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One.  Rest in Grease Spoon Rest, Waiting On Martha  ||  Two.  Organic olive oil, Williams Sonoma (trust me investing in great olive oil is worth it.  THIS is also a personal favorite of mine)  ||  Three.  Berry Basket, Waiting On Martha  ||  Four.  Le Creuset Butter Crock, Williams Sonoma  ||  Five.  Lavender Plants, One Kings Lane  ||  Six.  Rolling Pin, A Sunny Afternoon  ||  Seven. Breakfast Tea, Bellocq  ||  Eight.  Apron, Williams Sonoma  ||  Nine.  Sponge Worthy Dish, Waiting On Martha  ||  Ten. Burgundy Wine Glasses, Williams Sonoma  ||  Eleven.  Olive Wood Bread Knife, Williams Sonoma  ||  Twelve.  Embroidered Scrimshaw Napkins, Thomas Paul  ||  Thirteen.  Hobnail Butter Dish, Waiting On Martha  ||  Fourteen.  Mauvile Copper Stock Pot, Williams Sonoma (oh how I LOVE copper)  ||  Fifteen.  Gingham Napkins, Pottery Barn  ||  Sixteen.  Anchor Bottle Opener, One Kings Lane (sold out, but I love THIS one)  ||  Seventeen.  Chemex Coffee Maker, Williams Sonoma  ||  Eighteen.  Salt & Pepper Shakers, One Kings Lane  


Blue & White All Over, Tory Burch Table


For me there’s nothing more classic, and coveted, than blue and white.  So when Tory Burch debuted her new hand painted table line last week, well let’s just say I know what I’ll be asking for come Christmas time.  Inspired by the 19th century English ceramics that both Tory and her mother Reva collect, the blue and white pieces can be easily mix and matched, dressed up or down, and are a must for any blue and white addicts like myself. Shop the entire line collection below, and happy entertaining Loves!  truly, MKR 

Light Bright || My Top 12 Lighting Picks

Top 12 Lighting Picks Waiting On Martha

People ask me all the time when decorating a home what will really give a space impact?  What should I splurge on?  And every time my answer is always the same.  Lighting.  Lighting can transform a space in ways no piece of furniture can.  It’s the jewelry of the home.  It’s the place your eye should immediately be drawn.  It’s what gives a space warmth, and when done right can be equal parts functionality and art.  I simply adore lighting, specifically these 12 pieces.  truly, MKR   

*01.  Dwell Studio urchin lamp (because everyone loves a good urchin)  ||  02.  Dunes & Duchess Rachel sconce ||  03.  Jonathan Adler horse table lamp  ||  04.  Highball pendant  ||  05.  Dana Gibson blue canton tea caddy lamp  ||  06.  Dwell Studio cone table lamp  ||  07.  Stray Dog Fred sconce  ||  08.  Dunes & Duchess Sailor’s Knot table lamp  ||  09.  Currey & Company Parker chandelier  ||  10.  One Kings Lane Alberta table lamp  ||  11.  Jonathan Adler Meurice chandelier  ||  12.  Birch Lane Savoy glass table lamp

How To Prepare For House Guests

This past weekend we had some of our closest friends in town from Chicago which meant all last week I ran around getting our home “guest ready”.  You see, I take the act of hosting very seriously and hosting is really all about the prep work!  Prep work I’ve got down to five easy steps - it starts with a cocktail (of course) and ends with breakfast. Five easy steps I thought I’d share with you Loves!  truly, MKR

Photography  ||  Rustic White

Ballard Designs bed head  ||  Juju Hat  ||  Caitlin Wilson Gold & White Pillows  ||  West Elm Duvet  ||  Acrylic Tray  ||  Jonathan Adler Muse candle  || Gold Vases  ||  Double old fashion glasses  ||  Gold & white small trophy bowl


No. 1 – Ready the cocktails. After planes, trains, and automobiles your guests are likely a bit exhausted from the travel so greet them with a “house” cocktail and a proper toast to kick off what will hopefully be a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Pottery Barn nightstand (old)  ||  Pier One lamp (old)  ||  Dwell Studio vase (also available in black)  ||  Jonathan Adler carafe  ||  Dauville coasters  ||  Dauville bowl


No. 2 – Prepare the guest room. This means fresh linens and towels, extra pillows, plenty of closet and drawer space, and fresh flowers on the nightstand is always an appreciated touch.

Jonathan Adler zebra  ||  Guest soaps  ||  West Elm towels hand and bath towels

RW-HGPrep3 RW-HGPrep9 RW-HGP10

No. 3 – Create a guest room tray. As a guest there’s nothing worse than having to ask your host time and time again for items they may need or have forgotten. A fully stocked guest tray will eliminate the ask all together. Some suggested guest tray additions would be; water (sparkling and flat), a carafe, glasses, napkins, coasters, a candle, matches, Advil, magazines, and treats. I love wrapping treats such as trail mix and cookies in re-sealable packaging so if your guests don’t dig in during their stay they’ll have something to snack on at the airport.


No. 4 – Bathroom extras. The most forgotten items when traveling are toiletries. Therefore stock the bathroom with all of the necessities; toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, lotion, perfume, and soap. And may I suggest buying the small individually wrapped soaps to avoid the half-used-leftover-from-the-guests-full-of-germs-before-soap.

Luxe tray  ||  Guest toothbrushes  ||  Dauville bowl


No. 5 – Stock the fridge. It’s always best to check with your guests before arrival to make sure they don’t have any allergies or need any specific foods during their stay. Then fill your fridge with all of the standard items (milk, bread, coffee, wine, etc.) plus a few regional specialities they may not be able to get at home. For example we’ll have pimento cheese, BBQ of some sort, and homemade Southern biscuits (recipe to come!)

Williams Sonoma bread basket 

Home Sweet Dorm With Pottery Barn Teen

Dorm Room Ideas


Last week I collaborated with Pottery Barn Teen to create my dream dorm room if I were college bound again.  It was feminine, filled with gold, and would have easily carried me through my first few years of post college Chicago life as well.  This week I’m partnering with PB Teen again, but to create a space fit for a guy (cue Beyonce’s song “If I were a boy”).  Having lived with my own boy (the Mr.) through four different homes now this was by no means a reach.  

Of course my color palette consisted of bright orange and deep navy with a mix of patterns including this skull bedding (which I tried to figure out how to incorporate into my own home because I love it so much), the always classic stripes, and one contrasting throw pillow since even one throw pillow is a stretch for the boys.  Then a big trunk at the end of the bed for storage, plus a few well placed pieces of wall decor, a desk, and a comfy spot for TV watching and video games and you pretty much have all they’ll need to survive their college years.  

You can get the full look here, plus make sure to check out PB Teen’s “Design Your Own” application which is perfect for those of us who need to see our creation come to life before we press the buy button.  truly, MKR

This post was sponsored by PB Teen but the opinions and love for PB Teen is 100% my own.

Decorating With Flowers || Quirky Animal Vases

animal vases animal vases animal vases animal vases animal vases animal vases animal vases animal vases

I could live without many of life’s little luxuries, fresh flowers however would not be one of them.  Flowers bring instant joy and life to a room and they make a house feel like a home.  And where there’s fresh flowers there must be vases. Currently I’m obsessed with quirky vases, or rather vases with personality.  Vases like these white and gold animals.  I mean you can’t look at these little guys and not be happy!  They’re perfect for holding just a few bright blooms (because lets face it fresh flowers can be expensive) and they make the perfect hostess gift.  Plus when they’re not brimming with peonies or tulips on your nightstand or coffee table they’ll look fabulous on your desk full of pens and pencils.  So Loves which animal are you most fond of?  truly, MKR

Photography  ||  Haley Sheffield

Shop more vases with personality…

Home Sweet Dorm With Pottery Barn Teen

dorm room ideas with pottery barn teen


When Pottery Barn Teen reached out and asked me to create a dream dorm room for them I jumped at the chance.  You see I loved college.  It was maybe not the best time of my life as I have a lot of life left, but it was hands down the most fun time in my life.  And any chance I get to revisit that time, those memories, the moments…well you don’t have to ask me twice.  Ironically enough when I was in college a lot of my dorm room actually consisted of Pottery Barn items, though I’m pretty sure PB teen wasn’t around yet and I’m now officially aging myself.  

Anyway, when gathering inspiration for my dorm room and perusing the PB Teen site I of course fell in love with the image above because there’s an Addy in it.  But just to be clear this wanna-be Addy is no where as cute as the real thing.  So back to the image…I was initially drawn to the soft tones and touches of gold.  I’m having a major gold moment.  However, it wouldn’t be me without a punch or two of color.  So to warm it up a notch I brought in coral paint and white paisley wall decals (perfect for dorm rooms or apartment rentals) and the flamingo print which I’m completely obsessed with and would hang in my home now.  Then to cool down the warm tones just a tad, an aqua mini fridge (the cutest thing you’ve ever seen) and this desk lamp did the trick.  Finish with metallic golds and textured whites and ivory to add depth and you have a room that feels completely like me.  And that’s the trick when living in a temporary space.  Take the time and infuse your personal style and what matters to you.  It may not be home sweet home, but it will be home sweet dorm.  

Get the full look HERE, along with so many others at PB Teen who I owe a huge thanks to for letting me take a walk back in time, go Braves!  Love In Chi-O And Mine, MKR (I had to!)

P.S.  I would be amiss by not talking about the giant pouf of a marshmallow desk chair.  I mean can you even handle it!?!

This post was sponsored by PB Teen but the opinions and love for PB Teen is 100% my own.

Wallpaper || My Top Ten



I love wallpaper.  Like serious, love affair, forever and ever love wallpaper.  And I especially love bold wallpaper.  It allows you to truly mark a room with your personality like nothing else.  Currently I have two rooms in my home wallpapered, and am contemplating a third, and while I contemplate I thought I’d round up my ten favorites to share.  Happy almost weekend Loves!  truly, MKR  

1.  ||  Schumacher Birds & Butterflies.  The black and white mixed with all of the colors in such a delicate nature, well I just adore it.  So much so that I’m trying to convince an e-design client of mine to do her entire sitting area, ceiling included, in it.  

2.  ||  Thibaut Cheetah.  Though this particular pattern comes in numerous colors the orange is by far my favorite.  In fact it covers the walls in my downstairs powder room currently.

3,  ||  Scalamandre Zebras.  I’ve loved this paper every since I’ve loved Margot and the Royal Tenenbaums.  While red is by far the most popular, I’m currently crushing on the green thanks to my friend Danielle Rollins.

4.  ||  Cranesbill Castle.  The yellow would be perfect for a breakfast nook, sun room, or any place you want to inject a subtle hint of femininity.

5.  ||  Phillip Jeffries Navy Grasscloth.  The only “plain” paper to make the list, grass cloth comes in an array of colors and will add great depth to any room.  Try this on half of the wall in a dining room with picture frame molding, or in a office or bedroom.  A stairwell with a huge gallery wall would also be stunning.

6.  ||  Rifle Paper Co. Pineapple Ebony.  Because we can’t get enough of anything and everything Anna Rifle Bond, I give you her new wallpaper line.

7.  ||  Flavor Papers Flowers.  I told you I love orange.

8.  ||  Thibaut Tanzania.  I was first introduced to this thanks to my Canadian gal pal and designing savant, Meredith Heron and it now hangs in my office.  I get more questions about this paper when I post of a pic of it on Instagram than anything else.  It’s crazy fun, and surprisingly I find it to be a neutral that goes with practically everything.  Actually I have a deep desire to see this in a little baby girls nursery so someone get on that for me please.

9.  ||  Martinique.  Made popular by being the iconic paper in The Beverly Hills Hotel, Martinique is and always will be a classic.  Try it on an accent wall, or like I did HERE.

10.  ||  Gray Malin Waves of Capetown.  I talk about my amazing photographer and friend Gray all of the time, and well when he launched wallpaper I knew it would be nothing short of breathtaking.  I was right.

Lacefield Designs Giveaway

lacefield designs

A girl (or guy) can never have too many throw pillows.  There’s really no such thing.  And when it comes to pillows no one does it quite as well as a local favorite of mine, Lacefield Designs.  

Started in 1995 by Beth Lacefield who saw a void in the market for high quality, artisinal home accessory products with a hand crafted feel.  Her products are centered around an eclectic aesthetic, using tones inspired by nature, vintage patinas and fashion inspired details that give each item a unique feel.  And what’s even better is Lacefield products are designed just outside of Atlanta, and are produced right here in the southeast. I personally have 10 different Lacefield pillows in all shades of blue adorning my sofa and these guys in my office.  

So now that you know how amazing these pillows are, and just how much I love them it’s time for you all to fall in love with them.  And what’s the best way to do that?  With a giveaway of course!  I’ve teamed up with Lacefield Designs and we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win two pillows of their choosing.  And good luck choosing.  Though if I had to play favorites I can’t get enough of their velvet pillows.  The colors are just so rich and luxurious, and that accent ribbon?!  Anyway, the giveaway is posted below and I wish you all the best of luck!  Happy Monday Loves. truly, MKR 

P.S. I’m doubly thrilled to also announce that I’ll be carrying a collection of Lacefield Design pillows in The Shop later this month so keep an eye out for that!

The legal mumbo jumbo...this giveaway will run through Sunday the 20th with our winner announced Monday the 21st.  We’ll be running this all through Rafflecopter (below) which allows you to earn points for each item you complete with a simple click of the button.  The more points you earn the more likely you are to win (and remember you probably already have entry points if you’re a regular reader of the blog).  This post and giveaway is sponsored by Lacefield Designs, but my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Design Camp Las Vegas Giveaway

Design Camp Las Vegas

There’s been some hinting about a Vegas size giveaway, and today I’m thrilled to be partnering with celebrity interior designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis to give one lucky reader a ticket to Design Camp Las Vegas ($1,297 value)!  

While most of you need no introduction to Lori, Kelli or their Design Camp seminars, let me elaborate a little bit more about what they’re calling the Las Vegas Super Design Camp.  

The two day Design Camp will be hosted during the Las Vegas Market (July 29th-31st) and will kick off with a tour of the World Class Vegas Showrooms and a pre-camp cocktail hour to mingle with your fellow campers, hosts, sponsors and speakers.  Wednesday starts bright and early with speakers who will guide you through the foundation building, fundamentals of today’s design processes, tools and trends.  Thursday’s schedule forges ahead with the building of design relationships, how to acquire and monetize an envied social presence, marketing your projects and brands, to publishing a future book.  Plus plenty of cocktail hours and time to cement those new found relationships.  

Each day of Camp will provide you with the opportunity to learn and network with the most well respected professionals in the business.  An opportunity I plan on taking full advantage of by attending in July and I really hope to see some of you, and of course the winner of this giveaway there as well!  So good luck my Loves and I’ll see you by the Wheel of Fortune machine!  truly, MKR

The legal mumbo jumbo...this giveaway will run through Sunday the 6th with our winner announced Monday the 7th.  We’ll be running this all through Rafflecopter (below) which allows you to earn points for each item you complete with a simple click of the button.  The more points you earn the more likely you are to win (and remember you probably already have entry points if you’re a regular reader of the blog).  This post and giveaway is sponsored by Design Camp, but my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway