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The Envelop Sectional of My Dreams

And just like that our living room is finally complete
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Envelop Sectional c/o, Art, Draperies c/o, Blinds, Rug c/o, Chandelier c/o, Floor Lamp, Coffee Table, Tray, Candle, Calligraphy BrushesLarge Bowl c/o, Blessing Beads (call the store for availability)

If you remember correctly, my last One Room Challenge was left incomplete.  The reason; the envelop sectional I’d been dreaming of for months, that was the perfect fit for the room would not be able to arrive in time.  Well friends, I’m hear to say the wait was well worth it.

Technically my Bassett Envelop Sectional arrived about a week after the ORC wrapped. But by that point the holidays were in full swing and between WOMH, hosting friends and family and all the Christmas decor there was no way I was going to be able to do it justice by having it photographed for the Blog then, so here we are.

Having lived with this sectional since November I feel I can better share why it’s truly the perfect fit for me.  A few things I really love about this Envelop Sectional;  it’s BEYOND comfy.  Like it’s name, it really does envelop you. The frame is fully encased in foam for extra softness, and the seat toppers and back pillows are a blend of down which mimics my bed pillows perfectly.  And they’re removable which makes them much easier to clean.

Second, the Envelop Sectional is modular.  Meaning you can move the pieces, at any time, to create the sectional of your dreams.  I like to move the center pieces in to create almost a full square during movie night, and then move them out during every day.

Third, I loved the overall modern, yet cozy look and I really really love the light Bone color.  A lot of lighter fabrics tend to come off too warm which is a big turn off for me.  But, this Bone coloring was cool without being cold, and just made the whole room feel bigger, lighter and more airy.

I know, I know when talking about the light bone color the next thing I’m bound to hear is, “oooooh it’s so beautiful, but I could never get a sofa that that’s light, it would get ruined”.  So let’s talk about this.

First things first, this is our only living area in our home, which means this sectional is VERY lived on. While light in color, the Bone fabric is a performance grade fabric meaning its more stain resistant than most. Bassett also has amazing warranty policies that I implore you to check out and should put your mind a bit more at ease. I do take some precautions by laying Addison’s blanket down during the day, though she still finds her way on to every pillow and cushion.  And I’m extra careful when eating and drinking red wine on the sofa. But other than that, I don’t do much else to ensure the sectional stays stain free.

My main thought on this point though is you should always design your home based on what makes you happy. Decor that you love, and that you will absolutely live on and in. For me, I didn’t want anything dark which means my only option is a lighter fabric.  Embracing the fact that stains are inevitably going to happen is something I had to let go of in order to make my home feel the way I yearned for.  Besides, cushions can be flipped.  And the cushions, as mentioned above can be removed and professionally cleaned! 

So with this space finally being complete I can honestly say I’ve never loved my home more.  Just by transforming this one room, the whole home feels lighter and calmer.  And with this challenge I feel like I’ve finally pinned down the design that makes me the happiest.  Truly, MKR



Photography, Rustic White

Smoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad

An Anything But Boring Salad To Add To Your Everyday Menu
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Smoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad, Waiting ON MarthaSmoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad, Waiting ON Martha Smoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad, Waiting ON Martha

I first made this salad with all of my Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Craving something healthy, but not wanting to waste food, this anything-but-boring, smoked turkey salad was the perfect solution.  But even since the big day, I can’t stop making it.  And the beautiful thing about this turkey salad is it’s more than easy to recreate.

What really makes this salad work, is the combination of flavors.  The smokey taste of the turkey, combined with fresh tart pomegranate seeds, crisp brussel sprout shreds, and everyone’s favorite meat bacon, meld in perfect harmony creating a mouth watering bite after bite.  And no, your turkey does not have to be smoked, a well seasoned turkey breast will do the trick.

And bonus, there’s plenty of healthy stars in this smoked turkey salad.  Some of them obvious like pomegranate seeds, and others not so obvious, like shaved brussel sprouts which are sneakily mixed in which is perfect for the pickiest eaters. 

I’ve become obsessed with subbing in shaved brussel sprouts whenever possible.  You can of course shred your own with your standard cheese grater, but plenty of places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have them washed, bagged and already shredded for you.  Try them in your coleslaw and salad recipes next time.

Hearty enough to be a meal all on it’s own, but with flavors that still make it equally light and refreshing I guarantee this smoked turkey salad will quickly become one of your households go-to meals.  Truly, MKR

P.S. Something to note, depending on the size of your turkey breast, or if you choose to roast an entire turkey, I suggest using the left over turkey by making a great turkey noodle soup, or turkey chili.  Or you can always make round two of this salad!



Smoked Turkey, Pomegranate, Brussels & Bacon Salad
Serves 4
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  1. 4-6 pieces of bacon, cooked and crumbled or torn
  2. 1 turkey breast cooked and shredded (or approximately 3-4 cups shredded turkey meat)
  3. 1 cup pomegranate seeds
  4. 2 cups shaved brussel sprouts
  5. 1 small head of lettuce, cut/chopped or 1 large bag of salad greens
  6. Croutons
  7. Shaved Parmesan Cheese
  8. salad dressing of choice (I typically use an Italian or Caeser dressing)
  1. In a large bowl mix the brussel sprout shreds and lettuce until well mixed.
  2. On a large platter, layer the lettuce/brussel mix followed by turkey, bacon, pomegranates, croutons, and parmesan cheese.
  3. Serve with dressing of choice and enjoy
Waiting on Martha

Photography, Rustic White

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Simplifying my Home & Office with Samsung Connect
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This year my motto in life and business is to worker smarter, not harder.  So what does that look like? Well it looks different in all areas, but in the area of tech it looks like finding ways to simplify my household and my office. 

When I first began thinking about how to simplify, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the options. I mean there are more “smart home” devices on the market than ever, and none of them feel simple.  So, I sat down with the expert, my husband, and together we came up with a plan. For running our household we’d go with the Samsung Connect Home.  

The Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi system is a Wi-Fi router and SmartThings hub: all in one. I know I’m starting to talk tech, so let me try to simplify this as best I can. As a Wi-Fi router it optimizes your signal, so you can upload, download or stream your favorite shows and movies with no wheel of death, or no “36 hours to download messaging,” just fast, uninterrupted service.  And the “mesh” Internet connection delivers a strong blanket of coverage across the entire home! For me this has been a game changer, allowing me to work wherever and not worry about connection or speed issues. Plus, each hub covers 1,500 square feet, so even if you live in a large home, you can just add more routers so it’s customized to your need.  The starter kit actually comes with 3 different hubs!

Another big bonus, with the Samsung Connect App, I didn’t need to mess around with multiple apps, because one app controls it all. Yes, ONE app! Built to work with most existing smart home devices, Samsung Connect Home and the Connect App is compatible with 100’s of smart products such as your Samsung TV, Nest Thermostat, Philips Hue, Netgear Arlo Camera, Ring Video Doorbell, and more.

And it’s easy! I was able to connect my devices with a tap and manage my entire home right from my phone. I can adjust the temperature of my Nest, the brightness of my Philips Hue lights, or simply create a secure network access for my guests. This aspect of Connect Home has simplified so much of my life, and gives me peace of mind….especially when I travel.

For example, I’ve been known to forget to unplug my curling iron and straightner….hello fire hazard.  Well now, I can turn them off through my phone because of my connected outlet.  Another way I love to use my Samsung Connect; I start or stop my Samsung Washer and Dryer with a touch of the button, and also get notifications when the wash is complete.  I can check to make sure the hubs actually locked the front door like he thought he did.  And if I’m going to be late, I can turn on the light and TV so my Cavalier Addison doesn’t feel so alone.  

And did I mention it’s appearance.  The Samsung Connect is small, and sleek, so my home can be a complete “smart” home without looking like a tech nightmare. 

I’m telling you no matter how big or small your home is the Samsung Connect Home will truly revolutionize your home and lifestyle. Tell me, have you thought about getting a smart home system? Do you have one? How does having strong Wi-Fi coverage help you to simplify your life? Truly, MKR

Photography, Rustic White | This post is in collaboration with Samsung, a brand I love and adore.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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