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Santa’s Elves Reporting For Duty

Creating Santa's Sleigh with Esurance
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Between owning a Shoppe, running a Blog, and just living my life I spend more time in my car than anywhere else.  At the risk of sounding cliche; my car is my home away from home.  And while that sentiment rings true all year long, it’s never more true than during the holiday season when my car turns into Santa’s Sleigh. 

So with that said, it only made sense to partner with Esurance to celebrate their Holiday Campaign focusing on the creative ways we customize and love on our “home away from home.”  I mean my car already feels like Santa’s Sleigh each holiday season so why not actually turn it in to Santa’s Sleigh.

For me, my car’s transformation begins with that first trek to the Christmas Tree farm where I outfit both my home and my car with all things green.  For my car I always wrap the rails with garland and hang wreaths from the front grill and back window.  This can easily be done with green wire and my go-to command strips.  Just make sure everything is securely tied down.  Nothing is worse than losing a wreath on I-85.  Trust me.

I also make sure I have laods of holiday necessities in the car at all times.  Wrapping paper, boxes, tape and scissors because you never know when you’ll need to wrap that last minute gift.  Plenty of my homemade Chex Mix, tied up with a bow.  And I always keep toiletries, and a few extra pairs of mittens and hats in case I come across someone in need. 

Between the festive decor, holiday musts, and plenty of holiday music playing; my car always helps me to get and stay in the Christmas spirit while getting from point A to B.  It also helps that I’ve got my own little elf named Addison to help me! Happy Holidays Friends, I hope this helps you to get into the spirit this year. Truly, MKR

P.S. Thank you Esurance for such a fun project. Celebrating my “home away from home” was the perfect way to kick off the magic of the season!

Photography, Kathryn McCrary  |  This post is sponsored by Esurance, a brand I love and adore.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Gift Guide No. One: For The Healthiest Person in your life

A guide for the person who is always ahead of every health trends and will likely live to 100 because of it
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‘Tis the season of gift guides, and this year I’m starting mine out with the guide for the healthiest person on your list.  From tonics, to crystals, purple plates, and air purifiers this is the list for anyone who makes their health and overall well-being their main priority. 

I’ve included a brief description or why each item is a must gift.  And to be clear I have used, tried or own most of these suggestions and the others are on my personal wish list so you can trust me when I say I love every twenty-one of these items.  Truly, MKR

One. Cap Beauty Matcha Sticks.  Because while I love matcha it can be a pain in the a** to make.  These packets make it super easy and you lose none of the health benefits.

Two. Cashmere & Silk Sleep Mask. Because sleep is essential to health.  This is the exact one I use and can vouch for its quality and comfort.  I’d try out the eye pillow as well.  I keep both in the fridge for a little extra touch of cooling.

Three. Arnica & Rosemary Essential Oil Bath Fizz. Because both baths and essential oils are naturally healing.  Makes a great stocking stuffer too!

Four. Spike Water Bottle.  Because hydration and style. 

Five. Young Living Essential Oils. Because essential oils are life changing, and life saving and because Young Living is the absolute best.  Start with the starter kit, trust me.

Six. Car Air Purifier. Because mold, toxins, and pollutions are everywhere and think about how much time you spend in your car!

SevenDry Body Brush. Because three minutes each morning before the shower will change your skin and your life.  Dry brushing helps with the appearance, but more importantly dry brushing helps with inflammation and circulation.  This is the exact one I use.

Eight. Marvis Natural Toothpaste.  Because toxins live in your standard paste.  Also because this one comes in all sorts of “flavors.” Get the combo pack for Christmas.

Nine. Oil Pulling Kit.  Because oil pulling improves health, freshens breath, and whitens teeth.  I do it every morning and every night if I feel a cold coming on.

Ten. Brain Dust.  Because brain fog just keeps getting worse with each passing year.  Out of all the “dusts” this is the one that is most highly reviewed and the reviews are all five stars.  Put it in your morning smoothing to help with clarity, focus, and energy.  Not sure; try the sampler pack.  I use brain and beauty on the daily.

Eleven.  8G Greens.  Because we all need a little help sometimes getting our daily greens.  Tastes great too!

Twelve.  HUM Here Comes The Sun Vitamin D. Because lack of vitamin D is the culprit for many a things.  Personally I believe upping my daily dose helped my panic/anxiety significantly.  This is supposed to be the best, and most natural pill form on the market.  I just ordered it and can’t wait to try!

Thirteen Tonik Apple Cider Vinegar Pills.  Because apple cider vinegar tastes terrible, but has the most health benefits ever!

Fourteen. Dyson Air Purifier.  Because again toxins, mold, pollutants.  And because Dyson is the best.  This is on my wish list from my parent’s this year.

FifteenSit Like A Buddha.  Because we could all use a bit more Buddha like moments.  Great add on gift or stocking stuffer!

Sixteen. Headspace. Because this is the only way I’ve learned out to meditate. Give the gift of a yearly subscription this year to anyone on your list that is a tad on the stressed side.  So basically gift it to everyone!

Seventeen. Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Key Chain.  Because evil spirits are no good.

Eighteen. Good Health Gemstones.  Because crystals have powers.  Seriously, they do!

Nineteen. Tesla Purple Plates.  Because trust me.  I cannot go into the full reasons as to why you should get a few purple plates, but I highly suggest you do your research on them. I have 4 plates for a multitude of reasons.  I’ve seen them heal, give energy and negate energy that we don’t want.  I carry one with me at all times.  And make sure if you take the leap to get the actual, original Tesla ones.

Twenty. Barry’s Boot Camp Subscription. Because I need to feel like I might die during a workout to feel like I’ve actually accomplished something.  

Twenty-One. Facial Cupping. Because lines and puffiness.  This all natural, inexpensive, facial cupping kit has been a game changer for my complexion!



The 5 Apps We Can’t Stop Talking About

discover more mindfulness throughout your day with these simple apps
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Headspace Meditation App and other apps we can't stop talking about on Waiting on Martha

I LOVE discovering helpful, new apps.  I mean there’s literally an app for everything; they’re not just limited to social media and online banking anymore.  And both MKR and I have been raving about several new-to-us iPhone apps lately, and we honestly now can’t imagine life without them. 

These apps I’m sharing below, including the Headspace meditation app and the MyFlo period tracker, are definitely technology for GOOD, and they’re improving our day-to-day routines with more mindfulness and intention. 

When we started The Well Code, our sister wellness brand, we wanted to tap into the feeling of “keeping your well full.”  These apps I list below all help us do that, whether it’s through yoga on-the-go, a few minutes of meditation and more understanding of our health and our own bodies.

I’m really excited to share these new finds with all of you in hopes that you’ll enjoy the simple benefits of them throughout your day, too.  I’d love to know if you use any of them, or which ones you’re downloading today!  And if you’re on a downloading spree, check out these apps too.  Cheers, Kat

P.S.  MKR and I have both reformatted our apps on the phone by categorizing them and putting them into folders.  We’ve found that this has been a real game-changer in keeping us streamlined when we pick up our phones!  This way we don’t get as distracted or inundated with the ever-growing ability to access just about everything at the touch of a button. xo


A popular meditation app

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Meditation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and even sleep better. Headspace is meditation made simple, and both MKR and I swear by it. Headspace is the go-to app for making meditation simple.  The voice is absolutely amazing (he’s Australian I think?) and the messaging is extremely relevant and helpful in introducing more mindfulness in just a few minutes each day. Highly, highly recommend this app! 

Relax Melodies

A free app for music to focus, meditate and relax

Shop Now >

This one’s pretty simple and straight forward, but one not to be missed.  Sometimes you just need some relaxing melodies without all the fuss.

I find myself needing soothing background music and white noise a lot of times throughout my day if I’m trying to meet a deadline, taking a few moments to meditate and breathe, and of course when I’m falling asleep at night.  This app is one of my favorites, and it’s free! 


A period tracker & fertility app

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I’ve been really fascinated with hormone health lately, as I’ve been learning how much our hormones affect our energy levels, our metabolism, our moods, and really just overall health.  After reading this post and this post, I was ready to give MyFlo a try.

This period tracker and fertility app tells you what to do to be symptom-free and feel 100% all month long.  You can learn why you have specific symptoms during each of the four phases of your cycle, and what actions to take to fix them, like workouts to do, conversations to have, foods to eat, and simple self care reminders.  This app has changed my life! 


An online yoga & meditation app

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With more than 4,000 classes, this easy app helps you practice mindfulness on-the-go wherever you are.  At $18/mo and a 15-day free trial, it’s cheaper than one class at most studios, too.  MKR uses this app to take classes throughout her week, and loves that they can be as short as 5 minutes and as long as 120 minutes. The app syncs to all of your devices too, in case you want to toggle between iPhone, iPad and laptop. 


Shop Now >

MKR can’t stop hyping this app and I really just need to download it now.  It boasts mood lighting with a sunrise simulation, which is HUGE this time of year as it starts to get darker in the mornings. It also features real-time traffic alerts, seamless Spotify integration to get you going with your favorite playlist, USB charging and more.  

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