Join Me For A New Year Challenge + A Massive $775 Giveaway!

31 small changes in 31 days and a $775 giveaway to help you get started!
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A few weeks ago I caught myself off guard by the date. Actually, it wasn’t so much the date, but more by the fact of what the date meant. It meant that 2018 was almost over and 2019 was almost here.  I thought to myself, how could 2018 be over? There was so much change I wanted 2018 to bring. But in all the areas of my life I wanted to see “change” in 2018, I instead saw a massive backslide.

Which led me to thinking a lot about change, and how to go about making change actually happen.  And not just happen, but more importantly, stick. 

You see, I always have grand plans.  And maybe my plans are just too grand.  And maybe, just maybe I always seem to want to change parts of me that will never really change.  And maybe, just maybe, I’m now sounding like a Dr. Seuss book.

Dr. Seuss aside, I believe I’m on to something. Sometimes the best way to make something big happen is slowly, simply, one foot in front of the other, each and every day. And hence, the first annual 31 in 31 has been born.  

So what is 31 in 31?  Well, it’s 31 small changes in 31 days to renew, refocus and recharge your life.  The changes, or rather challenges, will focus on mental health, physical health, non-toxic living, and getting your sh** together. Each day you’ll be presented with a challenge of sorts, and yes there will be a big ol’ grand prize at the end.  Because we need accountability, and we all need prizes, and if there’s one thing I’ll always it’s competitive.

I’ve spread out and set up the challenges via a customizable calendar you’ll get emailed to you on the 30th when signing up, but the calendar is customizable so you can change what you do on what day based on your schedules.  Some days will only take 5 minutes, and some a bit more time. Some examples of the “challenges” will be things like: schedule all of your 2019 doctor’s appointments and don’t cancel (because you know we all wait till December to see every single doctor we go to), drink more water, to deleting 60 minutes of television from your DVR.  

The challenge won’t cost you a dime.  Yes, there will always be suggestions of products or calls to action. But spending money is not mandatory. The entire “challenge” will be via email and social media because let’s be honest that’s where we all live.  Emails will be going out the morning of the 31st with your calendar and everything you need to participate.  Then each day you’ll get an additional email with each day’s challenge.

If you want to truly participate I’m asking you to share your day’s challenge and if you’re accomplishing it on social media taking me and using the hashtag #31in31. I did mention a prize, basically, the more you share the more points you get.  We’ll also be sharing fun graphics, and questions that will be easily shareable throughout the challenge making it easy for you to earn points.  And the prize is BIG, so you’ll want to share.  Don’t worry all of this will be explained via emails!

So with small steps in mind, I say no there will be no major fasts, no purging of my entire life in one week, no 10 days to a new me.  There will just be simple ways to bring about change and make time for what has always made me (and likely you) the happiest.

And one more thing, there’s nothing magical about January 1st.  So if you’ve found you’re reading this on January 25ht, sign up, print it out, and just begin. Small steps lead to big leaps, and consistency is key so let’s do this friends!  Oh, and keep reading for a MAJOR ($775 value) giveaway to kick the challenge off right! Truly, MKR 

P.S. if you’re reading this on Bloglovin’ or anything else you’ll need to click in to the post to enter the giveaway. 

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An Easy At-Home Holiday Breakfast Bar For Guests

How to set up an easy and festive self-serve holiday breakfast bar
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One of the favorite things I have in my home is a makeshift tea station upstairs in my bedroom.  Ove the years, I’ve become a major night-time tea drinker.  And because I spend the majority of my evenings cozied up in my bed working, reading, or watching TV I got tired of running downstairs 2-3 times just to put the kettle on to get more tea. So, to alleviate that last year I purchased an electric tea kettle and turned a bar cart into a tea station. 

It’s nothing fancy, just an electric tea kettle and a tray full of mugs, tea bags, mulling spices, and all-things cozy. So when thinking about hosting all of our holiday guests this season I thought, why not turn my upstairs bar into an at-home holiday breakfast bar.  

If you’ve been following my Blog for a while then you know I have an upstairs loft that I turned into a sort of game room/bar area. It’s an awkward space, that truly doesn’t get used a lot. But it’s beautiful and I knew it would perfect for this self-serve idea.  

So why not set this up in the kitchen? Two main reasons.  One, it’s festive and fun, and I love doing small things like this to really make guests feel welcome and like you went all out for them. 

And two, all of the bedrooms are upstairs while the kitchen is downstairs.  I, like many people, love a slow, quiet start to my morning.  I don’t necessarily want to get dressed, and ready and head downstairs and start my day right away.  By having everything guests need right outside their door they can pop out and grab a cup of coffee or tea, and a breakfast pastry and head back to their room to have that nice leisurely start that every vacation should have.  Plus at night it can be used as that sleepy time tea station has become part of my nightly routine.

Regardless of where you set it up, a self-serve, holiday breakfast bar is beyond easy to create.  First, I made sure that I had all the morning necessities present.  Coffee maker, electric tea kettle, and toaster. I love this new vintage set from Russell & Hobbs.  It’s well priced, works like a gem, looks adorable, and the toaster even has a croissant toasting shelf!

Second, stock your holiday breakfast bar with everything guests would need to make it self serve so everyone can run at their own speed in the morning.  Think mugs, water, tea bags, coffee, sugar, utensils, napkins, etc.  And I stashed all of the extras in the drawers making it super easy if guests run out of anything. 

Third, I made it festive with holiday-themed coffee blends, pastries,  jams, packets of cocoa and tea. And of course, added a wreath and a few of my favorite rosemary and lavender Christmas trees as decor.

Lastly, I always make sure guests know that this is there for them to access at any time.  There’s nothing worse than being a guest who feels they have to tip-toe around their hosts.

And that’s it.  An easy at home holiday breakfast bar that is as festive as it is functional! Tell me, how do you make guests feel welcome in your home? Truly, MKR


A Favorite Tradition To Gift

Giving the gift of Godiva each and every year
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Growing up there were few things as symbolic of a holiday or special occasion than a gold GODIVA box.  Out of everything, and anything, it was probably my mother’s favorite gift to give and get.  

We’d open the box together, carefully choosing our favorite flavor, savoring each and every piece, never able to pick an actual favorite.

And to this day, that golden box still holds that same excitement and love for our family.  As I’ve grown I’ve extended the love of GODIVA well past that of our family.  Yes, mom still always gets her gold box, but GODIVA has easily become my gift of choice for all of those people I want to make feel extra special during the holiday season.  Co-workers, neighbors, and my personal favorite all of my UPS, FedEx, and USPS delivery men and women.

As you know I own a small retail shop, and I would be absolutely lost without the delivery men and women in my life.  So each year, my small metal sleigh sits by our door with plenty of my favorite holiday GODIVA boxes stacked up and ready to gift to all of those amazing individuals. This simple, and delicious gesture is so appreciated and each year it’s fun to see what the GODIVA Holiday Collection will entail.

This year GODIVA’S Holiday Desserts Collection gift box is like no other.  Truly, capturing the flavors of the season inspired by all of the most decadent holiday desserts such as Dark Chocolate Pecan, Dark Pear Vanilla, Chocolate Ganache, and Milk Chocolate Almond Cookie.

I of course had to sneak a few pieces for myself while preparing Santa’s Sleigh and I’ve got to say, this might be the best holiday box I’ve tasted in years.  Not to mention the most gorgeous. That’s one of the other brilliant things about GODIVA, the boxes are beyond gorgeous so you don’t need to worry about wrapping. And this year GODIVA even came out with Peppermint Bark and the most adorable Hot Cocoa Toppers. Seriously, just when I think it couldn’t get better than the classic gold box, it does.  

Hope you’ll be making someone’s season this year with the gift of GODIVA.  I know I will! Truly, MKR

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