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What I’m Reading: Vegetarian & Vegan Cookbooks

7 Vegetarian Cookbooks to consider adding to your collection...even if you're not a vegetarian
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The best vegetarian and vegan cookbooks

The Vegan Pantry, The Better Bean Cookbook, Superfood Soups, Vegetarian Tagines & Couscous, Deliciously Dairy Free, The Oh She Glows Cookbook, The Vegetable Literacy

8 years ago, I embarked on the journey of becoming a full-time vegetarian, part-time vegan.  And that journey all started with a book, The Kind Diet, and a movie, Food, Inc. 

During my 7 years of being vegetarian the number one question I received was, “what do you eat?” This always baffled me, because I NEVER felt like I didn’t have options at restaurants or recipes to make at home.  And to answer the question you’re probably thinking…no I did not eat a lot of salads.  In fact I’d say I only ate 1 or 2 salads a week.  Sure, I had to sometimes get creative with my meal planning, and I also invested in vegetarian cookbooks. Vegetarian and vegan cookbooks was the easiest way to stretch outside my cooking comfort zone.

Educating myself on our food system and how food fuels and functions in our bodies was one of the most important, and best decisions of my life.  And I urge you to do the same.  This post is not about guilting, or standing on a soap box of any sort. But I truly believe we are at our best when we stretch our boundaries and learn new things. 

Those boundaries can be as simple as eating one more vegetarian or vegan meal a week. That’s why Meatless Monday became a thing. Did you know that an estimated 1,800 to 2,500 gallons of water go into a single pound of beef. A single pound! Think about that. Anyway, I could talk about this all day, but my intention when I sat down to write this was simply to share the vegetarian and vegan cookbooks I’m loving now.

Today, while I’m no longer a full-time vegetarian (read about that here), I am still very invested in vegetarian cooking. In fact, I’d say I eat vegetarian/vegan about 60% of the time. So that’s why I still love picking up vegetarian and vegan cookbooks.  Especially now when it seems there’s a new cookbook on the shelf every week.

I’ve listed the vegetarian and vegan cookbooks I’m currently reading above and below. And if you need some other vegetarian recipes check out our vegetarian and vegan section in my recipe index. Some of my favorite recipes would be my breakfast nachos, stuffed sweet potatoes, and best every veggie burger.

I’d love if you’d share if you have a current favorite vegetarian recipe?  Truly, MKR


Smoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad

An Anything But Boring Salad To Add To Your Everyday Menu
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Smoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad, Waiting ON MarthaSmoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad, Waiting ON Martha Smoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad, Waiting ON Martha

I first made this salad with all of my Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Craving something healthy, but not wanting to waste food, this anything-but-boring, smoked turkey salad was the perfect solution.  But even since the big day, I can’t stop making it.  And the beautiful thing about this turkey salad is it’s more than easy to recreate.

What really makes this salad work, is the combination of flavors.  The smokey taste of the turkey, combined with fresh tart pomegranate seeds, crisp brussel sprout shreds, and everyone’s favorite meat bacon, meld in perfect harmony creating a mouth watering bite after bite.  And no, your turkey does not have to be smoked, a well seasoned turkey breast will do the trick.

And bonus, there’s plenty of healthy stars in this smoked turkey salad.  Some of them obvious like pomegranate seeds, and others not so obvious, like shaved brussel sprouts which are sneakily mixed in which is perfect for the pickiest eaters. 

I’ve become obsessed with subbing in shaved brussel sprouts whenever possible.  You can of course shred your own with your standard cheese grater, but plenty of places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have them washed, bagged and already shredded for you.  Try them in your coleslaw and salad recipes next time.

Hearty enough to be a meal all on it’s own, but with flavors that still make it equally light and refreshing I guarantee this smoked turkey salad will quickly become one of your households go-to meals.  Truly, MKR

P.S. Something to note, depending on the size of your turkey breast, or if you choose to roast an entire turkey, I suggest using the left over turkey by making a great turkey noodle soup, or turkey chili.  Or you can always make round two of this salad!



Smoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad
Serves 4
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  1. 4-6 pieces of bacon, cooked and crumbled or torn
  2. 1 turkey breast cooked and shredded (or approximately 3-4 cups shredded turkey meat)
  3. 1 cup pomegranate seeds
  4. 2 cups shaved brussel sprouts
  5. 1 small head of lettuce, cut/chopped or 1 large bag of salad greens
  6. Croutons
  7. Shaved Parmesan Cheese
  8. salad dressing of choice (I typically use an Italian or Caeser dressing)
  1. In a large bowl mix the brussel sprout shreds and lettuce until well mixed.
  2. On a large platter, layer the lettuce/brussel mix followed by turkey, bacon, pomegranates, croutons, and parmesan cheese.
  3. Serve with dressing of choice and enjoy
Waiting on Martha

Photography, Rustic White

Yes, I Make Frozen Meals!

Taking my time back with the help of Lightlife's new frozen meals
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Vegan Ravioli, Waiting On MarthaLightlife Frozen MealsVeggie Fritters, Waiting On MarthaLightlife Frozen Meals Vegan Southwest Quinoa & Black Bean Bowl, Waiting On MarthaLightlife Frozen Meals Vegan Ravioli, Waiting On Martha 

Listen, the truth is sometimes my week is just too busy to cook no matter how well I plan or how much I want to. But, I know myself well enough to know that if I don’t have some sort of game plan to stay on the healthy train I’ll be pulling into that fast food line and completely throwing my 2018 healthy initiatives in the garbage.  So my solution during those hectic weeks where I need to take my time back; frozen meals with a fresh kick.  

Yep, I said it, frozen meals.  But not the overly processed, full of salt, not-real-food, frozen meals of the past. I’m talking about Lightlife’s new plant-based frozen line.  Recently while shopping at my local Kroger, I stopped dead in my tracks when I spied that Lightlife logo shining through those frozen glass doors.  

If you remember I’m a big Lightlife fan, making vegan slaw dogs last summer.  For more than 30 years, Lightlife has been on a mission to provide quality vegetarian and plant-based foods prepared in the most healthy and sustainable manner. And you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy Lightlife.  

I discovered Lightlife when I was meat-free, and still eat it now even not as a vegetarian it’s that good! By choosing to eat vegetarian just one meal a week you can have a dramatically positive effect on your overall health and the health of the environment. Win, win!

I of course had to try all of the Lightlife frozen meals. While I loved them all the four I kept coming back to where the Veggie Fritters, Southwestern Quinoa Black Bean Bowl, Wild Mushroom Ravioli, and Veggie “Sausage” Ravioli.  Now, these meals are all great on their own, but I like to jazz them up a bit by adding a fresh kick.  What’s a fresh kick you ask? Well it’s fresh ingredients that enhance the meal, but don’t take up any additional time.  You can prep them while your meal is turning away in the microwave, boiling on the stovetop, or toasting in the toaster oven.

For example, fresh dill and homemade tzatziki dipping sauce for the Veggie Fritters.  Organic tomato sauce and fresh chopped mushrooms for the ravioli.  And for the Southwestern Quinoa Black Bean Bowl I find topping it with fresh cilantro, chopped jalapeños, and a squeeze of lime provides that extra heat I’m always looking for.  These easy, fresh add ons, are the perfect way to make your frozen meal feel home cooked.

So now that you know it’s possible to get healthy, great tasting frozen meals I’ve got more good news.  Lightlife is doing a major sweepstakes through the month of February giving away 369 frozen meals! Yep, you heard right…369 meals! That’s meals for an entire year! Next time you go grocery shopping at Kroger, Earth Fare or Sprouts, pick up some Lightlife frozen items. Take a photo of them at home using #HeatWithPride and #Sweepstakes and tag @Lightlife to enter. Easy as that!

I challenge you this year to join me in being a little kinder to our bodies, our environment, and ourselves.  Take some of your time back, and #heatwithpride! Truly, MKR

P.S. Sweepstakes links with rules & regulations are…






Photography, Rustic White | This post is in sponsorship with Lightlife, a brand I love and adore.  Opinions are 100% my own.

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