions of a Serial Entertainer

Waiting on Martha Home, $30

Shop Now >

We’ve carried this book in the shop for years now, and for good reason.  It’s one of my favorite books when it comes to entertaining in style.  Think menus, anecdotes and tidbits that will have you eager to host and open your home to friends and family.

The author’s inspiration for party food are classic, too: dips and cheese spreads with crackers, family recipes for delicious roasts, breakfast casseroles, and desserts.

The Coupe

Target, $13.56

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My husband loves a good cocktail, and I love mixing the up.  This gorgeous book by our friend Brian Hart Hoffman includes signature recipes with simply stunning photography, as well as inspiration for collecting coupes and styling them at your home bar.  Included, also: easy and elegant dessert recipes perfect for serving in coupes, a primer on citrus garnishes, and simple syrup recipes that add depth and flavor to cocktails. 

The Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookbook

Amazon, $11.66

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Nothing says fall like pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice!  This book is a no-brainer for any fall lover out there.  This book includes 40 recipes designed around this winning flavor combo.  I’m talking chai latte and vegan nog to waffles, chilis, bisques, breads, and chutneys.  YUM.

Celebrate Everything

Amazon, $16.50

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Darcy Miller, the ultimate celebrations expert and Editor at Large for Martha Stewart Weddings, brings us a jam-packed book with everything you need to throw a wonderful party.  She’s packed it with planning strategy and original ideas that promise to make the celebration personal. 

Vegan Holiday Kitchen

Amazon, $15.10

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It can feel daunting to navigate the holiday season with vegan dietary restrictions, but author Nava Atlas shares more than 200 totally doable and totally delicious recipes.  Whether you’re planning Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas or celebratory brunches, lunches, dinners, potlucks, and buffets, you’ll find inspiration for mouthwatering dishes.  

Cocktails for the Holidays

Amazon, $12.80

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This bright and cheery book will make you even more excited about the holidays, trust me!  Think holiday punches, sparkling champagne cocktails, seasonal sips with apples, clementines, cranberries and spices.  You can plan to take comfort with a cozy mug or elegant coupe with 50 stylish and festive recipes.

Southern Appetizers

Amazon, $11.32

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Like all Southerners, I love appetizers, and especially this time of year.  This book is full of tried-and-true recipes that really show some Southern hospitality, like smoked pecans, cheese straws, hot and irresistible dips, and pickled shrimp.

Along with recipes, you’ll also find tips on creating the ideal party flow, being a great host, arranging fresh flowers, handling invitations, and ultimate menu planning.  This book makes a great hostess gift, and one you’ll want to keep for yourself! 

Artisanal Cocktails

Amazon, $24.99

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This beautiful, full-color collection of 50 cocktail recipes will have your mouth watering.  I especially love this book for its use of organic, sustainable produce, and local, handcrafted ingredients. The author’s attention to detail and technique are apparent; the drinks are STUNNING and inspiring to even the novice home bartender. 

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13 SEC-Approved Tailgating Essentials

Here are the secrets to setting up a Spread Worthy of a Win
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SEC Tailgating essentials, Waiting on Martha

Being a non-Tennessee native, people always ask me why I ventured down to University of Tennessee to become a Vol years ago.  I think honestly a huge part of the reason was the SEC tailgating!  If you’ve ever been to Neyland Stadium, then you’ll understand.  The sea of screaming fans and the beloved culture surrounding Game Day is enough to turn anyone into a lover of orange and white.  And years of tailgating in Knoxville has taught me a thing or two about SEC tailgating essentials. 

But of course, tailgating is a treasured tradition throughout the entire SEC.  And the gear and tools to set up a proper spread are taken very seriously.  Think luxury coolers, embroidered throw pillows, high-end bartending pieces and enough food to feed a small army.  I’ve included my top picks in the list below…take a look and tell me what I’m forgetting!  Go Vols!  Cheers, Kat

P.S. Check out two of our favorite tailgate libations HERE



Classic Cocktail Kit

Waiting on Martha Home, $45

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This perfect little cocktail mixing kit is just what you’ll need as you combine drinks for a crowd. The mixing glass, stir stick and strainer have proven to be the exact essentials for a great libation. 

Insulated 50 oz. Bottle

Waiting on Martha Home, $54

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Swig has answered my tailgating prayers with this 50 oz. insulated bottle.  It literally can hold up to 2 bottles of wine, all while staying discreet in a double-wall stainless steel bottle that you can top off all yours and your friends’ cups throughout the day. Sounds like a good Game Day to me. 

Hand Embroidered College Pillow

Waiting on Martha Home, $175

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These gorgeous designs deserve to be front and center on the tailgating chairs, back home on the couch (if you’re watching from afar), or atop a throw blanket in the bed of the truck.  They’re available in 60 different designs, ensuring that you can rep your team in style. 

Southern Cocktails

Waiting on Martha Home, $14.95

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Toast to the SEC with classic southern cocktails at your tailgate! Think Mint Julep, The Hurricane and all of the essentials you’ll need to stock a proper bar on Game Day. 

Tailgating Tavern

Overstock, $64.70

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The secret to a great tailgate lies in preparation AND organization. This transportable station will be your new best friend, offering a nice workspace and easy storage for all of your essentials. 

Chip & Dip Serving Tray

Target, $39.99

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Talk about a great chip and dip bowl!  This handwoven seagrass piece offers easy cleanup with its glass insert, and provides nice storage with the included lid. Love the elevated look of this serving piece at any tailgate. 

4-in-1 Bronze Bar Tool

Waiting on Martha Home, $35

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The worst thing ever?  Getting out to the tailgate lot and realizing you didn’t bring a bottle opener!  This 4-in-1 tool is a lifesaver in more ways than one. 

Cork Insulated Luxury Cooler

The Grommet, $495

Shop Now >

Talk about a fancy cooler! I mean this thing will have everyone on the tailgate line green with envy.  The design has cork as its natural insulator; making the cooler as functional as it is beautiful.  And a clear shield lets the cork shine through while protecting it for years to come. The design can store wine bottles upright and to keep things organized and presentable inside, there‚Äôs a divider, too. Not to mention, there’s a clear prep tray included that makes everything easier as you’re mixing up your next cocktail.  

Divided Serving Tray

Target, $27.49

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Here’s another great piece in Target’s Artland Garden Terrace collection! Two glass trays and three glass bowls offer great containers for tailgating snacks.  Not to mention, the handwoven seagrass is stylish AND durable. 

Acapulco Glass Pitcher

Target, $12.99

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Bringing along an easy, affordable pitcher is a must when serving any sort of batch drink to the crew. This one from Target is a go-to whenever we’re packing up our tailgating gear. 

Ultra Soft Throw Blanket

Overstock, $44.95

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Can’t be caught without some team gear!  This super soft, oversized throw blanket always makes its way with us, offering easy seating when the place gets packed, and some festive decor when thrown over a chair after we head into the game. 

Picnic Time Collapsible Chair

Overstock, $94.46

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This design should be considered as the king of tailgating chairs, in my opinion. It features a convenient surface for your plate and drink, easy storage for any belongings you need to set aside while lounging, and it also keeps drinks closeby in a nice little cooler.  Genius, really. 

28 oz. Insulated Tumbler

The Grommet, $39.95

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Here’s another beautiful design by Sovaro; the 28 oz. insulated tumbler.  It’s perfect for a large mixed drink, and keeps a low profile.  I love this elevated take on your standard tumbler cup!

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