One Room Challenge…Week Four


Gallery Wall, Waiting On Martha

Week four of the One Room Challenge is all about the waiting game.  Waiting for the furniture to arrive.  Waiting for the drapes to be complete.  Waiting for my rugs to be rolled out.  Basically everything has been moved out of my office and nothing has been moved in.  And it’s no ones fault but my own as we all know I’m a procrastinator for life, but lets just say I’m so ready to move out of the kitchen (my interim office) and back into my actual office.   But since it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen till next week at the earliest I thought I’d take this time to plan out my gallery wall.  Truth be told I’m not even sure I’m going to create a full blown gallery wall, but if I do it will look a little something like this.  Simple, a few small pops of color, prints mixed with photos mixed with paintings mixed with memorabilia, and a whole slew of different and interesting frames.  It’s been fun to work with Minted as I’ve always used them for paper, but this was my first time really diving into their art marketplace which is both well curated and well priced.  I’m anxious to see how the pieces work into the design as art always seems to be the most personal tell of the designer themselves.  truly, MKR




...AS PICTURED…Embrace by R Studio, Minted c/o  ||  Calculation by Stephanie Nowotarski, Minted c/o  ||  Too Many Heads by Gail Schechter, Minted c/o  ||  Botanical Study by Kate Wong, Minted c/o  ||  Juju Hat, Waiting On Martha  ||  Rolling Stones Ticket, fromt he night the Mr. and I met  ||  Point of View by R Studio,  Minted c/o  ||  Gestural figures by Becky Nimoy, Minted c/o  ||  Grass with Seeds by Jorey Hurley, Minted c/o  ||  Over the Shoulder Nude, Inslee

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One Room Challenge…Week 3


One Room Challenge, Week 3 || Waiting On Martha

Last week I talked about procrastination and this week its like the gates are opening and angels are singing as my room begins to come together (dramatic much?!).  And while I can’t share any new pictures I thought you might like to see my design board.  Besides my signature mix of traditional and modern pieces the room is finally becoming more functional for my growing team with the addition of a team table and I’m also softening up the space with a lot less black and a lot more white.  Plus how amazing is my Smythson Blue brush stroke lamp!?  Till next week my Loves!  Truly, MKR

…SHOP THE STORY…Nude Fixing Her Top Knot, Inslee  ||  Point of View Drawing, Minted c/o ||  Hand Painted Brush Stroke Lamp, Jana Bek via Waiting On Martha (also available in these 9 colors)  ||  Strut Blue Dot Table, All Modern c/o  ||  Vernon Panton Chair, All Modern c/o  ||  Jute Rug, Pottery Barn  ||  Wallpaper, Thibaut Tanzania  ||  Knoll Saarinen Table, All Modern c/o  ||  Ghost Chairs, All Modern c/o  ||  Ginger Jars, collected but similar HERE  ||  Tini Table, Oomph c/o  ||  Modloft Bookcase, All Modern c/o

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One Room Challenge…Week 2


Last week I shared my grand plans for completely re-doing the WOM office.  This week I’m sharing a little tendency/habit I have called  procrastination.  I’m a procrastinator.  Always have been, and I’m beginning to accept I probably always will be.  I tell myself it’s because I’m juggling so many things or because I’m at my best when the pressure is on, but really those are just things I, and we all, tell ourselves to make the habits we struggle with seem more acceptable.

To be fair I wasn’t sure which room I was going to work on for the ORC and when I finally did decide on my office to say I was already WAY behind the eight ball was an understatement.  I quickly gathered my thoughts and first took care of the layout and furniture as I knew it would all have to be specially ordered (sharing this next week).  Once that was taken care of I moved on to the “jewelry” of the room, specifically custom drapes for my picture window.  Secretly I had been waiting for this moment as there’s nothing more fun to a designer (at least this designer) than fabric choices.  For me fabrics pull the room together, if not create the feel of the room all together.  

As I headed into the fabric store I knew I wanted to do a neutral drape with a pop of color lining and a tassel to top it all off.  The neutral was easy, but the lining was proving to be more difficult and as I waded through the sea of fabrics I was beginning to think this might not be a feasible reality and then I saw it.  A glorious mango velvet.  It represented orange, my favorite color, but in a much softer way and all of a sudden my color palette and the entire room came together.  Only problem, it was back ordered 8 weeks.  8 weeks!?  The ORC will be over in 8 weeks!  Deflated and a tad sad I headed to the next fabric store.  Luckily there was another velvet in almost the exact same mango shade, the only problem it was twice the cost!  Twice!  And I needed 13 yards of it!  But this was my palette, this was my centerpiece, I had to buy the fabric.  So buy it I did.  Oh and did I mention I have to rush the order with the work room because the standard time frame doesn’t fit into the ORC timeframe.  My procrastination rearing it’s ugly head again.  

But this my friends is the life of design, and more appropriately the life of a procrastinator.  So cheers to embracing all of our habits (both good and bad), to trying to be better everyday, and to spending too much money on drapes that better be fan-freaking-tastic!  Truly, MKR

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Fall Transition With Pottery Barn

Fall is in the air, Waiting On Martha Fall Transition, Waiting On Martha Extra Large Matches, Waiting On Martha

With a chill in the evening air and the leaves turning here in Atlanta I can finally begin to truly celebrate and transition properly into my favorite season, fall.  So what does a fall transition look like in my world?  It looks like a trip to the pumpkin patch, added layers of texture and warm toned accents in my home, pumpkin spice lattes, cozy knit blankets, mulled wine, autumn spiced candles, and It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on repeat just to name a few.  But why just talk about what it looks like when I can show you what it looks like?  

Starting today I’ll be taking over Pottery Barn’s Instagram to share just how much I love fall.  Pottery Barn is one of my go-to places for decor all year round, but they really knock it out of the park this time of year.  I’ve already picked up a few new fall accents like their gilded leaf platter pictured above and can’t wait to share what other gems will be joining the party.  I hope you’ll follow along, and I’d love to hear what are you most looking forward to this fall?  TGIF Loves!    Truly, MKR 


…AS PICTURED…Gold Leaf, Pottery Barn c/o  ||  Silver Nut Dish, Pottery Barn c/o (in store only)  ||  Extra Large Matches, Pottery Barn c/o (in store only)  ||  Autumn Spice Candle, Pottery Barn c/o  ||  Candle Wick Cutters, Pottery Barn c/o  ||  Blackbird Pie Cookbook

*All images original to Waiting On Martha

One Room Challenge…Week One

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I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be participating in Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge!  The ORC is an online, bi-annual event that brings together 20 bloggers (full list below) who have a love of design and challenges them to transform a room from start to finish and document the process.  The catch?  We only have six weeks to fully complete our room transformation.  And with that tight time line I think it’s best we begin.  The room I’ve chosen to design is, my office!

I’m sure that decision comes as a surprise to many of you who follow along on a regular basis as my office in theory is complete.  It’s actually the first room I completely finished when we bought our home and I adored it.  But now that the shine has worn off I see quite a few flaws the biggest being that it’s not functional for my growing business.  The second, it’s too harsh, a tad garish.  The plan; soften up the space with more neutrals, whites, and a few pops of color plus switch out all the furniture so that my team will actually have places to sit and work.  

So with that I bid farewell to the original WOM offices and hello to a new and improved vision.  Oh, and before you all ask…yes the wallpaper is staying!  Truly, MKR

P.S.  If you’re in the Atlanta area I’m selling my black desk and bookshelves, email for more info!

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*Photography, Rustic White


…WAIT THERE’S MORE…Desk, Ballard Designs (removed the glass doors and changed the knobs)  ||  Ghost Chairs, All Modern c/o  ||  Desk Lamp, c/o Euro Style Lighting  ||  Chandelier, available upon request through Waiting On Martha, email me!  ||  Wallpaper, Thibaut Tanzania  ||  Hermes Tray, vintage  ||  Vases, Dwell Studio via Waiting On Martha  ||  Alligator magnifying glass  ||  Spindle Chairs, Taylor Burke Home  ||  Blanket, Hermes  ||  Horn Lights, available upon request through Waiting On Martha, email me!  ||  Urchins, silver and white  ||  Pig, Harry Allen via Waiting On Martha  ||  Buddha Stool, available upon request through Waiting On Martha, email me!  ||  Lucite box   ||  The Aestate Lips Print  ||  Made By Girl Skull Print  ||   Whitney English Striped Planner  ||  Books  ||  Mint Julep CupVase  ||  Lucite Desk Accessories  ||  Monkey Business Card Holder  ||  Hermes orange planner  ||  Jonathan Adler Studded Frames (on sale!)  ||  FRENDS rose gold headphones  || Heart

Serena & Lily Fall

Serena and Lily Fall Serena and Lily Fall Top Picks

Serena and Lily is always good.  Always, consistently good.  But this fall Serena and Lily have blown it out of the water.  Way out, I mean how can this table not wind up in the Waiting On Martha offices?  It’s like it was made just for me.  And I’ve been Pinterest stalking these lights for months now.  Plus these suede pillows and cozy sweatshirt throws need to make their way on to my couch.  So in closing, I’m making my Serena and Lily list and it’s a really, really long list.  truly, MKR 




pictured above…Cambridge Library Sconce  ||  Carson Bench  ||  Suede Cap Pillow Cover  ||  Suede Lumber Malachite Pillow Cover  ||  Snowfall by Jenny Prinn  ||  Montara Mirror  ||  Persimmon Savile Side Table  ||  Capiz Glove Chandelier  ||  La Jolla Baskets

At Home With Gray Malin

GrayMalin2 graymalin5 GrayMalin1 GrayMalin graymalinfinal GrayMalin4

One of the many things I love about this digital age we live in is connecting with people you might never have had the chance to otherwise.  Case in point, Gray Malin.  I was somewhat familiar with Gray’s Prada Marfa work so when it came to selecting art for our new (new like a year ago new) home Gray was on the short list.  

As I perused his site I immediately fell in love with the A la Montagne ski series.  The Mr. and I are big skiers and it was like Gray captured our happy place with Top of Aspen Mountain.  I emailed Gray to begin talking dimensions as I knew this was going to be a large focal point in our home, and just like that an immediate friendship was born.  So when Gray reached out to ask if I’d take part in his Inspiration Spotlight the answer was obviously yes.  Not only am I completely enamored with all of Gray’s work, but also by Gray himself.  I started with the A la Montagne, added some Texas flair, and have some llamas on the way.  Bottom line, if you’re not familiar with Gray’s work get familiar (I mean have you seen the new wrapping paper?), it’s all simply amazing.  truly, MKR

*Top of Aspen Mountain, Gray Malin  ||  Prada Marfa Limited Edition Print, Gray Malin  ||  On the coffee table:  Gold Rhino, Faux Python Tray, Malachite & Coral Tray, Ginger Jar Pitcher, Bone Dominos, Lizard Magnifying Glass, Crystal Paper Weight, Japanese Calligraphy Brushes (collected similar HERE)  

**Photography, Rustic White 

Bedroom Refresh With Crane & Canopy

Grey Walls, Light Bedding Waiting On Martha Crane & Canopy Gold Pouf Crane & Canopy

You may have seen this fun little POST a few weeks ago where I highlighted my love of all things bed.  See my bedroom, and specifically my bed, is my happy place.  Its where most nights you’ll find me cozied up with a glass of wine, my laptop, and the DVR playing.  Glamorous?  Probably not, but  its simply my space.  And I love it.  So when Crane and Canopy reached out and asked if I’d like a little refresh I was obviously game.

If you’r not familiar with Crane & Canopy’s bedding I suggest getting familiar.  All of their bedding is 400 thread count cotton sateen made from the highest of quality without the highest of prices.  I chose their classic Linden Gray as I’m a fan of simple bedding with a multitude of throw pillows and a fun throw.  And as if C&C couldn’t’ get any better a portion of all proceeds go towards “A Safe Night’s Sleep,” which benefits women and children affected by domestic violence.  Great bedding and a great cause?!  Count me in!  truly, MKR

*Bedding, Crane & Canopy c/o  ||  Moroccan Pouf, Waiting On Martha  ||  African Juju Hat, Waiting On Martha  ||  Pom Pom Herringbone Throw, Waiting On Martha  ||  Tall Vase, kate spade new york c/o  ||  Small Vase, Dwell Studio  ||  Jewelry Box, Waiting On Martha  ||  Skull trinket tray, Waylande Gregory  ||  Muse Candle, Jonathan Adler (also available in gold)  ||  Chandelier, Restoration Hardware  ||  Nightstand, Restoration Hardware  ||  Lamp,Restoration Hardware  ||  Rug, Hayneedle  

**Photography, Rustic White  ||  This post is sponsored by Crane & Canopy, a brand I love and adore.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Kitchen Confidential



One.  Rest in Grease Spoon Rest, Waiting On Martha  ||  Two.  Organic olive oil, Williams Sonoma (trust me investing in great olive oil is worth it.  THIS is also a personal favorite of mine)  ||  Three.  Berry Basket, Waiting On Martha  ||  Four.  Le Creuset Butter Crock, Williams Sonoma  ||  Five.  Lavender Plants, One Kings Lane  ||  Six.  Rolling Pin, A Sunny Afternoon  ||  Seven. Breakfast Tea, Bellocq  ||  Eight.  Apron, Williams Sonoma  ||  Nine.  Sponge Worthy Dish, Waiting On Martha  ||  Ten. Burgundy Wine Glasses, Williams Sonoma  ||  Eleven.  Olive Wood Bread Knife, Williams Sonoma  ||  Twelve.  Embroidered Scrimshaw Napkins, Thomas Paul  ||  Thirteen.  Hobnail Butter Dish, Waiting On Martha  ||  Fourteen.  Mauvile Copper Stock Pot, Williams Sonoma (oh how I LOVE copper)  ||  Fifteen.  Gingham Napkins, Pottery Barn  ||  Sixteen.  Anchor Bottle Opener, One Kings Lane (sold out, but I love THIS one)  ||  Seventeen.  Chemex Coffee Maker, Williams Sonoma  ||  Eighteen.  Salt & Pepper Shakers, One Kings Lane  


Blue & White All Over, Tory Burch Table


For me there’s nothing more classic, and coveted, than blue and white.  So when Tory Burch debuted her new hand painted table line last week, well let’s just say I know what I’ll be asking for come Christmas time.  Inspired by the 19th century English ceramics that both Tory and her mother Reva collect, the blue and white pieces can be easily mix and matched, dressed up or down, and are a must for any blue and white addicts like myself. Shop the entire line collection below, and happy entertaining Loves!  truly, MKR