Lacefield Designs Giveaway

lacefield designs

A girl (or guy) can never have too many throw pillows.  There’s really no such thing.  And when it comes to pillows no one does it quite as well as a local favorite of mine, Lacefield Designs.  

Started in 1995 by Beth Lacefield who saw a void in the market for high quality, artisinal home accessory products with a hand crafted feel.  Her products are centered around an eclectic aesthetic, using tones inspired by nature, vintage patinas and fashion inspired details that give each item a unique feel.  And what’s even better is Lacefield products are designed just outside of Atlanta, and are produced right here in the southeast. I personally have 10 different Lacefield pillows in all shades of blue adorning my sofa and these guys in my office.  

So now that you know how amazing these pillows are, and just how much I love them it’s time for you all to fall in love with them.  And what’s the best way to do that?  With a giveaway of course!  I’ve teamed up with Lacefield Designs and we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win two pillows of their choosing.  And good luck choosing.  Though if I had to play favorites I can’t get enough of their velvet pillows.  The colors are just so rich and luxurious, and that accent ribbon?!  Anyway, the giveaway is posted below and I wish you all the best of luck!  Happy Monday Loves. truly, MKR 

P.S. I’m doubly thrilled to also announce that I’ll be carrying a collection of Lacefield Design pillows in The Shop later this month so keep an eye out for that!

The legal mumbo jumbo...this giveaway will run through Sunday the 20th with our winner announced Monday the 21st.  We’ll be running this all through Rafflecopter (below) which allows you to earn points for each item you complete with a simple click of the button.  The more points you earn the more likely you are to win (and remember you probably already have entry points if you’re a regular reader of the blog).  This post and giveaway is sponsored by Lacefield Designs, but my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Design Camp Las Vegas Giveaway

Design Camp Las Vegas

There’s been some hinting about a Vegas size giveaway, and today I’m thrilled to be partnering with celebrity interior designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis to give one lucky reader a ticket to Design Camp Las Vegas ($1,297 value)!  

While most of you need no introduction to Lori, Kelli or their Design Camp seminars, let me elaborate a little bit more about what they’re calling the Las Vegas Super Design Camp.  

The two day Design Camp will be hosted during the Las Vegas Market (July 29th-31st) and will kick off with a tour of the World Class Vegas Showrooms and a pre-camp cocktail hour to mingle with your fellow campers, hosts, sponsors and speakers.  Wednesday starts bright and early with speakers who will guide you through the foundation building, fundamentals of today’s design processes, tools and trends.  Thursday’s schedule forges ahead with the building of design relationships, how to acquire and monetize an envied social presence, marketing your projects and brands, to publishing a future book.  Plus plenty of cocktail hours and time to cement those new found relationships.  

Each day of Camp will provide you with the opportunity to learn and network with the most well respected professionals in the business.  An opportunity I plan on taking full advantage of by attending in July and I really hope to see some of you, and of course the winner of this giveaway there as well!  So good luck my Loves and I’ll see you by the Wheel of Fortune machine!  truly, MKR

The legal mumbo jumbo...this giveaway will run through Sunday the 6th with our winner announced Monday the 7th.  We’ll be running this all through Rafflecopter (below) which allows you to earn points for each item you complete with a simple click of the button.  The more points you earn the more likely you are to win (and remember you probably already have entry points if you’re a regular reader of the blog).  This post and giveaway is sponsored by Design Camp, but my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Art I Heart

affordable art online


From left to right, top to bottom…Sally King Benedict Files  ||  Carly Martin Cacti Pattern  ||  The Aestate Pink Glazed Donut  ||  Carly Martin Fancy Feet  ||  Minted Something Borrowed  ||  Sally King Benedict Tri Cheek  ||  Carly Martin Camel  ||   Vogtsmith Large Arrow Bundle  ||  Clinton Friedman Artichoke  ||  John Bucklin Chocolate Strawberry Softie

The older I get the more I love, and appreciate art.  And while I’m by no means a connoisseur (I live by the motto buy what you like), I am trying to educate and soak up as much about the craft and the people that create it as I can.  One of those said people is Sally King Benedict, an Atlanta based artist whose work I first saw by shopping in my favorite boutique, Ann Mashburn.  I think it’s the colors.  We all know how much I love to accent with color.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding a piece from her collection to my walls soon, but in the mean time tell me Loves what pieces are grabbing your attention lately?  truly, MKR  

How To Style Your Console Table

console table console table console table console table console table console table

CB2 console table  ||  Mary McDonald lamp c/o Euro Style Lighting  ||  painting  ||  Hillary Thomas Designs malachite bowls  ||  Books, Art of the 20th Century, Miles Redd The Big Book of Chic, Tim Walker Story Teller  ||  J.Crew flats  ||  Hand stool, gold planter, snake box all new arrivals to Waiting On Martha email for availability as they’re not live on the site yet (sorry!)

If you’ve been to my house, which you probably have not, you’d know I have a loft space that is in dire need of some decor (design board here).  Well the first step in that process was a small, but very important step.  The top of my stairs.  This tiny space was just begging for a console table, a grand piece of art and a little bit of styling.  And while these pictures make this area look very pristine it’s actually quite functional.  And functionality is something I believe every space should have.  For example, that quirky hand stool can actually be sat on, but normally houses my purse or anything I don’t want to forget when leaving in the morning.

Another act of functionality, the snake box and malachite bowls which double as beautiful accents plus places to stash my stuff.  I’m notorious for having jewelry and trinkets in every feasible place and in every single room so shouldn’t they at least be beautiful?  

Next for adding height to the console table, because you never want everything on one plane, I utilized coffee table books which I collect and use whenever I can.  Plus that pop of red was a necessity.  Last year I saw Kathryn Ireland speak at Americas Mart and she said that no room is complete without red as it always warms up the space.  Being someone who doesn’t use red liberally (or really ever) I was hesitant when I started integrating red into my rooms, but dang it if she wasn’t right.  Even a dash of red, as in this case with the Art book, automatically adds that small touch of warmth where this space could have felt a tad cold.

And while the show stopping Mary McDonald table lamp needs no explanation, it actually serves the purpose of light and isn’t just a beautiful accent.  You see my loft is very dark, there’s no windows so no natural light.  Which is quite different than what you naturally think of when you think loft.  But it is what it is.  So when decorating I knew I needed to have a lamp that actually gave off some light and I promise you she gives off some serious shine.  

Finally the orchid.  Fresh flowers are a personal must for me, but lets just hope I don’t kill it.  I’ve never had an orchid so if you have any tips I’m all ears.  Happy Monday Loves!  truly, MKR

Photography via Rustic White

This post was sponsored by Euro Style Lighting a company I adore and actually contribute for.  Opinions are 100% my own.

My Top 10 Hardware Picks

  top 10 hardware picks

As of late I’ve become extremely obsessed with hardware.  You see hardware can easily upgrade any drawer or cabinet in your home. Hardware can add personality.  But, hardware can sometimes be a tad hard to find.  So to help (because I’m a helper), I’ve rounded up my top 10 hardware picks.  

Oh and you may remember I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite brands, YES to Carrots, and today’s the last day to enter to win some goodies from their new fragrance free line.  TGIF Loves!  truly, MKR

1.  I love everything about this pull.  The simplicity, the perfect gold color, the price, everything.  Suggested use: Bathroom cabinets and drawers.

2.  I adore agates.  I have agate coasters, picture frames, wine stoppers, and now I’m thinking I need these pulls.  Plus I mean the purple color?!  Suggested use: Bedroom dresser and/or nightstand drawers and cabinets, closet drawers.

3.  Sometimes simple is best.  Suggested use:  Kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathroom cabinets and drawers.

4.  I adore anything that walks the line of traditional and modern, this pull does just that.  Suggested use: Office drawers, Kitchen drawers.

5.  Along the same line of agates these swirled coki knobs provide a great touch of natural, modern and fun.  The black and turquoise, I can’t even handle.  Suggested use:  Office drawers and cabinets, bathroom cabinets and drawers, closet drawers.

6.  This gold ring pull is just begging, begging to be put on a lacquered set drawers.  I mean think lacquered emerald, navy, black, or white.  Suggested use:  Bedroom dresser and/or nightstand drawers, office drawers.

7.  The rose gold and copper-esque color of this knob just draws me in.  Suggested use:  Kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathroom cabinets and drawers.

8.  You may have noticed I’m having an emerald moment, but the tortoise shell pull is pretty major as well.  Suggested use:  

9.  These may prove to be the most difficult way to open a cabinet, but isn’t the amazing latch look worth it?  I think so. Suggested use:  Bathroom cabinets, nightstand cabinets.  

10.  I enjoy a cup pull.  They’re well priced, you can find them everywhere, and flip them up or down.  Suggested use:  Kitchen drawers, office drawers.

Lofty Living

mandy kellogg rye e-design

Beverly Hills Hotel Martinique Wallpaper  ||  Natural Curiosities abstract art  ||  Euro Style Lighting Mary McDonald lamp  ||  Society Social Carroway sofa  ||  Arianna Belle leopard pillow||  Studio Ten 25 coffee table  ||  Black lacquer boxes  ||  One Kings Lane Sisal Rug  ||    Studio Ten 25 ottomans  ||  Gold urchins

If you’ve seen any pics of my office then you’ve probably gathered two things.  I don’t shy away from bold and I love, love love wallpaper.  Love it.  So when thinking through what I wanted to do with my empty loft space I immediately thought wallpaper.  And then I thought why not the Beverly Hills Hotel wallpaper?  I mean really, why not?  That banana leaf iconic print was just calling my name!  

And while the design of the loft is truly in the beginning phases I thought I’d share a little sneak peek with you all.  Oh and there may be a hanging rattan chair in the loft’s future as well.  No promises, but a definite possibility.  Big hugs Loves!  truly, MKR

P.S.  And because we’ve gotten so many requests I’m thrilled to begin offering eDesign Services.  

How To Style Your Coffee Table

Restoration Hardware trunk  ||  Ivory Bone dominos  ||  Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry Cookbook  ||  Dogs  ||  Ginger Jar pitcher used as a vase (vintage, similar here)  ||  Dana Gibson planter  ||  Faux python tray  ||  Japanese calligraphy brushes (found, similar here)  ||  Lizard magnifying glass (also available in alligator)  ||  A Passion for Blue and White  ||  Allegra Hicks An Eye for Design  ||  Coral and pearl catchall (sold out, similar choices HERE)  ||  Studio Ten 25 agate box c/o

When styling a coffee table I’ve found there’s a formula that tends to always work no matter the size or shape of your table.  It’s really quite simple…Books + Flowers + Trays + Depth.  

Books.  I adore books.  You’ll find them stacked all around my house, on really any surface that allows.  Not only do they reveal something a tad personal about the owner, but they add depth (part of my tried and true formula).  Plus they make the perfect landing for something smaller such as a decorative magnifying glass, a vase of flowers, a candle, a catchall, really anything.

Flowers and depth.  I’ll keep these two simple.  Flowers add life to any space.  While I know fresh flowers on a weekly basis can be expensive might I suggest a small plant instead?  For our house we have a little Jade plant that adds the perfect touch of green plus it’s beyond easy to take care of.  As for depth, every space I design always has to have depth, or rather different height levels.  You can easily achieve this look by stacking books as discussed above.

Trays.  Trays are the perfect way to corral items so they don’t look messy.  On my table a faux python tray houses my collection of Japanese calligraphy brushes which also adds pops of color (a necessity to any table).  Another way to utilize a tray would be a collection of numerous small items that may get lost placed alone on a table.  Items such as candles, matches, coasters, or any other small and decorative trinkets.

Lastly, and most importantly, remember this space  like every space in your home should be personal.  Think of it as a collection of items displayed in a beautiful way.  A collection and reflection of you.  So what’s on your coffee table?  truly, MKR

Photos via Jamie Hopper Photography

Updating Your Bar For Winter + A Studio Ten 25 Giveaway

Whether you have a bar cart or an actual bar in your home, like most things when the seasons change so too should your bar.  So today I wanted to provide a few helpful tips on making your bar ready for winter, plus we’ve teamed up with Studio Ten 25 to gift one of you lucky Loves a $250 gift card to make these cold weather changes an actual reality.  I mean their gold bar cart and lucite tray would be insane under my Christmas tree.  And well any bar would be winter ready simply by adding this.  Happy Monday!  truly, MKR.

Updating your Bar for Winter…

1.  The main goal for all winter decorating is to bring warmth to a space in any way you can.  An easy way to accomplish this is with the use of metallics.  By adding a gold candle, gold coasters, and a copper pitcher filled with long matches my cart immediately felt more cold weather friendly.

2.  Trade out your summertime libations for more winter appropriate ones.  Think scotch, whiskey, bourbons, and red wines.  Anything that brings warmth to your belly and keeps the frigid temperatures at bay.

3.  Switch out decorative objects to be more in line with the season.  For me that meant moving corks into a stag bowl and flowers into a stag wine holder rather than the blue and white ginger jar patterned bowl and vase they used to be in.

4.  The easiest way to add a cold weather feel is by incorporating animals.  The antelope that adorns my wall from Studio Ten 25 transcends seasons, and during certain festive times I’ll even add a pom pom garland or wreath to his head.

So now that we know how we’re going to update your bar let’s get to the actual giveaway…

P.S. And if you’re looking for a winter cocktail may I suggest THIS.

The legal mumbo jumbo...this giveaway is open to US residents and will run through Sunday the 30th with our winner announced Monday the 1st.  We’ll be running this all through Rafflecopter (below) which allows you to earn points for each item completed with a simple click of the button.  The more points you earn the more likely you are to win (and remember you probably already have entry points if you’re a regular reader of the blog).

This post and giveaway was sponsored by Shop Ten 25 but the opinions, and obvious love of Shop Ten 25 is all my own!  

Images via Jamie Hopper Photography  

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Delighted Magazine “From The Desk Of…”

A few months ago Delighted Magazine interviewed me for their fall issue, chitty chatting all about my office space, specifically my desk top (you may or may not be tired of my office yet (other pics HERE), but I promise these are the last pics I’ll be sharing.)  My office is my little world, my home away from home (even though for now it’s in my home) and my desk top is filled with all of the necessities, but more importantly it’s filled with very personal items…a framed ticket stub from the Rolling Stones concert where I met the Mr.  Pics of our wedding.  Cards from my friends and family.  Stacks of baubles.  My favorite books.  And yes, even a Harry Potter wand I picked up from Disney World.  Anyway, the full article can be found HERE and below all the where to buy deets.  Enjoy!  truly, MKR

Images via Rustic White Photography

Desk, Ballard Designs (removed the glass doors and changed the knobs)  ||  Ghost Chairs, c/oEuro Style Lighting  ||  Desk Lamp, c/o Euro Style Lighting  ||  Chandelier, available upon request through Waiting On Martha, email me!  ||  Wallpaper, Thibaut Tanzania  ||  Hermes Tray, vintage  ||  Vases, Dwell Studio via Waiting On Martha  ||  Alligator magnifying glass  ||  Spindle Chairs  ||  Blanket, Hermes  ||  Horn Lights, available upon request through Waiting On Martha, email me!  ||  Urchins, silver and white  ||  Pig, Harry Allen via Waiting On Martha  ||  Buddha Stool, available upon request through Waiting On Martha, email me!  ||  Lucite box   ||  The Aestate Lips Print  ||  Made By Girl Skull Print  ||  Hermes Print  ||  Do What Matters Print  ||  Made By Girl LOVE Print  ||  Whitney English Striped Planner  ||  Books  ||  Mint Julep Cup Vase  ||  Lucite Desk Accessories  ||  Hermes orange planner  ||  Jonathan Adler Studded Frames  ||  FRENDS rose gold headphones  || Heart


Euro Style Lighting $150 Giftcard Giveaway

A few months ago while in the beginning phases of decorating my office I was lucky enough to have a little help from an amazing company, Euro Style Lighting (they gifted me with my gorgeous ghost chairs and desk lamp).  And today I’m thrilled to be partnering with them again to bring all of you a very lovely, very amazing giveaway.  One lucky winner will win a $150 gift card to spend however their little heart desires at ESL.  Personally if I were the big winner (which obviously I can’t be) I’d be contemplating THIS, THESE, THIS, and THIS just to name a few.  The fine print and legal mumbo jumbo is below, but hooray for Mondays and hooray for adding a little something new to your home.  What better way to usher in a new season?  Good luck!  truly, MKR.

The legal mumbo jumbo...this giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents and will run through Sunday the 15th with our winner announced Monday the 16th.  We’ll be running this all through Rafflecopter (below) which allows you to earn points for each item completed with a simple click of the button.  The more points you earn the more likely you are to win (and remember you probably already have entry points if you’re a regular reader of the blog).

This post and giveaway was sponsored by Euro Style Lighting, but the opinions, and obvious love of ESL is all my own!  Images via Rustic White Photography.

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